His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama Episode 4



…. MAMA ?

(I don’t need a wife……. But I need a woman ✨)

✨✍️Mha Rhy ✍️✨

☃️☃️☃️☃️⛄ Chapter Four ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️
Ian woke up the next day with a throbbing headache and hangover,

Shit!! What the hell,he cursed as he felt to vomit

He ran into his bathroom and vomited everything into the basin.

He rinsed his mouth with some water before wiping it with towel,

He left the bathroom and enter into his room,

How did I get inside my room,he muttered
I could remember Laying on the couch, or is it Alexa that brought me inside? He thought and gasped

Am sure she is the one that brought me inside because there’s no one living with us,

I hope I didn’t say anything foolish,he muttered and all the memories of last night rushed in the reason he got drunk,he remembered everything as tears came out of his eyes,

Why did you this to me? After waiting for you for 5 years and now you are dating someone else,

Why? Why? Why? He muttered silently as he cried,

The door burst open revealing Alexa who was holding a tray filled with plate of food, water and aspirin drug.

Good morning Ian, Alexa greeted coming inside
Don’t you fuckin know how to knock? Ian shouted startling Alexa who flinched back in shock

She was about to reply him when she saw tears in his eyes,

Ian what’s wrong with you? Alexa asked moving closer and wanted to touch his face,

Don’t come near me, Ian said dangerously glaring at her and Alexa gulped down in fear,

I was just concern seeing you in tears, Alexa replied slowly not to break down in tears and Ian scoffed

Don’t act like you are different, you are all the same a gold digger and heartbreaker,he said and pushed her roughly which results to her falling down,

Ahhhhhh, Alexa cried in pains as her head hit the ground, thankfully she didn’t sustain any injuries

Ian hearing the cries of Alexa looked back since he was backing her,

His eyes widened as he saw the bleeding arms,

Are you okay? He asked panicking trying to touch her arms but Alexa pushed his hand away and she stood up from the ground,

Am not like the girls who break your heart nor am I a gold digger,I may not be rich as you but I have my policy as a woman,

You call me a gold digger,did I ask any money from you except for the one you are paying for my work? I have been enduring the way of living like a prisoner with the stupid rules you made,if I were a gold digger like you said I would have run away with your money or be clingy on you, but I never did any of those,

Just because you are paying me doesn’t give you the right to treat or talk to me anyhow, Alexa said crying and Ian felt hurt

Am sorry, Ian muttered and Alexa scoffed

You know what screw you and your pretentious life,I don’t fuckin care anymore, Alexa said loudly and barged out of his room in tears…

Fuck!!! What have I you,he muttered guilty….

Mandy screamed as she scattered the living room breaking every possible things,

Why hasn’t she called me since last night,or didn’t the plan work? Mandy shouted furiously

Immediately she said that a call came into her phone which was inside her pocket,

Who is the motherfucker disturbing my horrible morning??? She cursed bringing out her phone from the pocket

Smile crept up to her face as she saw the person the person calling her,it was none other than Alexa

She cleared her throats before answering it

Hello bestie, Mandy greeted with a friendly voice
Mandy…… Mandy……. Alexa called crying and Mandy smile in victory

Alexa? What’s wrong? Why are you crying? She asked with fake sympathy

It is Leo, Alexa replied

Leo? What did he w? Mandy asked

I will everything to you at your house,so don’t go out yet, Alexa informed

Ok will be expecting you, Mandy replied and hung up..

Yes!!! Mandy muttered happily

Now I will make sure to destroy your relationship with Ian not only that I will make him hate you to the core that he will regret doing contract with you… She said smirking…..

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