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His Crazy Secretary Episode 23




{?•✓They are egocentric ?•✓}

©By, Mha Rhy
How dare you touch my daughter? ” Mrs Chadwick shouted

” You know Mom said I shouldn’t disrespect elderly people but I must say your brain has been fed to Turkey” Minnie said

” What!! ” Mrs Chadwick shouted

” Woman hypertension is real” don’t die before your time because of meaningless noise”

” Are you nuts? ” How dare you talk to her like that?” Ophelia shouted

“Dog, I never ask you to intervene” I will call you when you are needed” so stay like a mute you are”

“You insolent child” Mrs Chadwick shouted and raised her hand to slap Minnie but stopped when Minnie pointed a gun at her,

“Holy mother of Jesus” Mr Elliot mumbled and ran under the table”

“Mr Desmond hid behind the chair while Chris ran inside the toilet

“Ophelia and Loraine were about to hid as well”

” If you move from that place I won’t mind firing the bullet into your skulls” Minnie threatened and the two stood still shivering in fear”

” Please don’t kill us” we will do everything you want” Ophelia begged in tears

“Really?! Minnie asked smiling and the two nodded fearfully

“Ok” Minnie said and face Mrs Chadwick who was already sweating profusely

“Woman you are sweating” are you sure you are okay? ” Minnie asked mockingly

“My daughter please let me go” I promise to never appear at your front again” Mrs Chadwick cried

“You want me to let you go”?

“Yes please”

“Ok only on one condition” Minnie smirk

“I will do anything as long as you let me go” Mrs Chadwick replied

” You two punch as much as you want but make sure that six teeth must remove” Minnie ordered Loraine and Ophelia who seems hesitated to do it

” What? You can’t do it or did you want me to send you to early grave” Minnie asked cocking her gun

” No” No” we will do it” they said at once

“Good girls” now get to work” “Minnie ordered and took a sit

” We are sorry Mrs Chadwick”Ophelia said

” You can’t do th_ she couldn’t complete her words when Ophelia punch her hard on mouth” and four teeth came out flying

” Ahhhhhh!!! Mrs Chadwick scream in pain

” Ouch!! Minnie mocked

“Minnie I think it is okay” Mrs Rosa said looking at Mrs Chadwick with pity

“Why Mom” am not done with her yet” she slapped me and you know I hate people laying hands on my pretty face”

” I know and I am sure she has learnt her lesson” right? ‘ she faced Mrs Chadwick who nodded immediately as the pain was too much for her

“See… She has’ so please let her go”

“Alright” just for you Mom”

Thanks baby” Mrs Gunner smile

” Thank you so much” Mrs Chadwick bowed and turn to leave

” Hey did I ask you to leave” come back here and pose for your teeth for me” I need to take a picture of it

” Now smile out your teeth” she ordered and Mrs Chadwick did as told” she posed smiling out blood showing her toothless mouth”

” Minnie snapped the pictures

” Looking for a toothless model” here is one” @donna’s Mom” she type on top of her post” before uploading it on the school blog

“Good” you can go and please don’t forget to carry the luggage you brought along” Minnie said referring to Ophelia and Loraine

” After all they are useless as Nigeria president”

” Get lost!!! She shouted and they ran out in fear

“Bunch of idiot” Senseless human being’ Brainless animal family” Minnie said and Mrs Rosa laugh

” Minnie”

” Mom” I let them go because of you or else I would have dealt with them that they will have a story to tell The next generation” Prison Gates” Minnie said and return the gun inside her backpack

“But Is that a real gun you are holding?

“Oh this? It’s a fake’ it’s a bubble gum gun” She fired the gun and a bubble gum came out” those fools thought it was real and got scared”I just love the expression on their faces” Minnie laughed

” I will be leaving now” you can tell your people hiding to come out” Minnie said and left

” That girl” Mrs Gunner shake her head

“Even if she gets married to Chris” I can never allow them to live in my mansion cos I will surely die of shock with her behavior… Mr Desmond thought…

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