Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 5

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“Okay what is your problem? You’ve been silent this whole time and I already apologized for what happened at the bar.

Ben dropped by and we reconnected” Rose said smirking as I continued getting dressed.

“Although that was pretty messed up for you to ditch me for your ex, I forgive you but, that isn’t the problem” I muttered pulling a button up shirt out my closet.

“Then what’s the problem?” she asked.

“Well I met a girl at the bar Friday, or actually she was more of a woman.

Her name was Anita” I replied as I fastened the buttons.

“Well did you and Anita have sex?” she questioned sitting up on my bed.

“No we didn’t have sex but, our meeting was kind of unusual.

I never encountered someone like her. She was very bold, and confident” I explained.

“Well the girls you usually deal with are sluts” Rose spoke.

“No, there not. They are very nice girls. It’s just Anita seemed different.

She gave me her number and told me to call her” I muttered.

“Knowing you, you probably haven’t yet” she chuckled.

“I’m not ready to have a relationship and something seems weird about her” I said defending myself.

You can’t hold onto your v-card forever Kelly. It may do you some good to talk to this woman, she may bring you out of that tight shell of yours.

Pry that shit open with a crowbar because lord knows I’ve been trying” she groaned.

“On that note it’s time for me to leave” I mumbled grabbing my jacket and keys.

“You can’t always hide from the world” Rose sighed.

“I don’t hide from the world. I just prefer to keep to myself.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go to my parents house” I responded.

“Your mom still playing matchmaker? If I was her I would of been gave up on the job.

All the girls she sets you up with are spoiled bitches” she laughed.

“Not all of them and what’s with all the animosity.

You the one that said I needed to start dating” I said walking to my door with her behind me.

“Yeah but, not people like them. You need someone who’s kind of your opposite.

Then you’ll balance each other out” she murmured staring at me with this weird look.

“Okay, well I have to go. Lock up after you leave” I told her before walking out.

I took a taxi to my parents house and the whole drive I thought about Anita.

I don’t know why she was in my thoughts a lot lately.

The memory of the sparks on my skin when we touched and dominative energy that surrounded her was something I couldn’t rid my mind of.

When the driver pulled up in front of my family home, I paid him and got out.

Glancing in the driveway I noticed that everyone was here.

“Kelly we have been waiting for you” my mom said when I walked through the door.

“Sorry. It was kind of hard to get a cab” I breathed.

“It’s fine. Come on I want you to meet someone” she said leading me to the living room.

When we entered, I saw my brother sitting on the couch but, Elena wasn’t glued to his side like usual which was weird.

They were always with each other like siamese twins.

“Hey brother. It’s good to see you” Stefan hummed standing up and giving me a hug.

“Where’s Elena?” I questioned curious.

“She’s laying down upstairs. The drive tired her out” he explained.

“Alright, kelly this is Susan and this is my son Kelly.

He’s very single” my mom spoke as I blushed. She walked away, leaving me to fend for myself.

“Hi” the pretty girl said.

She looked like the girl next door type which. My mom always tried setting me up with these nice church girl types but, it never worked out.

They always seemed happier with me as a friend and I’m sure this wouldn’t be any different.

“Hi. Please excuse my mom she has a tendency to be very embarrassing” I groaned.

“It’s okay. My mom is kind of the same way. Once she tried to put an ad in the newspaper to find me a prom date. I nearly died” Susan chuckled.

“Yeah well I keep telling her that I’m 23 and have plenty of time to date but, between her I and my best friend, the argument is kind of redundant” I sighed.

“Maybe tonight will go well enough that they stop messing with you for a while” she mumbled giving me a shy smile.

“Maybe” I breathed.

Susan and I talked up until my mother called everyone for dinner.

It was kind of fun being around my family again.

They were the only people I didn’t want to be invisible to.

Elena had joined us after her nap and she seemed to click well with Susan.

I was watching them laugh about something when I felt my phone vibrate.

When I pulled up I saw it was a text from Anita.

Anita?: Would you join me for lunch tomorrow?

Me: What happened to waiting for me to contact you?

Anita?: You were taking to long ?

Me: I was just thinking it over

Anita?: And?

I glanced up toward where Susan was talking with my mom.

She seemed different from the others but, so was Anita.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t get her out my head or why her touch made me feel the way it did.

I wanted to know why, no matter how much I’d be stepping out of my comfort zone to do it.

Me: Lunch tomorrow at Chilli’s. Would you join me?

Anita?: Of course. Have a good night Kelly ?

Me: You too



Anyways next up is a lunch date that may take an unusual turn.

What do you think is going to happen? ??


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