His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 3

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(?•√They are egocentric ?*√}

©By, Mha Rhy


Idiot”! Rihanna cursed walking out of Micheal office”

“Sam who had been hiding came out with wide smile on his face”

” He brought out his phone and dialed a number”

” Everything is going as you predicted” Sam said

*Really? The man at other end asked

” Yes sir”

” I know Rihanna is the perfect match for my son and I can’t wait to see their reaction when they found out that they are Betrothed”

” You are right Mr Smith,I think miss Rihanna is suitable to be your daughter in law”

” thanks Sam” their marriage will be announced when it’s time, but first let enjoy them bickering at each other”

” Ok sir” what about his girlfriend Suzy?! Sam asked

” Forget about that slut, I can never allow him to marry that whore he called a girlfriend”.. I will have to hang up now, I have some business to attend to” , Daniel said and hung up

” I hope this alliance won’t lead to war”

” Sam shook his head before going away..

Suzy catwalk into Smith company dressing like a slut earning a lot of attention and comments from the guys”.

” Wow” she is hot,I won’t mind having a night stand with her” she heard a guy say from her behind


*”She looks beautiful and well endowed” another said as their eyes lingered on her moving bu**

Suzy smile seeing how she was drawing men attention

“But all that is not her concern, she is here for her sweetheart Michael, she had just arrived from Singapore and decided to visit Michael since it’s been long they talk last,

Knowing that he has become the owner of Smith company made her happy and she can’t wait to become the future wife of Micheal”….

” She got to where the secretary post is and banged the desk seeing no one there”

“Rihanna who was busy picking the file that was on the ground heard a bang on her table had to stand up”

” Her eyes grew wide taking in Suzy dressing”.

” Holy mother of Jesus” she almost said that out.

Suzy was wearing a crop button top but almost the top was unbuttoned, her boobs were almost out, and she was wearing a short tight high waist skirt which was only few inches below her butt*ck ”

“Will you continue staring at me or tell me where Michael office is? Suzy asked annoyed not because Rihanna was staring but seeing how beautiful and endowed Rihanna was made her furious.

“So she is here to see mannerless mosquito” nice” there’s nothing bad in putting a small show”

“Sorry to say this This is not a brothel nor club” if you want to display your market you can go to any of those two”, Rihanna replied rolling her eyes in disgust..

” What? Are you calling me a slut? Do you know who I am? Am the future wife of Your boss Michael Smith”

” Are you talking about the Mr Micheal the son of Daniel Smith? Rihanna said in fake suprise which wasn’t obvious

“Yes and where is his office, I will tell him to fire you!

” Am really sorry for your lost madam” I never knew you are his fiance?” You must be here to take all his files” Suzy look at her in confusion

“What are you talking about? Lost who?

” Your husband to be Mr Micheal who a truck ran over and car March on his dead body scattered his body part everywhere that none were useful for his burial” Rihanna replied with fake sympathy

” No it’s not my Michael! Michael? She shouted and black out..

T. B. C .

Rihanna oooo ????

Rihanna and Michael are Betrothed??

Michael com and see the lies Rihanna has told about u


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