His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 9

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©By, Mha Rhy

Chapter 09

No honeymoon!!! The two shouted at once

“Too bad your flight has been booked already so get ready the car that will take you to the airport is waiting outside” Mr Daniel said sternly

” Dad I can’t go for honeymoon with this psychopath”please reconsider your decision” Michael said begging

“And I can’t go with a waste product like him”

” I don’t care get dressed immediately, it’s almost time for your flight” Mr Daniel shouted and the two walked to the dressing room*..

I don’t know why dad wants us to use public plane instead of using mine” Michael grumbled as they search for their seats number after boarding the plane”

“Will you just keep quiet and let’s find our seat quickly cos my leg is aching me ” Rihanna snapped

” Stupid woman” I just regret meeting you”

” Same here bull” I just fuckin hate you” Rihanna replied leaving him behind

“Found it!! Rihanna exclaimed and ran to where their seat is” but to her disappointment a lady was already sitting on her seat,

“Excuse me” Rihanna called

“Yes” how may I help you? The lady asked rudely making Rihanna scoffed

“If I may say, this is my seat” Rihanna replied

” Oh really?


“I never knew” and as you can see am already sitting there so find another place to sit” The lady said rolling her eyes

” Rihanna scoffed loudly and drop her bag”

” You know if you ask nicely I would have leave it for you but since you decided to be rude I have no choice”

” Now get up”Rihanna said not smiling

” Are you ordering me?

” Anyway you call it” get lost from my seat why am being nice” Rihanna warned

” Oh stop it” am not faze with your empty threats” The lady replied pressing her phone

“Wanna know if it’s an empty threats? Rihanna smile mischievously

“Bring it on” She said standing up to Rihanna drawing the passenger

“Blame yourself for this” Rihanna said and in a blink Rihanna fist came in contact with her mouth and three of the lady’s teeth went flying out and everyone gasped


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