His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 8




{?•√ They are egocentric ?*}

©By, Mha Rhy


*A dog can’t even live with him” Rihanna snorted

*” Woman watch your tongue!”

” Keep quiet man! Your voice sounds like a crocodile voice”

” My children” you two should st_

“Shut up priest!” The two shouted at once making the auditorium laugh

The priest shook his head and sighed, he really understand them cos Mr Daniel had explained everything to him”

” I just don’t why my mom wants me to marry a gorilla like you” you don’t fit to live around human” you belong to the zoo” Rihanna said aloud

” And you? Do you think you fit to live with human? Your Craziness is nothing to bear with, people like you are supposed to be in a mental hospital” Michael replied glaring hard at her

” You are nothing but a fool, dead rat used for experiment” Rihanna screamed out

“Will you guys shut up and let the priest do his job quickly” Mr Daniel said getting tired of their constant bickering.

” I don’t think you should stop them, let them continue entertaining us after all they haven’t beaten themselves yet” Minnie said from the crowd, and everyone laughed

” Rihanna mom glared at her and she shrugged her shoulder.

“Do you Michael Smith take Rihanna Gunner”

“Like I have a choice” Micheal replied rolling his eyes

” If no one tells you this I will tell you, rolling eyes does not fit it makes you look like a chimpanzee” Rihanna said in mockery making everyone laughed

” I hate you!! Michael seethed his teeth in anger

” It f**kin mutual mannerless mosquito” Rihanna winked

” Do you Rihanna Gunner take Micheal Smith as your lawful husband?’

“Like I have choice as well but don’t worry I will manage your for Mr Daniel sake” Rihanna replied

” By the power of the Lord invested in me” I pronounce you husband and wife” you may kiss the bride”

” Kiss who? I can never kiss a mental patient”

” And I can never kiss a waste like you” the odour coming out from your mouth is enough to make someone become a patient” Rihanna snapped

” Enough you two! Stop bickering and get ready to leave for your honeymoon” Rihanna mom said

” Honeymoon??! The two exclaimed at once

“Yes honeymoon”

“Honeymoon? ” Am sure I will end up becoming a criminal” cos I’mma kill her with my bare hands” Michael said

” And am sure that I will come back with his corpse in my hand” Rihanna added

” What are you children insinuating?” Mr Daniel asked rubbing his forehead


T. B. C .

Crazy couple ????


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