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His Crazy Secretary Episode 20




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Mom” Minnie called in suprise but in tears

“Don’t call me” how could you be so mean Minnie? Mrs Gunner shouted

“What are you talking about Mom? Minnie asked in tears

” This” Mrs Gunner replied showing her the video of how she humiliated Donna

“So you slapped me because of this? Minnie cried in disbelief

” Yeah cos I never taught you to be so mean like you are” how could you do that to a girl like you”

“Do you know what she did? You should know that I can’t do such a thing without reasons” Mom why do you always treat me like a stranger? Or is it because am not your real daughter? Minnie cried out

“Minnie Gunner!!

” What Mrs Rosa Gunner” Minnie called her by name shocking Mrs Gunner” it was then Mrs Gunner knew she had hurt her daughter’s feelings

{It is true Minnie is not her daughter but the daughter of her maid Although Story for another day}

“Sometimes I do feel like am not needed here” you never care for me nor have time to know about my feelings” everything about you is work work” and work” you never love me like a daughter

” No Minnie, you are my daughter and I love you so much

” No you don’t if you do, you will know what I can do and what I can’t do” Good night Mrs Gunner” Minnie said and ran to her room….

“Minnie, Minnie” Mrs Gunner called in tears

“Rosa what have you done?” Mrs Gunner said in tears and sat down on the stairs..

Next Morning
Rihanna eyes snapped open as she felt some snuggling close to her b**bs

She look at her side and her eyes widened in shock to see that it was Michael”she pushed him away from her body and stand up quickly from the bed

Ouch”* she groaned as she felt immerse pain in between her legs

She was more suprise to see him n@ked and she checked her body and also saw she was n@ked as well*

“How did I end up here with him” she thought, she could only remember getting drunk not them having s**,

“Michael is not the type of person to do that right?” Her eyes caught something on the bed

“No it can’t be?” She thought trying hard not to believe what was in front of her” her eyes caught the blood stain on the bed and tears came out willingly from her eyes”

” We really did it” how could Micheal do this to me?” He took advantage of me?” She sniffed

“Hearing her sniffs Michael woke up, his eyes fluttered open as he saw Rihanna crying”

Guilt filled him and he stood up from the bed moving close to Rihanna who in return stared at him angrily balling her fist

“Rihanna am sorry,I didn’t mean to_ he said in guilt

“How could you do this to me you rapist? She shouted wiping her tears

” R@… R@… R@pist? He scoffed

” Yes r@pist, if you are not a r@pist you wouldn’t have taken ad_

“Enough!” Have had enough of your nonsense,” listen carefully woman you were the one that force me to do it even when I tried not to you forced me”

” Seriously? Even if I force you must you gave in? Rihanna asked wiping her tears before glaring at him

“Am a man” and seeing those luscious enticing body of yours i can’t help but to turn on” Moreso you enjoyed it”

“Enjoy?” Rihanna screamed out in disbelief

“You did enjoy, your m©@ns and screams especially when you called me Mich” you were like ” Mich faster* Am about to c*m” don’t stop” j _

“You pervert”! She screamed out and in a blink she kicked Michael forbidden zone

“Hell!” Michael cried in pain holding his d**k,

“You psychopath” Michael shouted in pain

“Serve you right Fruitless banana trees” When next I get drunk learn to stay away from me

“Undiluted gas” stupid guy” can’t believe he ruined my middles that I can’t even walked properly”

” Did i really force him? She thought glaring at Micheal

” I hate you” I f**kin hate you mannerless mosquito” you disgust me Michael Smith” she shouted and covered her n@ked body with bedsheets before limping to the bathroom cursing loudly

“That Crazy wife of mine” Michael laughed watching how she limpers to the bathroom

“Michael you are really a bad guy” he muttered

Mrs Rosa waited for Minnie at the dinning, she planned on asking for her forgiveness

Am off to school” Minnie said and turn to leave

” Minnie” Mrs Gunner called

” Yes Mrs Rosa” Minnie replied not looking back

“Am sorry, I know I was wrong to slap you withouts finding out the whole truth” forgive your mom” it’s hurt me to see my daughter being angry with me*

“Hearing her cries Minnie look back and was surprised to see her in tears

“Mom you are crying” Minnie said in suprise walking to her

” Am sorry daughter” please forgive your mother” Mrs Gunner hugged her

” Am sorry Mom for making you cry” I can’t bare to see you in tears”

“So have you forgiven me?

” I have” and I am sorry for calling you by name

“It’s my fault, just don’t say I don’t love you” I do and I love you as much as I love Rihanna, you will always be my best daughter even if you are not my biological daughter” Mrs Gunner said hugging her more tightly

” I love you Mom”

” I love you too baby”

T. B. C


So Minnie is not Mrs Gunner biological daughter”…

Sorry Mich😂😂😂

” I’mma kill her with my bare hand and now he has burst the cherry 😏😂

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