His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 16




{?•√ They are egocentric ?*}

©By, Mha Rhy

“Chris balled his fist angrily and look at Minnie hatefully”

“How dare you fuckin speak to me like that! ” He seethed his teeth in anger and Minnie scoffed

“How did you want me to speak to you?” Who are you to tell me how to or how not to speak to you”? Man just f**k off” you are suffocating me”

” You will regret this” You sl*t ”

“What did you just call me?” Minnie asked standing up

” There’s fire on the mountain” Lucas said laughing with the rest

“A sl*t?! Aren’t you one? You are nothing but a wh_ He couldn’t complete his words when he got kicked which sent him flying to the door”

Ahhhhhh!!! The class gasped in shock and suprise”

“What the hell” The Kings mumbled standing up to meet their leader

Minnie walked to where he was groaning in pain”

” She bent to his height and hold his collar”

“You know I promise my mom not to cause trouble today” but it seems trouble will always come to Meet me even when I tried to stay away from it”

” Since you have knocked on my door” I will kindly open it for you” but when you entered say Hi to my teddy bears” Minnie said and in a blink of eye she headed Chris on his head”

“Mom” He said huskily and black out”

“Chris! Chris!! The Kings called shaking his body”

” F**k he is out” Kai cursed

” What should we do?! Lucas asked

“Are you all brainless? Don’t you have clinic here? Minnie asked

” Yeah that’s right” the school clinic” Johnny said picking him up going out with lucas

*Thanks even though you are responsible for his condition” Mark said smiling

” Help your dead alive friend out” rather than smiling like a senseless father Christmas” your teeth is not really attractive and your smile can turn someone into a patient” Mark stood still in embarrassment as the class burst into laughter

” Mark let’s leave before she disgrace everyone of us” you know am a very emotional person” I easily cried at small humiliation” so please let’s leave” kai mumbled silently pulling Mark out by his clothes”

” Brainless set of people” God why is today an unlucky day for me?” She grumbled and turn back to her seat only to find the students looking at her

“What? What are you all staring at? Are we acting a movie?! She asked and rolled her eyes.

“She sat her place and look at her best friend who kept staring at her in suprise

“What? She asked

” Nothing” Gina replied shaking her head.

What!!! Michael screamed

” Any problem mannerless mosquito? Rihanna glared

” What? Mannerless mosquito! That’s such a funny name” Jackson laugh

“Yeah it is handsome” Rihanna winked with a smile

” Must you wink at him at every simple talk? ” Michael said jealously

*What’s your problem if I winked at him? Rihanna glare at him

“It’s because you look ugly whenever you wink at him” Michael answer

” No I think she is cute when she winks” Jackson replied smiling at Rihanna

“Thanks handsome,you have sense unlike some broke down car that only knows how to disturb it’s driver” elephant horn” , she hissed and face Jackson who had been laughing watching the couple’s drama’

“You are here to pick us right? She asked and Jackson nodded

” Then let’s go’ Rihanna said and walked to the car,

” Yeah” Jackson said

“Buddy let’s go” Jackson said holding Micheal’s hand

” Mannerless mosquito don’t stand there like a beggar that lost his money” act like a man not like a fool”… Rihanna said and entered the car …

” Hahahaha” you are wiped buddy” Jackson laugh and walked to the car holding Rihanna’s luggage…

T. B. C

Minnie and Rihanna ???

Chris and Michael are in for it


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