His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama Episode 6

💐 HIS 💐

…. 🌷 BABY 🌷

.. 🌻MAMA 🌻

{I don’t need a wife 🌹……. But I need a woman 🌷}

Written by🌻💐🌺;

💙💜💚 Chapter Six 💚💙💜

Enjoy 🎈🎈

Ian was waiting for Alexa to come downstairs so they can leave for their outing,

What is taking her so long? Ian mumbled staring at his watch

Am here, Alexa announced behind him and he look back

His mouth dropped open as he watch Alexa who was rubbing her hand nervously

He drooled at her beauty and continue staring at her,

Alexa notice that he was staring at her and look at herself

“Is the dress not okay?”

“Didn’t I dress properly?”

Alexa thought looking at her dress,

But I dress well… She thought

Humh Ian? She called

Hunnnn!!! He replied

Is the dress not okay? Why are you staring at me like that? She asked slightly confused

Nothing is wrong with your dress in fact you are looking beautiful, Ian wanted to say that but he decided against it

I was just checking if the colour of the dress looks good on you,Ian lied flatly and Alexa nodded believing his lies…

Ok, shall we?, Alexa asked smiling looking at Ian

Yeah,we shall, Ian replied smiling leaving for the car basement while Alexa follow behind…

Skip! Skip!! Skip!!!


Wow?!! Alexa screamed in excitement as the ferry wheel sway round

This is fuckin good!!; She exclaimed as the wind was blowing her hair in different directions

Ian felt the urge to touch her hair but held Himself as he continue watching her

Minutes later they came down and Alexa breathe out

Thanks Ian,I had so much fun, Alexa said looking at him and Ian nodded not replying

Alexa just notice that Ian was using a nosemask and face Cap,

Why are you using all this.? Alexa asked touching the face Cap and nose mask

Do you want people to recognize me here,I don’t have the time for their screams, Ian explained Arrogantly and Alexa shook her head before sighing

And you want people to believe that you are not a gay, Alexa said and Ian look at her confusedly

What did you mean by that? Ian asked

What I mean is that if you want people to stop spreading rumors about you being a gay,you have to start from somewhere just like now, Alexa explained

I still don’t get you,Ian replied in confusion

Watch me, Alexa said and remove his face cap and nose mask in one drag…

One of the passer-by who saw this gasped in shock

Ian Morgan,he shouted

Everyone Ian Morgan is here,he shouted as all the people ran to where he was

In a minute Ian and Alexa were crowded,

“, Ian, Ian, the people screaming looking at their idol,

… “Wow he looks more handsome”
“He’s cute”

The people commented and Ian smile listening to their comments

“His smile is killing”

“See his dimples”
…. Alexa watched how the people compliment Ian and smiled

She was once like them as well, she thought

“I wish I could marry him sadly he is a gay”

“Yeah you are right” someone supported

“As handsome as he is,he is only interested in men”

Ian fumed in anger as he listened to what they are saying

Alexa saw that Ian is angry and she would have to do something before it gets out of hand,

Who told you he is a gay? Do you have the evidence that he is a gay? Just because you didn’t see a woman with him doesn’t mean he is interested in men, Alexa snapped

” Who wouldn’t believe what the reporters said after all we didn’t see a woman with him nor have we heard him getting married,” one of the them replied and Alexa scoffed

Who told you he is not married? He is married and I am his wife,Alexa said shouting interlocking her hand with Ian’s who was watching her with amusement…

What!!!! People screamed murmuring among themselves

So stop calling my husband a gay,he is straight, and now that you’ve known your answer,excuse us, Alexa said turning to leave

We don’t believe you,prove to us, someone said behind them and Ian’s heart skipped

Alexa turn back and smiled,

You want evidence right? Here is the evidence, she said and immediately she captured Ian’s lips into a deep and slow kiss…

OMG!!!! People screamed in shock



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