His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 14

? HIS ?

… CRAZY ??


{?•√ They are egocentric ?*}

©By, Mha Rhy


“The students laughed hard mocking Donna,”

Donna could not take the embarrassment anymore, she ran out of the class at the point of crying”…..,,,

She kept running as she still felt embarrassed, not looking where she was going she bumped into someone

“Hey, Donna look where you are going” Ophelia said as Donna bumped into her

” Donna glared at her before wiping the small tears coming out of her eyes”

” Hey Donna what happened? Ophelia asked in suprise

” That New girl,I will ruined her and I know the perfect plan ” Donna said balling her fist

” I don’t get you! What did you mean?

*Let’s go to our private room,I will explain and am very horny right now” Donna said dragging Ophelia to their private room”

Getting there, they found Loraine f**kin herself with a dildo, moaning out so loud

“Seeing her made Donna more hornier and she grabbed Ophelia slamming her lips on hers

“Hmm” Ophelia moaned as her hand found it way to her b**bs

” Bestie you rock!'” Gina shouted laughing

“Thanks babe” I just can’t watch that hippopotamus sprouting about her money that decayed mouth of hers” Minnie shouted

” The Kings watch Minnie with interest and smile on their faces”

” Damn! She just stole my heart” Kai said dramatically touching his heart” Mark look at him and shook his head

“Mehn! She is the type of girl I want’ Johnny said licking his lips

“Why are you all behaving like she is a goddess? What is so special about her that got your attention,am sure she is also one of them as well”…. Chris said

” You are wrong Chris” am very sure she is different” her behavior had proven that she is not the type of girl you think she is” Mark replied

” Oh! You think so? How about I prove it to you that she is also one of them?” Chris said smirking looking at Minnie who is busy talking to Gina

” and you will be disappointed” Kai replied smiling

“Watch me then” Chris said standing up

“Chris walked to Minnie seat and tap her table gently

Minnie look up and almost gasped at his sight”

All her life she had never seen someone has he is except for her brother in law”

” She cleared her throat to stop herself from drooling too much

Yes how may I help yo”Minnie asked nonchantly suprising Chris attracting their mates attention

” The Kings laugh awaiting for the drama”

” Hi am Chris, the leader of the popular boys group in Singapore, Chris said with smile

“Wow!! Chris is smiling”

” So! What should I do with your name?. Minnie rolled her eyes, and the class gasped

…”hahaha” the Kings laugh silently watching their leader being humiliated”

Chris was determined not to give up,he must prove to his friend she is also a slut like the other girls

“I must say you look beaut_

” Man can you just shut up! You are suffocating me with your smelling presence” do you want me to tell you that am not interested in talking to you” please search for your lost brain and get lost from here” Minnie shouted and the class gasped

“pervert” shoe making material” ugly chimpanzee” monkey banana”… Minnie hissed and lay her head on the locker

“Someone should hold my friend,cos he is about to faint” Lucas shouted laughing out loud with the Kings…

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