In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 10

💜💯 IN LOV€,, 🖤💯 WITH M¥

🖤💯 CRIPPL£D,,,,

💜💯 HU$BAND”•^•,,…….

{💛•√ He is crippled. But I love him 💛*}

©By, Mha Rhy

**Chapter,,,, 10 ♠️♠️♣️
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No! She said said slowly shaking her head

“Time Of death 10:30am,”….. The doctor announce….

‘ No!! Sonia screamed and barged into the theatre”,

“Jayden “! She ran to where he was being laid as they were about to covered him

Jayden? Wake up!”….. You can’t do this to me….. she cried shaking his head”

” I can’t live without you please” you can hit me, but you can’t leave me,I can’t bare your absence” she cried out…

The nurse watch her with pity as they walked to where she is”

••• Ma’am you have to go outside… The nurse hold her hand trying to pull her up but she jerked off her hand

“Get your f**kin hand off…… How dare you try to separate from my husband?”… My husband is laying lifelessly here and you want me to go out”” who the he** are you to tell me what to do?” You are all useless’ she screamed out in tears

” Ma’am please take heart” Crying cannot bring back your dead husb_

“My husband is not dead” my Jayden is not dead!” …. She screamed

“Jayden please wake up” prove them wrong that you are still alive” she shouted shaking his body

” Why are you not moving?… Jayden prove it to them that you are only joking…..” Please wake up” stop scaring me” she said crying and dropped her head on his bruised chest..

Rina was able to pass through the nurse blocking her from entering,

“Tears sputter out of her eyes seeing her son laying lifelessly on the bed”she walk slowly to where he is…

” Son? Jayden?” She called smiling unbelievably

” Nothing is wrong with him right?” He is just sleeping right?”…. She asked smiling caressing his face

” Am so sorry for the lost Mrs Mariquez,we tried our be_ before he could complete his words Sonia slapped him on face”

The nurse gasped in shock and the doctor’s mouth remains opened

“Don’t you ever say my husband is dead” my Jayden is not dead….* Sonia said crying holding her chest

“Jayden wake up” wake up” if not for me wake up for Annabelle” Sonia shouted and hit his chest hard * and just like a magic,

Jayden gasped for air and the ventilator machine started beeping”

” He is back” the doctor shouted in shock and rushed to him

” He checked his pulse and smiled out”
“He is really back” he announced and everyone watched Sonia atonishment

“Really? He is okay? Sonia asked smiling out tears and

” Ye_

“Annabelle” Jayden called slowly cutting the doctor’s words

” Jayden!” Rina and Sonia called at once holding his hand

“Annabelle…. He repeated opening his eyes a bit

” Annabelle….. He called again and finally open his eyes”

“You are really alive” thanks for coming back” thanks for not leaving us” Sonia said emotionally although she was hurt that it was Annabelle’s name he called but she is happy that he was back”

” Thanks, she said and finally give into darkness”..


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