Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 7

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?All About The Ending??

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This date was horrible. I had been looking forward to meeting up with Kelly and learning a little more about him.

Though I could of just ran a simple background check at the pack house, I wanted to spend time with him.

Unfortunately I’ve been here twenty minutes and the only thing I learned was Rose liked my mate and couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

She was constantly touching him and he didn’t seem to mind.

I was two minutes away from jumping over this table and ripping her throat out with my teeth but, I had to tame myself no matter how difficult.

I usually had amazing control over emotions but, the mate bond had a way of messing with a wolf’s rationality.

All your feelings are heightened when it comes to your mate.

Jealously, anger and possessiveness all rise to maximum lengths which is why it’s critical to keep your control.

That’s also the reason I won’t allow Brayden to see his mate.

He needed to calm down before he did something he’d regret.

“Anita are you okay?” Kelly asked drawing me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking about something” I said taking a sip of my water.

“It’s fine. I sometimes get lost in my head too” he commented with a shy smile.

I reciprocated one back causing his cheeks to redden a little.

“So, what is it you do?” Rose spoke.

“I come from a family of successful doctors. My mom and dad have built countless hospitals across the U.S.

I’m not much into the medical part so, I stick to the business side of things now that they’re retired” I responded smirking.

“Hmm, that’s amazing” Kelly mumured shocked.

“Thank you” I breathed.

“Yeah that’s cool.

“I am 23 years old” I said trying to control a growl that wanted to escape.

“We’re 25. Your almost 25 and haven’t been married? Your very pretty so why not?” Rose asked.

The more words that left her mouth, the more I wanted to shove my fist down her throat.

“I haven’t found the right guy I guess. Work has kept me a little busy and taking care of everyone else around me.

Now I’m at that point in life where I’d like to focus more on myself and what I want” I answered.

“No, offense but, wouldn’t you like to date guys more your age?” she questioned and that was the last straw.

Kelly may have been my mate but, I refused to entertain someone who clearly didn’t like me.

I needed to leave before my wolf showed this bitch what the meaning of respect is.

“Rose that’s enough. You don’t even know her” Kelly hissed glaring at her and as much as I wanted to smile at him for defending me, I was still pissed.

“I would say that I enjoyed this but, I’d be lying. A little advice maybe don’t bring a guest to a date.

Especially one that obviously likes you as more than a friend. Bye” I sighed standing up and leaving.

As I walked out the restaurant, I pulled my keys out my purse.

I was going to get in my car when I heard Kelly calling my name.

Ignoring him I pressed the unlock button and went to open my door, then I felt someone grab my elbow.

By the sparks that spread along my skin I could tell it was Kelly.

“Wait” he breathed as I spinned around to look at him.

“Yes?” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry about Rose. I expected this to go differently” he explained.

“Your not the only one” I whispered.

“Can I make it up to you? There’s a place I’d like to show you” he asked.
“I don’t know” I said.

“I promise we’ll be alone this time” he told me.

At that I nodded and allowed him to take my hand.

I didn’t speak as he led me away, just enjoyed his touch.

Before I new it we were walking down a path of what seemed to be a park.

It was very beautiful and reminded me of certain places of our forest at the pack house.

What do you think?” Kelly questioned as we stood on a small wooden bridge over a river.

“It’s gorgeous” I sighed flashing him a smile.

“I like up it here. It helps me calm down when everything and everyone becomes too much which, is quite often.

I never brought anyone here” he spoke staring at the water.

“So, does that mean I’m special” I laughed.

“I don’t know yet. You feel different, even though this is only my second time meeting you” he breathed clutching my hand.

“I hope it isn’t the last” I whispered.

“Definitely not” he hummed and at that I smiled because I could feel the bond becoming stronger.

We stood there for awhile talking and getting to know one another better.

This date started off rocky but, you know what the say.

It isn’t so much about the beginning but, the end and I intend for our ending to be perfect.



Rose is being a little irritating and this is only the begining.

She gets worst. Anyways what do you think of this date?


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