His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 22




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©By, Mha Rhy


Chris!;; They screamed rushing to his unconscious body

“Do you have water here?” Mrs Rosa asked

“Yes” here it is” Mr Elliot gave her the table water and she sprinkle it on his face”

” Chris cough out and open his eyes, everyone breathe out in relief except for Minnie who was still fuming

“Son are you okay?” Mr Desmond asked and Minnie scoffed

“Dad I just had a bad dream” Chris replied

” Bad dream? ”

” Yes ” in that dream you said pigtails and I are Betrothed, funny right?” He laughed looking at Mr Desmond but seeing his dad facial expressions, he stopped smiling

“It is not true right? ‘ Chris asked

” Son, you and Minnie are Betrothed”


” Mom tell me it’s a lie” Minnie said

“Minnie it’s not a lie” you have been Betrothed to him since childhood so how business could grow” Mrs Gunner lied

” Then cancelled it” I can never get married to a bulk of senseless animal like him” she said and Chris frowned

” I can never get married to a psychopath like you”

” Did you just call me a psychopath” Minnie shouted

” Yes you are a psychopath, a cra_ he couldn’t complete his words when someone barged

“It was Loraine and Ophelia with a woman whom Chris could recognize as Donna’s mother

“Mrs Chadwick welcome” Mr Elliot greeted but Donna’s mom ignored him and face Loraine

“Where is the girl?” Mrs Chadwick asked

“There” Loraine pointed at Minnie

“So it’s you?

” Who are you? ” Minnie asked nonchantly

Slap!! Mrs Chadwick slapped Minnie on face

” Everyone gasped in shock including Chris

” Minnie stared at her furiously as her eyes was getting red already

“You know this was the face someone slapped and she ended up being a patient” Minnie said non smiling

“You have just signed a contract with the devil” I hope your visit to his room won’t castrate you” Chris thought looking at Mrs Chadwick with pitiful look

” I just hope Minnie won’t hurt her” rest in peace Mrs Chadwick” Mrs Gunner thought sighing in pity

“Now am getting scared of letting her getting married to my son” I hope she won’t end my son life” Mr Desmond thought

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One word for Miss Chadwick


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