His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama Episode 10




[I don’t need a wife 💍… But I need a woman 💎]

Written ✍️ by: Mha Rhy



Next Morning**


A smile crept up her face as she walked out of the airport

She could not believe that she is back again to this country”

She can’t just wait to see the love of her life, her only heartbeat and her husband

“Am back for you Ian and am never leaving you again” Vanessa muttered with smile..

She hailed a taxi and entered with her luggage,

Where to? ” The driver asked

To crescent estate” she replied and the driver nodded before driving out of the airport…

Mandy paced around her room with so much anger”

Knowing that Alexa wasn’t picking fueled her furiousness more”

” Why isn’t she picking the calls?! She said and dialed the number again but it wasn’t going through this time”

” That bîtch! She cursed loudly and tossed her phone aside.

Alexa you are really dar_

She couldn’t complete her words when the doorbell rang”

” Who could that be? Or is it Alexa? She thought and smile widely

She ran to the door, opening it immediately

Alexa you ar_

Her words got stucked as she saw who it was”

It was Richmond”

“Hi Mandy” Richmond said smiling showing out his dimples

Mandy gulped down nothing as she stared at him

“H… H… Hi, she stuttered…


” Ian stop it” Alexa whined as Ian kept eating her food instead of feeding her

“Sorry Lexa, here have it” Ian smile smugly stretching the spoon filled with Rice to her,

Lexa opened her mouth to collect the food but being a naughty guy Ian ate the food himself

“Ian” Lexa whined

“Lexa” Ian laugh copying her tone

” Fine then, eat the food and don’t talk to me” Alexa said turning her back

“Oh! Oh! Mrs Morgan is angry” Ian teased poking her cheek

Lexa wanted to laugh but remembering she is angry with him she didn’t”

” Lexa, you look ugly when frowning”

” Thank you” Lexa said flipping her hair

You are just so… I don’t even know what to say” Ian said shaking his head

” She is really different from other girls,I can’t help my heart which kept beating for her, maybe I should really forget about Vanessa” Ian thought staring at Lexa lovingly

” Sir” a maid called bowing

“Yes, any problem?” Ian asked rudely

“Sir, madam is back” the maid said and the couple look at her with confusion

” Madam? Who? Alexa asked

“Me” Vanessa replied walking inside fully

Ian eyes went wide as she walked in

Va.. Va.. Vanessa,? Ian stuttered

“Hi dear hubby” Vanessa smile while Alexa kept watching in puzzle…

T. B. C


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