His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 12




{?•√ They are egocentric ?*}

©By, Mha Rhy


The Kings watch Minnie leaving with interest”

” Crazy girl in crescent high school* Lucas said smiling

“She is hot” Kai said licking his lips

“Interesting” Mark added

” Let’s just go inside” Chris said walking away

” Too boring” Johnny said and the rest laugh

“Let him hear that” you know what he can do” Lucas is a victim”Mark mocked

“Oh don’t remind of the my worst experience” I still can’t believe he locked me in the cold room just because I set him up with a girl” Lucas said shaking his head

” And I can still remember that after he set you free you came out looking like frozen chicken* Mark mocked

“And I remember that you ask us to throw you inside fire because of how cold you are” Kai added as they all laughed

“Everytime I remember it,I always end up laughing” Johnny said

“Let’s go” it’s almost time for lesson” Mark said and they all nodded in agreement before walking to the class leaving the DOL

“Donna” Ophelia sprinkle some water on her face”which brought her back to life

” She coughed out” opening her eyes bit by bit before opening it finally

“Donna are you okay? Ophelia asked helping her up

*Am okay,who is that Crazy girl?

“I don’t know but am sure she is not a student from our school

*Damn! When next I see that girl I promise to make sure she rot in jail” Donna said balling her fist

” What are you all still doing here? Are we doing a show here?; Loraine shouted and the students started dispersing

“Bunch of lowlifes”

“Let’s go to our dressing room so you can change your clothes cos it is dirty” Ophelia said and Donna nodded in response as they left as well..


Minnie kept searching for her class with the map given to her by the principal after collecting her admission letter”

” Finally! ” She breathe out after she was able to find it

“Seems like there’s no class is going on” she said noticing how lousy it was

” She shrugged her shoulder and walked in fully

“Bestie” Gina shouted drawing the attention of the students including the Kings and Donna who was the only one in the DOL Seats”

“Donna eyes widened in shock seeing Minnie”

“You ! Donna shouted pointing fingers at Minnie

” Oh the girl from earlier” Minnie thought smiling

“Yes! How may I help you? Minnie said

” You are asking me that? After humiliating me, Donna said moving closer to Minnie

” Oh shut up! I can still remember” so what?!

” so what?! Do you know who I am? I can buy you and your family” you this lowlife” Donna shouted

“And I can buy you and your entire generation” Minnie replied

” How dare you? Who are you to_

“Minnie Gunner” the youngest daughter of Alex Gunner,the second richest man in Singapore” sister in law of the famous Michael Smith the richest man in Singapore” Minnie cut off her words and everyone gasped in shock

*She is Alex Gunner daughter”

” Heard they are freaking rich*

” So who are you?! Minnie asked folding her hands together looking at the shock Donna

“Cat caught your tongue” what happened to miss typewriter whose mouth kept talking non stop bragging about her money”, Minnie mocked and the class laughed

” She is a badass” Lucas commented laughing looking at Minnie

*Seriously” Johnny replied smiling

” Minnie moved closer to her and caress her hair

“You should always know this” bragging is not meant for fake dolls like you” and please close your mouth” it makes you look like a fool” just like overcooked meat” brainless chicken” family of Pig” example of senseless animal diagram” Minnie hissed and walked towards Gina seat bumping her shoulder with Donna’s intentionally…

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