Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Prologue

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By: Worthy stories

👠 Prologue👠

Anita Williams is a werewolf, an Alpha to be exact.

She’s the leader of Velvet Waters Pack, one of the strongest and wealthiest packs in the United States.

Anita had everything she could ever want, except one thing, her mate.Written by : Worthy stories

Unlike other werewolves when she turned eighteen she didn’t feel the pull of her mate.

Now 23 years old and still mateless, Anita has decided to just give up.

That is until Anita and her friends decided to go out for drinks and her wolf goes crazy.

She is ecstatic when she starts to feel the mate-pull, that is until her eyes land on him.

Not only is Anita’s mate human he’s also not at all like she expected.

Kelly Salvatore was never popular. He wasn’t the guy that a girl walked up to and shamelessly flirted with.

No, he was the man that always got stuck in the friend zone and never got the girl.

He was a 25-year-old antisocial virgin so, when a beautiful girl like Anita tries to talk to him he immediately shuts her out.

Anita will need to channel her patience if she wants any chance at getting Kelly to accept her.Written by : Worthy stories

Now that she’s found him, there was no way he was leaving, he was her human mate.

Once again, her name is Anita Williams and this is her life story!
What comes to mind when you read this prologue?

Already in suspense I assume?

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