His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 13

πŸ”₯ HIS

CRAZY πŸ–€πŸ’―


{πŸ”₯β€’βˆš They are egocentric πŸ”₯*}

Β©By,Mha Rhy



Rihanna inhaled the air of Paris as they came out of the plane”

” So nice” isn’t it dear husband? she asked teasing Michael

Michael glared at her and walked out of the entrance,

“Hey mannerless mosquito wait up” she shouted running behind him drawing the people’s attention

” That psychopath” is she trying to embarrass me” Michael mumbled increasing his pace

“Wait up” Rihanna screamed as people watched with disgust

“Who is she?

Rihanna was able to catch with Michael”

*You fool” Rihanna shouted climbing Michael’s back and wrapped her arms around his neck tightened her hold on his neck”

” Hey get off me” Michael said breathing heavily cos of the tight hold

“You should have waited when I ask you” Rihanna said and in a blink her teeth found it way to his ear

” Ahhhhhh!! Michael screamed in pain as Rihanna bite him

” You Crazy woman” Michael shouted and pulled her off his back breathing heavily

“Rihanna smile in victory and stood up dusting her clothes

” Serves you right” next time you obey my orders” Korean BBQ sauce, oversized baggy jean” fool” , Rihanna said looking at Micheal who kept breathing hard holding both his ear and neck

“She was about to walk away when she noticed people staring at them”

” She folds her arms and glared at them”

” What are you all looking at? Don’t you have job to do? She asked as they all started to disperse”

She look at Micheal who is still in the same position and shake her head

“Ring! Ring!! Ring!!! Her phone rings out from her bag, she opened her bag and brought out her phone

πŸ“²Hello….. She picks without checking the caller name

πŸ“²Hi Rihanna this is Sam…. Sam said from the other side

πŸ“²Hi,any problem!

πŸ“²Is Michael with you?

πŸ“²Yes he is

πŸ“² Have been trying Micheal’s number but he ain’t picking”could you please pass the phone to him?”

πŸ“² sorry Sam he is too busy to say anything for now”

πŸ“² Tell him is about work”

πŸ“² What should I say Sam” your boss is really busy cos he is here gasping for air like an hungry dog so see ya later” Rihanna said and ended the call*

” Sorry hubby, enjoy yourself”……

****”” “” “”*******


Donna stood still in embarrassment unable to move from where she is”

*She could not believe that someone could humiliate her this much”

” Hey stop standing like a blind woman, it’s not there’s something to watch about you” you are flat at both front and back,I wonder where if the agency were blind to sign someone like you as their model”

” Seriously to me you look like Korea kimchi, goat offspring, insolent monkey,”brainless hen” unfertilized egg” example of Nigeria weed,at the end you are nothing but an ugly animal” Minnie concluded

Holy mother of Jesus!!!

T. B. C

🀣🀣🀣I salute you Mha Rhy,..

” Like seriously I don’t know the real female lead anymore sef” 🀣

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