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His Crazy Secretary Episode 7




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©By, Mha Rhy


The taxi dropped Minnie and Rihanna in front of their big mansion,

“Yes Rihanna comes from a very rich family known as Gunner family, the second richest in the country after Mr Smith*

“Rihanna decided to keep her identity as a secret so she worked as a secretary in the Smith company”

” Getting inside Rihanna slumped down on the couch in tiredness

“Am so tired ” Minnie said dropping her bag on the couch and left for her room

” Welcome my daughter” Mrs Gunner said walking out of the kitchen”

“Mom,you are around, Rihanna said in shock

“Yeah,I couldn’t go again cos I have something to tell you Rihanna, her mother replied

“What’s that Mom?

” You know have always talked about you been Betrothed,

“Yes and you said my betrothed isn’t in this country”

” You are right, but I just want to let you know that your Betrothed is around and his family will like to meet you” Her Mom replied and Rihanna eyes widened in shock

“He is around? That means I will have to get married to him ? Rihanna mumbled slowly and her mother nodded

“And you know it’s your dad’s wish! Her mother added

*When are we meeting? Rihanna asked

What??!! Michael screamed as Mr Daniel announced the news of his marriage to him

* He had just woken up only just for him to be inform about his marriage

“Dad I can’t get married to someone I don’t love” it’s is Suzy I love and the only woman I wish to marry

“Don’t talk about that slut and get ready cos you will be meeting your in-laws in two days, Mr Smith said sternly and walked out of his ward

“F**k!!! Michael cursed loudly throwing the pillow on the door which his father had passed…

The day the two families decided to meet finally came,

“When will they be here? Rihanna grumble annoyingly

“Shut up lady! They are on the way

” Mom, then when will the arrive? Rihanna shouted

“Long time Mrs Gunner” Mr Daniel said walking in fully

” Daniel” Mrs Gunner standing up hugging him while the Micheal and Rihanna look at them in confusion

“” Mom do you know me Daniel? Rihanna asked in confusion

” Daughter” meet your father in-law and also your husband to be,

You?! The two screamed pointing fingers at each other

“You are my betrothed?! Michael shouted in shock

” Mannerless mosquito is my betrothed?! Rihanna asked facing her mother who nodded in reply

“Never,I can never get married to someone like him, Rihanna said in disapproval

“I can never get married to someone like her” Micheal said and the two give themselves an hateful glares..

“Too bad your wedding has been announced and you are getting married in three days,” Mr Smith said


***”” “”
Finally the day of the wedding came, people begins to arrive including the staff of Smith company”ready to watch the awaiting drama of the Crazy couple”

” Can’t wait to see how the wedding will end”

” Heard those two are sworn enemies”

” “I hope their marriage will last”

“Rihanna’s parents sighed hearing the people’s comments

“I just don’t know why some people can’t mind their business”, Rihanna’s mom mumbled angrily

The hall door open revealing the two couples who kept bickering as they walked in side by side

“I just don’t why my dad got me betrothed to a psycho 👩‍🔧 like you” Michael shouted

” Like am happy to be getting married to a walking corpse like you” Rihanna replied angrily

” Everyone kept laughing watching the couples who doesn’t mind their presences

“I just hate you and your Craziness” you are nothing but bunch of badluck, Michael said aloud

*And I hate you and your ego,you are nothing but Pu**y sucker a mannerless mosquito,hegoat, example of man whore diagram” Rihanna screamed out in frustration

” Will you kids shut up and let the priest do his job” Mr Daniel Smith ordered sternly


Michael and Rihanna kept glaring at each other as they stand on the altar

“Today is a happy day for everyone as Micheal Smith will be taking Rihanna Gunner as his lawful wife” The priest said and the two scoffed out loud

” Now the couple will say their vows” the priest handed the vow book to Micheal”

“Michael rolled his eyes before collecting the book from him

“He cleared his throat and raised his right hand up

” I Michael Smith, vow on this day, at this altar that I take you Rihanna Gunner as my wife which will never happen, he frowned and auditorium gasped

“To stand with you, your Craziness is nothing to stand with”

“In good and bad time, Everytime with you is always bad

” To live and die together, I rebuke it you came alone you will have to go by yourself”

” For better for worst” everything about you is always worst,he ended the speech.

” Who wrote this fuckin vow” you must be sue for writing something gross as this ” Michael shouted and the auditorium couldn’t help but to laugh”.

” Their parents kept Watching the two couples shaking their heads

“The priest passed the book to Rihanna who glared at him before collecting it from him

“I Rihanna Gunner,vowed on this day at this altar to take you Michael Smith as my lawful husband,I did rather take a teddy bear as my husband”

To stand by you” yuck! I can stand a garbage like him

“To live and die together” what’s the point he is dead already, this is just his spirit,

“For better for worst” only a dog can stay with someone like him “.


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