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His Crazy Secretary Episode 24-25




{?•✓ They are egocentric ?•✓}

©By, Mha Rhy



PARIS, 19:30pm

“Jackson I don’t feel good about going to the club”Michael said looking at Jackson

“C’mon man stop being paranoid” it’s just a club” let’s just have fun tonight”and Rihanna is very excited to go as well Jackson said

” Ok”Just for tonight”

” Yes only for tonight” Jackson smile

” Where is the psychopath wife of mine?” Michael asked and Jackson laugh

“Stop calling her that” Jackson warned playfully

“Am done” Rihanna said from behind walking to them

“Their eyes grew wide as they took in her sight”

“Hot could not describe how she looks” she was extraordinary hot and sexy tonight’

” Michael eyes lingered on her fresh laps which were exposed due to the short mid thigh skirt she was wearing”

” Her flat and smooth stomach which was shown cos of the crop top she was wearing”

” Wow!! Jackson blurted out

“How do I look Jackson?” Rihanna smile

“Beautiful,hot” I mean dripping hot” Jackson replied

” Thanks”

” Why must you ask him that” am your husband not him” I should be the one you should ask” Michael said angrily and jealous

” I can never ask you because I know your eyes has been replaced with goat’s eyes”and you will ended up saying rubbish” Rihanna hissed and Jackson laugh while Michael glared at them before walking out

“Let’s go” Jackson said laughing and Rihanna nodded following him…


Chris was on his bed listening to music when he decided to log in into his Instagram account

“The first thing he saw almost made him lose his mind”

” McKenzie son Chris McKenzie marriage has been finalized with the Gunner’s daughter Minnie” he read it

Dad!!! Chris screamed running out of his room to the living room

“What’s up with your scream”? Mr Desmond asked sipping his coffee

Chris tried to calm down so he wouldn’t yell at him”

” Dad is this true? ” Chris shouted showing the news about his marriage with Minnie

“Oh this!” It is true” your marriage with Minnie has been finalized” Mr Desmond replied smiling

” What the hell!!! How could you just finalized the marriage without my consent”

” I don’t need your consent to do what is best for you”

” Dad” do you hate me that much” why do you want me to die before my time” do you know getting married to pigtails is like stepping into a lion den_

“And the lion to give you the taste of it’s teeth” Minnie said from behind and they flinched

” Dad am I hallucinating about pigtails voice or she is really here? ”

” Son look behind” Mr Desmond gulped down nothing

” Chris turned slowly and gasped in shock as he saw Rihanna holding a big dog

“Good morning Father in law” how have you been? Minnie asked smiling mischievously

“Y… Yo… You? What are you doing here? Mr Desmond stuttered sweating already

“Father in law why are you stuttering? Calm down am not here to hurt you” just here to do some workout with you and also my lovely husband to be”

” Workout” am too old to do a workout” young people like Chris are more energetic to do such” Mr Desmond replied nervously and Chris eyes grew wide staring at his father

“Father in-law if you could have mouth to agree to the marriage, you must also have legs to run”

Lilian” chase them!!” She ordered the dog

The dog barks” and in a blink it started running towards them

” Mr Desmond threw the coffee cup he was holding away and picked his race including Chris

“Help! Save me!

” Minnie laugh

“The dog is a trained one” so it wouldn’t bite except it was told so by its owner”.

” Help me” Mr Desmond shouted running around as the dog kept chasing them around

Help! Help! They shouted running outside

“They ran to the gate only to find it locked

“Chris kept kicking the gate trying to open it

” Mr Desmond gasped as he saw the dog almost near

“No!” No! ‘ he mumbled and started climbing the fence

The dog barked loudly

“Chris stood still in fear and started shaking with sweat coming out of his forehead

“He felt pressed the urgent need to use the restroom

Bark!!. The dog barks and Chris couldn’t hold himself anymore” he released out the water

Lilian it’s enough” Minnie shouted and the dog stopped

Minnie laugh hard staring at the two

“Mr Desmond was laying on the fence when he couldn’t jumped to other side

“Workout over, enjoy your day father in-law and my dear husband” Minnie winked

Lilian let’s go” the dog ran to her

” She got to where Chris is and covered her nose

“Yuck! You stink” she mocked

” She pushed Chris who still shaking away from the gate and passed through leaving them as they continue staring at her with fear

” Remind me to cancel the proposal” Mr Desmond said silently..

T. B. C

” Workout ??”








