His Crazy Secretary

His Crazy Secretary Episode 10




{🔥•√ They are egocentric 🔥*}

©By, Mha Rhy

*********”**” ”

Ahhhhhh!! The lady screamed out holding her bleeding mouth”
The plane attendant rushed in and gasped seeing the situation
“Ma’am are you okay?! The attendant asked holding the wounded lady
“Do I look ok to you? Ouch! The lady shouted in pain and the attendant flinched
“What happened here?” Michael asked showing up
“oh my God! He gasped out in shock
” He look at Rihanna, he needs no soothsayer to tell him that it was Rihanna’s handiwork
“Must you show your Craziness everywhere? Michael asked angrily
“Hey? Who are you? Do I know you from somewhere? Rihanna asked denying Michael
“Did you just say you don’t know me? Michael asked in disbelief
“Do I know you?
” Seems like you are getting more Crazier? How could just deny knowing me when we just got married today? Michael said angrily
“Married? Man stop talking rubbish! Hey you instead of taking this toothless woman to the hospital rather take this goat to the psychiatric hospital cos it seems he has eaten his brain with his breakfast this morning” Rihanna said to the attendant
” What?
“Any problem? If you are done talking nonsense, excuse me I have leg ache and I need to sit” Rihanna said pushing them aside before sitting down”
” Everyone stared at her in disbelief, some were even whispering to themselves
“Stop staring? Do I look like a show to you? Jobless people” Rihanna shouted before resting her head on the seatboard .
**💙IN A CLUB💜***
” Babe your sister wedding was a lit” their vow was wow” Gina Minnie best friend said laughing watching the video which was now trending
” You should have been there you could have laughed more than this” Minnie sipped her drink
” I wish I was” Gina pouted
“Gina don’t be surprised with what am about to say” Minnie said smiling
” Ok what is that?
” I have been transferred to your school” Minnie announced happily
” Really? Gina asked and Minnie nodded
” Wow!! Gina shouted and hugged Minnie happily which she returned with smile
“Bestie you don’t know how happy I am right now” I can’t wait for you to resume in our school maybe show a bit of your Craziness”
” I can’t wait as well especially to teach some mannerless students and brainless teacher”
” But be careful of the Kings”
” Kings? Who are the Kings?
“It’s a group formed by the richest and the most handsome boys in school”with the population of five members
“Kai, Lucas, Mark, Johnny, and finally their leader Chris the most Arrogant among them”
” Nice one”
” Not to forget the Arrogant girls that called themselves DOL, with the population of three members, Loraine, Ophelia and final Donna the leader of the group”
” messing with those girls, means you are ready to be their servants” and they bullied the girls that tried to come close to The Kings”
” Why?”

” Cos they have huge crush on The Kings”

” Interesting” Minnie said smiling
” So when are you resuming?”
“I planned on resuming next week Monday but have changed my plans” I will resume tommorow” Minnie said mischievously…

T. B. C
What did you think Minnie intentions are?

Rihanna just denied knowing Michael?😮


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