His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama Episode 7-8





(I don’t need a wife… . But I need a woman 💎)

Written ✍️ by ; ❣️✍️Mha Rhy ✍️❣️


👑👑👑 Chapter 7 👑👑👑

OMG!!! People screamed in shock as Ian and Alexa lips met each other,

WTF!! They said as they brought their phone out recording everything

Ian Mind and soul went numb as he felt Alexa lips on his

His mind was processing what was happening,

He couldn’t believe that her contract wife is kissing in front of this crowd

But he wouldn’t deny the fact he loves the taste of her lips, it tasted like his favorite ice cream vanilla,

He couldn’t help but to reciprocate the kiss,he pulled her closer causing Alexa to gasp

He deepened the kiss thrusting his tongue more deeply into her throat, licking all lickables in her mouth

Ian, Alexa moaned and he break the kiss,both parties were breathing heavily

Alexa face down unable to look at his face,

Ian saw this and almost laughed but controlled himself,

He can’t actually believe that the woman who took the first initiative step to kiss him is now being shy in front of him,

Everyone clapped looking at the couples with love,

“Wow they look good together”

“His wife is really beautiful”

” Can’t believe that our almighty Ian Morgan has been taken”

People commented videoing the couples,

Let’s leave here, Ian suggested and Alexa nodded

Ok, she replied and Ian hold her hand taking her out of the place…

Alexa heart beat more faster than before looking at Ian holding her hands,

They got to where he parked the car,he unlocked the car door using the button on the car keys,

Get in,he ordered but Alexa didn’t move from her position

What are you still waiting for? Are you not going home again?

I would have but you are still holding me, Lexa replied,it was then Ian notice that he was still holding her

Sorry about that,he said and remove his hand,

Let’s go,he said and Alexa nodded before boarding the car..

💎💎💎 MANDY’S P. O. V 💎💎💎

Alexa!!! She screamed out breaking the flower vase on the center table,

She had just finished watching the news about Alexa and Ian relationship, including the kiss they shared at the midst of many people,

Alexa why are you such a bad luck in my life,why did you like taking everything thing I admire? Mandy shouted

You may be on top of the world now but I promise to bring you down,

I will make Ian mine and I will ensure that he doesn’t remember who you are,

Alexa enjoy your happiness while it lasts.. Mandy said laughing wickedly..

T. B. C

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(I don’t need a wife 💄….. But I need a woman 💟)

… ✍️MHA RHY ✍️☑️

👑👑👑 CHAPTER 8 👑👑👑

💎💎💎💎 Ian’s Mansion 💎💎💎💎

Alexa went to her room immediately they arrive,

She couldn’t face Ian because of what happened earlier,

She couldn’t believe that she kissed him but the only she didn’t understand is that why did he returned the kiss

No matter how hard she been thinking about the reason she could not find answer to it,

I hope it’s not what am thinking? Alexa thought happily

If it is I will be more happier than this but I don’t think so
He can never love someone with poor status like me, Alexa thought sadly

Her stomach rumble loud and she smiled

Let’s get you feeded,she said Patting her stomach

She had already changed into a bum short and armless singlet,

She picked her phone and left for downstairs,

She got downstairs and decided to cook for her and Ian

She entered the kitchen but was shocked with what she saw,

Ian was cooking with no shirt on,he was cladded only in black joggers,

Alexa saw how serious he looks with his cooking

She gulped down nothing as her eyes came in contact with his naked back,

Are you done staring? She heard Ian voice who was concentrating on the food he was cooking

Alexa cleared her throat before answering

Who said am staring? I was just suprise to see you in the kitchen cooking, Alexa lied flatly and Ian look at her shaking his head before facing the food he was cooking

Great way in telling lie,Ian replied with a scoff and Alexa bit her lips knowing that Ian has already saw her

What are you cooking? Alexa asked smiling moving to where he is
What does it look like am cooking? Ian replied

You are mean, she said pouting her lips and Ian eyes fell on her lips,his desire to kiss her lips runs into his mind but he ignored it,
Rice and beef stew,he answered as continue cooking

Rice and beef stew!! Wow!! Alexa exclaimed

Hush!! You are shouting too much, do you want to destroy my eardrum? Ian asked looking at her

Am sorry,I was just excited, it’s been a long time I have ate it, Alexa replied

Don’t get excited too much, it’s my first time trying to cook it as well,Ian replied

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time,as long as it is delicious am okay with it, she replied and walked to the refrigerator,

She opened it and brought strawberry cake out of it,

I thought you said you will wait until am done with the food,Ian said in puzzle.

I never said such a thing moreover am too hungry to wait, Alexa replied and cut the cake before chewing it,

Foodie,Ian said and snatched the cake from her before eating from it

Ian, she whined collecting the cake back

Hmmm sweet!,Ian said licking his lips and Alexa glared at him in return,

Cake snatcher, Alexa said and stuck out her tongue

Foodie, Ian replied and knocked her head

Ouch!!, Ian!! She screamed

Lexa, Ian replied turning the gas off

You are dead today, Lexa said balling her fist before picking the biggest spoon in the kitchen,

I will kill you, she shouted and started chasing him around

Hahaha, Ian laugh running out of the kitchen to the living room

Come back Ian and let me teach you a lesson, Alexa shouted and ran after HIM,.

Foodie,he called teasing her,

Ian, she called running to where he is,
. .
As Ian tried to pick his race, Alexa tripped over causing both of them to fall,
. .
Lexa fell on Ian’s body and her hand touched his naked toned chest,

They stared at each other for a long time not ready to break the contact at any time,

Ian move his eyes from her captivating eyes to her luscious lips,he licked his lower lips as he stared at the full pink lips of her,
Alexa felt nervous with the way Ian was staring at her,

Ian could not bear it anymore,he pulled Lexa closer and she gasped

You are driving me Crazy,Ian said huskily and captured her lips,.

T. B. C


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