{? They are egocentric ?}

©By, Mha Rhy
“Rihanna and Jackson walked out the mansion and find Michael waiting at the car”

” Let’s go” Rihanna smile

” Am not in support of the clothes you are wearing” Michael said

” Why? I think it is okay” Jackson said

” It is too exposed” Michael said eyeing the clothes

“You don’t have to say anything about my dressing” am old enough to know how to dress” Rihanna said rolling her eyes

“Do as you wish then” Michael snapped and entered the car”..

Rihanna hissed and entered as well”

“This couple” Jackson mumbled shaking his head before walking to the driver seat…


Woah?!!! This club rocks” Rihanna shouted as they walked to the VIP lounge”

” You are right” it rocks and there are a lot of hot ladies here

“Pervert” Rihanna said and Jackson laugh

“See y’all tomorrow morning cos I don’t think I will go back home tonight cos I planned on fuckin every hot ladies here except you” Jackson laugh and left without waiting for their replies.

“Rihanna smile looking around and her eyes landed on the dance floor” she face Micheal

” Let’s dance” Rihanna pouted

” Not interested” Michael replied simply

“Why? But I want to” Rihanna blinked her eyes

” You can just go by yourself”

” No, I want to dance with you” she said and dragged him by his hand to the dance floor

“Rihanna wrapped her hand around his neck moving her body with the rhythm of the music.

“Michael grumbled out not interested in dancing

“Riha_ he was cut off when a call came in

“I will be back after receiving this call” Michael said

Ok” Rihanna replied and he left

She continues dancing waiting for Michael

“A hand snaked around her waist and she gasped before turning to the person

It was a guy who was drunk already”

“Who are you? She asked removing his hand from her waist harshly

“C’mon baby girl” you_

“Get lost before my husband comes or else

“Husband?” Are you joking?” The guy laughed and Rihanna look at him in confusion

“Which type of husband will allow his wife to go out dressing like this? He licked his lips staring at her exposed laps and Rihanna glared at him

“Baby just a night” I will make sure to make it memorable” he said pulling rihanna closer and tried to kiss her

“Hey get off me” Rihanna shouted trying to push him away but she couldn’t cos of how strong he is

“Shut up bîtch! Let me have a taste of that lips” He said and tried to kiss her again when he was pulled away from her

Michael landed a punch on his face and he fell down at once

“Michael” Rihanna called running to him

“WTF man” he cursed wiping the blood coming out from the corner of his mouth

“Stay away from my wife” he said dangerously and pulled Rihanna out of there”…

” Getting to the entrance he removed his hand and started walking away

“Michael wait” Rihanna run after him but he didn’t stop thankfully she was able to get to him”

” Michael” she called holding his hand but he jerked off his hand from her

“Michael am sorry I should have listened to you” Rihanna pleaded running after him

“Michael please say something”

“Rihanna what did you want me to say? Insult you or perhaps” it’s your choice after all so let me be” Michael replied

” I know am very sorry and I promise to always listen to you”

” You don’t have to” you are old enough to know what is good for you” he replied and enter into the car

” Rihanna sighed before joining him in the car”

“He drives out of the club”..


Michael drove into the compound roughly and park the car”

” He got down from the car and walked in leaving Rihanna behind

“What is wrong with him” very grumpy” Rihanna mumbled rolling her eyes before walking inside…

” She walked inside the room she shared with Michael and find him removing the shirt he was wearing”

She walked closer to where he was and smile at him but Michael ignored her

“Hubby I said am sorry” Michael ignored her

“Mich” she whined bitting her lips

” Stop it Rihanna” it won’t work on me” Michael said looking at her

” Really?” She bit her lips Again, Michael gulped down facing other side

“He cleared his throat and face her

“You should just leave me al_ Rihanna cut off his words with a kiss

“His eyes grew wide in shock as she kissed him”

“The anger he felt earlier disappeared at once

” He pulled her closer and kiss her more deeply”sucking her breath ”

” They broke the kiss to catch their breath staring at each other” Michael leaned on her neck

“Mrs Smith am not sure this will end well” he whispered bitting her ear

“I don’t mind Mr Smith” Rihanna moaned and Michael slammed his lips on her’s

” Kissing her gently and passionately feeling the sweet taste of her lips”

He picked her up in bridal style and drop her on bed” without breaking the kiss” he got on top of her

“He removed the shirt he was wearing revealing his naked chest

“He bit her lower lips and she moaned”

Fuck”! He cursed as her moans was driving him Crazy

In a minute their clothes were gone and they were naked

“Without foreplay he plunge in and Rihanna gasped feeling his huge d**k inside her”

” He adjusted himself before starting his thrust

‘Oh my” Mich”

“Fuck” Rihanna you are driving me Crazy ” Michael groaned as kept f**king her deeply and fastly

” Mich more”

“Yeah” faster” She moaned

T. B. C

??,I come in peace ??


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