Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 6

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“First rule is you never change in front of a human Brayden!

Everyone knows that! We can’t allow humans to discover our existence.

It’s too great of a risk and now we have to people to worry about.

What explanation do you have for that!?!” I snapped staring at the young wolf.

“He was kissing his mate and I couldn’t control myself” he argued.

“That’s no excuse. You put this whole pack in danger!” I yelled.

This was a serious problem because the last thing we need is hunters.

Especially since rogues have been noticed near the borders.

It was my job to keep everyone safe and I wasn’t going to fail.

“You don’t understand because you don’t have a mate and may never have one!!” he yelled staring at me.

My wolf pushed forward at the sign of disrespect causing me to growl.

“Know your place. I am you Alpha and you will respect me” I hissed showing my canines.

He tried to stay bold but, eventually he dropped his head as a sign of submission.

“Sorry Alpha” he mumured.

“You will be running midnight patrols for the next month and are forbidden from leaving the pack grounds” I told him.

“But, my mate! I need to talk to her” he replied.

“Your FORBIDDEN Brayden! Maybe this will teach you a lesson not to change in front of humans.

Now leave my office!” I spat slamming my hand on my desk.

“Yes Alpha” he whispered before leaving. When the door shut I went and sat down in my chair.

Not even two minutes later someone was knocking.

“Come in” I sighed.

Hey Alpha. I just saw Brayden and he seemed pretty upset.

Are you sure you weren’t to hard on him? He is only 19 years old, young and stupid” Henry spoke coming to stand in front of my desk.

“He may be young but, he isn’t stupid and he must understand the rules.

We don’t change in front of humans” I responded.

“Yeah but, it was the mate bond. Sometimes it can cause you to think irrational. I know you don’t understand but-shit I’m sorry Alpha” he mumbled.

“It’s fine. I’ve been dealing with this for a long time” I breathed.

I wasn’t ready to let the pack know about Kelly yet.

He was human and fragile so, I didn’t know how he would handle it.

Human mates weren’t uncommon but, an Alpha with a human mate was rare.

Our mate was meant to be a partner and add to our strength which was hard for humans. Plus I didn’t how they’d react.

“Henry I’m going to need you to keep an eye on the pack.

I’m heading into town to meet someone” I breathed standing up.

“Of course Alpha” he responded nodding his head.

I grabbed my keys and headed out. I was a little excited to be meeting kelly.

He was my mate, the one person I’ve been waiting my entire life for.

The drive into town didn’t take that long. I pulled up to Chili’s and headed inside.

I recognized his scent right away and followed it to one of the booths.

I was smiling when I walked over but, then I noticed he wasn’t alone.

Beside him was some brunette girl and she had her arm wrapped around my mates shoulder.

“Hi” I breathed as I took a seat across from them.

“Hey. Anita this is my friend Rose. I’m sorry but, she didn’t want to be home alone.

I hope it’s okay” he mumured.

“It’s fine. You guys live together?” I asked.

“No. She’s just at my place more than hers for some reason” he chuckled.

“Because your my bestfriend and I love spending time with you” she spoke laying her head on his shoulder.

I notice her smirk my way when she does. This let me know she was anything but, a friend.

I smirked back because she wanted to play games but, she had no idea who I was and an Alpha never backs down.


what do you think of Rose showing up on Kelly and Anita’s lunch date?

What you thinks going on? Next Rose and Anita go head to head. Can’t wait.



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