In Love With My Crippled Husband

In Love With My Crippled Husband Episode 1


{πŸ‘  He is Cripple….. But I love him πŸ‘ }

Written ✍️ by:-#mharhy


Do you Sonia Greenwood accept Jayden Mariquez as your lawful husband,the priest asked

Yes I do, Sonia replied smiling

Do you Jayden Mariquez accept Sonia Greenwood as your lawful wife,he asked

Yes I do, Jayden smiled

By the power invested in me,I pronounce you two as husband and wife,you may kiss the bride

Jayden pulled Sonia by her waist and slammed his lips on hers

Everywhere went wide as the couples kissing moment,

Becca (Sonia mother) smile out tears as she watched her daughter

The couples parent hugged each other happily before going to meet them

Mom! Sonia called hugging her mother with teary eyes

Happy married life daughter”Becca said caressing her cheek

Thanks Mom, she replied as a tear drop from her eyes

Princess”, Zach called

Dad” Sonia said hugging her dad as well

Take care of yourself and don’t allow any intruder to destroy your marriage” Zach said

Ok dad” she replied smiling

Jayden almost scoffed out as he watched Sonia and her parents

“You don’t really know what you have gotten yourself into” I will make this marriage a living hell for you” he thought as he started at Sonia hatefully..

“I think we should get going now, Jayden said getting tired of their talks

“Oh oh someone can’t wait to be with his wife”Rina (Jayden’s mother) teased him

“Sonia blushed hearing her mother inlaw words” while Jayden glared at his mother

” Take care of my daughter Jayden, Zach said patting his shoulder

“I will,he replied smiling cunningly but it wasn’t obvious

“We will take our leave” he said and hold Sonia’s hand

“Drive safely son”Xander said and Jayden nodded before dragging Sonia out of there.

“They look so good together”Rina said smiling.


Getting outside he released his hand from her roughly and use the handkerchief in his pocket to clean his hand,

Sonia look at him in confusion wondering why he clean his hand

“If you know what is good for you don’t interfere in my business and please don’t sit closer to me when we are in the car, make sure that there’s a large space between us,I can’t sit close with dirty thing like you” he said coldly and Sonia shivered in fear

“Although she felt hurt hearing him says those words but still he is still the man she loves so she can’t be angry at him.

A limousine drove in and stopped at their front,

The driver came out and open the door for them and the two boarded the car..

Sonia make sure that there was a lot of space between them like he said before sitting down,

The driver drive out of the compound after ensuring that they were good to go..



A lady could be seen waiting outside with smile on her face,

When is he arriving? Annabelle mumbled out as she stared at the gate expecting his car to drive in,

She smiled as she saw the limousine driving in and stopped at her front

Sonia came out of the car first and was surprised to Annabelle who in return glared hatefully at her

But her glares were replaced with smile as she saw Jayden coming out of the car

Baby! Annabelle called smiling and run to Jayden who beamed happily seeing her

Love! Jayden called and hugged her

Sonia watched the two with mixed feelings

Am angry with you,why did you keep me waiting for so long? She asked pouting her pink lips

Sorry sweetie yunno I have to sort unimportant things out,he replied kissing her lips

So how was the thing? Annabelle asked said in mockery looking at Sonia who kept watching them

You have seen the result yourself and here is the slave I got for you,he said dragging Sonia by her hair

Ouch! She cried in pains

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