His Baby Mama

His Baby Mama Episode 1

( I don’t need a wife…….. But I need a woman…….)

✍️ Written by MHA RHY ✍️
Tags:- Romance, betrayal, love triangle and war..
⛲⛲⛲ Chapter one ⛲⛲⛲

❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Alexa’s P. O. V ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
I groaned tiredly as I ended my shift,am a waitress at a Five star Restaurant and the pay is good at least it is enough for feeding my family, paying for my younger sister school fees and paying the house rent but it is very stressful,
Are you done? My best friend Mandela asked adjusting her gown,
No gimme some few minutes to change into my clothes,I said removing the apron I was wearing on my work clothes,
Ok but be fast,it is 9:30pm already,she said and I gasped
I don’t know that the time is gone,I shouted and ran to the dressing room,
How will you know when you are always thinking of your crush,
I wonder if Ian will ever notice you or know that there’s a lady crushing on him and has been in love with him since teen day’s, she said loudly and I glared at her as I walked out of the dressing room dressed up,
He will know about it soon,I said assuredly
Maybe during your burial, she said and we laugh
Let’s go now before they will close the street gate or else we will sleep outside like the other time, she said walking out while I pick my bag and followed her behind…

We waited outside for cab to pass but we didn’t see any,
Let’s continue walking we might see empty cab Down the road,I suggested and she nodded
We talked as we walked in the empty street,my phone ring distracting us from saying anything,
I opened my bag and brought out my phone,
** My little sister** that was the name revealed on my phone,
Sana,I said as I pick the call
Sister, she called crying and my eyes widened
What happened? Why are you crying? I asked panicking
Mom fainted and she has been taken to the hospital, she said
What??! I shouted in shock
Which hospital are you right now? I asked
Paxton City Hospital, she replied
Ok I will there soon,I said and hang up,
What happened Alexa? Mandy asked noticing my panicking state,
It is Sana that called now telling me that Mom fainted and she has been rushed to Paxton City Hospital,,I said
What? What happened to her? She Asked
I don’t know,I said and imediately I saw a cab coming I wave my hand to stop it,
Paxton City Hospital,I said as we enter the cab,
Ok ma’am,he said driving out….

???? Ian P. O. V ????????????????????????????
You mean all the shareholders of your company asked you to get married within this week? Richmond my best friend asked and I nodded
They think the rumors about me being a gay might destroy the company reputation,I replied scoffing
I think they are right about that even I myself thought that the rumors might be the truth,he said and I glared at him,
How dare you say that am a gay? I asked angrily
Calm down boy,I don’t think you should be angry about that, come to think of it I have never seen you with a woman before except for your business associate,he said seriously
It is because am still waiting for someone,I replied angrily and he looked at me in shock,.
Really? So you mean you are waiting for someone? And who is that? He asked smugly
That’s none of your business,I replied nonchantly
Just help me look for a woman that will act like a wife,I said
Act like your wife? He asked in confusion
A contract marriage not a real one,I replied
Oohhhh….. I think I understand what you meant now,
I wonder how you become a lawyer when you are so daft like this,I said shaking my head and he grinned
People love me like that,he replied smiling..
I will be going now,my brother must be waiting for me to pick him up at the hospital, Richmond said standing up from his seat and I nodded
See you around buddy,he said and left…
I ruffled my hair in frustration thinking about what the shareholders said,
When are you coming back? I mumbled silently…

????? Narrator’s P. O. V?????????????????????????
Wha….. Wha…… What did you just say now? Alexa asked not believing what the doctor said about her mom condition,
Your mom is suffering from leukemia and it has reach the final stage,if she is not operated on immediately she might lose her life, the doctor said and Alexa almost slumped down but thankfully Mandy was behind so she hold her before she could hit her back on the ground,
Mandy my mom is going to leave us, Alexa said crying out
Shhhshhhh, it’s okay baby your mom is never going to leave you, and am sure we will find the money, Mandy said assuring her.
Where do you think we can get 20 million dollars, Alexa asked crying more
Have you used all my savings to pay for our house rents, and my salary is not up to a million, she added
I know there will be a way,Mandy said patting her back,
I think I need some time alone to think, Alexa said and ran out of the hospital…
She get outside and bend down with her head in between her kneel and started her tears afresh thinking of where to get money,
Richmond got down from his car whistling,
He walked towards the entrance but stopped when he saw a lady crying,
He wondered what could have been wrong with her,
He walked to where Alexa was and bend at her front,
Hey,he called touching Alexa’s shoulder which made her look up,
Richmond couldn’t help but gasp inside with the sight he was seeing,
Wow, what a beauty with a curvy shapes,he thought observing Alex’s body,
How may I help you? Alexa asked sobberly which brought Richmond out from his thoughts

I heard your cries so I want to ask if you are okay,he replied

Am okay, Alexa replied nonchantly but Richmond could notice the sadness in her eyes,

Tell me what is wrong,I might be of help,he said holding her hand

Alexa looked at him deciding if she should tell him or not,

Just tell me,am ready to hear it all, Richmond said

Alexa sighed as she begin to explain everything to Richmond including the money they were asked to pay for her mother surgery,

That’s sad,but don’t worry everything will be solved, Richmond said and Alexa look at him in confusion

I will help you, Richmond said and Alexa look at him in shock

What did you say? Alexa asked again
I will help you but I have an offer to make,he said

If it is about sleeping with me, please don’t help because am not ready to give my body to anybody, Alexa replied and Richmond laughed

No not like that, Richmond answered
Then what? Alexa questioned

Be Ian Morgan wife,he replied and Alexa eyes almost popped out in shock,
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