His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 15




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©By, Mha Rhy


“Where is the stupid driver that your dad assigned for us?! Rihanna asked angrily as they wait outside of the airport for the driver”

A car drove in and stopped at their front, and a young handsome guy came out”, his handsomeness got Rihanna’s attention as she kept looking at him”

” Jackson!!” Michael called in suprise

” Buddy!!” The guy shouted running to Micheal and pulled him into a friendly hug

” Oh he is mannerless mosquito friend” nice” Rihanna thought looking at them

“Long time buddy!” Jackson said withdrawing from the hug

” How have you been? Heard you got married?

“Yeah, I got married to a psychopath” Michael said only for him to be smacked behind by Rihanna

“Ouch! He cried in pain

“Are you indirectly calling me a psychopath? Rihanna asked angrily

“Who are you? Jackson asked smiling at Rihanna

” Sorry for not introducing myself” am Rihanna this brainless shark wife, and I must say you are very handsome” Rihanna winked.

” What?! Handsome!! Michael screamed


What!!! Michael is not dead? Suzy screamed

She had just woken up after a week since she has been admitted”

Yes he is not and who gave you the wrong information?” her manager asked

“It was the secretary”

“Secretary? Could it be the same lady he got married to? Her manager said

“What the hell are you saying? Michael can never get married to another woman except me” you must have be mistaken”

“Then check this” her manager said showing her the wedding pictures of Rihanna and Michael,

“Oh! Suzy gasped in shock covering her mouth not believing her eyes

“Th…. Th…. This was the same lady that told me he is dead” Suzy stuttered pointing her fingers to Rihanna

” She lied to you so you won’t be able to see Michael, I even heard that Michael was forced into the marriage”

” He was forced?! Suzy asked and her manager nodded

“Am sure it was his father doings” that bastard Daniel” Suzy cursed balling her fist

“Let’s put that aside” Suzy why didn’t you tell me about your condition? ”

” Condition?! What condition? Suzy asked confused

“Don’t tell me you weren’t aware that you are two months pregnant?”

“What?! Pregnant?

“Yes pregnant”

“A baby is inside me?

” Yes” but who does the child belongs to? I hope it is for Michael? Because if it’s a night stand product it might ruin your reputation

“Of course it’s for Michael” Suzy replied and her manager breathe out in relief

“Now you can use this pregnancy to get back your man”

“Yes, this child inside me will bring back my Michael from that wh*re”

” Am happy for you sweetie

“Thanks Lia, I can’t believe that am carrying Smith future heir” Suzy said rubbing her stomach with smile.

“Believe it baby”…

T. B. C

Ewo!!! Suzy is pregnant 😮?

Is Michael jealous?! 🤣


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