His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama Episode 2

( I don’t need a wife……… But I need a woman ?…..)

?? MHA RHY ??
❄️❄️❄️ Chapter two ❄️ ❄️❄️
??? Alexa’s P. O. V ????????????????
Be Ian Morgan wife,he repeated and I snorted
Mr Richmond do you think am stupid,
Just because am poor doesn’t mean that I am daft,I replied rolling my eyes at him,

How do you expect me to just believe what you said now,I should be a wife to Ian,

Am not even rich talk less of having a status in the country,do you think someone like me is compatible to be the wife of the richest young man in the country,say another thing if you are ready to help or please kindly take your leave,I said disgustingly but inside me i was praying it should be true,

I know you won’t believe so take this card,he said stretching out a business card which I collected from him,
I look at the card before looking at his face in question,
That’s my number,call me with your own number so I will be able to Text you the address we will be meeting Ian, he said smiling,
I think I will have to leave,he said and was about to leave when we heard my name been called at the back,
I look back to see Mandy running towards me,
Where have you been since,I have been looking for you? She asked worriedly

Am fine Mandy,I was just chatting with my new friend,I replied
New friend? She asked and I pointed my fingers at Richmond who was busy gawking at Mandy
You must be Alexa new friend? She asked and Richmond nodded
Hi,am Mandy, she said stretching her hand
Richmond,he replied winking at Mandy whose cheek turn crimson red,
You are really beautiful, Richmond said kissing the back of her hand,
Geez this guy is a Playboy look at the way he is flirting with my brainless friend,
I think that’s enough for now,I said breaking the moment
Ok then see you tomorrow,I will Text you tommorow,he said waving at me while he blew kisses to Mandy and he left.
Gosh he is sooooo cute,Mandy gushed dreamily and I scoffed
Stop daydreaming about him am sure he was only flirting with you,I said
Who cares about him flirting,I was only appreciating God’s work, she replied rolling her blue eyes

Keep appreciating, when you are done lemme know,I said and turn back to leave but before I could move my hand was grabbed by Mandy,
What again? I asked not interested in whatever she was going to say
Why are you meeting him tomorrow? She asked looking at me
I sighed as I begin to explain everything to Mandy about my discussion with Richmond,
What!!!! She screamed out as I explained everything,

Gosh you are too loud,I said sternly
Am sorry bestie,I was just shock with the news I heard, she replied smiling
So my friend is becoming the wife of a popular tycoon,a wife of Ian Morgan which means you are becoming Mrs Alexa Ian Morgan,wow!!!! She screamed out and everyone turns their attention on us,
I had to mumbled a sorry before they face their busines
Why are you so loud? I don’t know why you are excited about something we are not even sure of,I said
I think you are right about that but try you luck it may be true, she said holding my shoulder in assurance,
Thanks for being my friend,I said and hug her
Thanks for accepting my request as your friend, she replied and tightened the hug…
Come let’s go inside and see mom before we leave for house to prepare for you outing tommorow, Mandy said and drag me while I laughed behind her..

???? Narrator’s P. O. V ???????????????????
Mandy was seen looking at Alexa murderously
I just hate you with passion,why did good things always happens to you only, she said looking at Alexa sleeping figure

You want to take the love of my life away from me, that won’t be possible because he is mine and will always be mine,
I will only use you to get closer to him, after I have succeeded in taking him away from you I won’t hesitate to kill you… She mumbled with the thought of strangling her…

??? NEXT DAY AT MCDONALD’S RESTAURANT ???????????????????
Are you sure he is the one? Alexa asked looking Richmond with deadly glare,
Calm down tigress let’s go inside first so you can see for yourself,he replied smugly
Ok but if I happen to see that he is not the one I will cut off your balls and feed it to the dog, Alexa said scaring Richmond who immediately cover his balls..
Let’s just go inside,he said and ran out of the car which made Alexa laugh,
Alexa came down from the car and together they walked inside the restaurant
Welcome Mr Richmond,the waiter greeted and Richmond nodded in response
Where is he? Richmond asked
He is waiting for you at the VIP section, the waiter replied and Richmond walked away while I followed him,
Minutes Later we got to the door and Richmond open it,.
We walked into the room and there was my lifetime crush sitting like a king,
I gasped out, it’s him it’s really Ian,
Will you continue drooling or find someone to sit,Ian snapped which brought me out of my trace,

Sorry,I said silently feeling embarrassed before taking a sit beside Richmond,
Where is the contract agreement? Ian asked facing Richmond
Here, Richmond replied bringing out some papers from the briefcase he was holding and gave Ian
Ian went through the paper before signing and he passed it to me,.
I picked up the paper and look at it it was a contract marriage,.

I went through the process
He was only looking for a woman to act like his wife during the business meeting and to avoid the rumors of him being a gay
It was only a year contract, and I will have to move to his house but we won’t be sleeping in the same room,we will be a stranger at home and act like a couple outside, and finally I must not Fall in Love with him,I read everything but I snorted at the last rules
Too late am in love with him already,
Ok,I said and put in my signature before handing over the paper to Richmond…..
Now you are Mrs Alexa Ian Morgan.. . Richmond said smiling
Alexa Ian Morgan,I mumbled…
T. B. C.

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