Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 3

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Invisible. It was something I always wanted to be.

When you’re invisible no one could notice your flaws or the many mistakes you made.

You couldn’t ever be judged for your actions. For my 8th birthday I asked for it as a superpower,

unfortunately I received toy cars instead. I even asked Santa but,

I guess he didn’t get the memo because I ended up with a bike.

It wasn’t until I got into high school that my wish was granted.

In a building full of nearly 2,000 kids it was easy to drift in the background and for that I was happy.

People never noticed me and I didn’t do anything to get attention. I considered that a

My parents always wondered if something was wrong with me since I didn’t like to be touched and I never really had any friends except one.

They tried many times with therapy to get me to open up but, I refused.

There was nothing wrong with me I just preferred solitude over most things.

“Kelly are you even listening to me!?!” Rose groaned slamming her coffee on the table.

Out of the 25 years I’ve spent on this earth I’ve only managed to have one friend and that was Rose.

We met my freshman year in college. She basically forced her company on me and somehow I ended up enjoying it.

The only thing was when I was with her there was no fading into the crowd.

Rose demanded all attention and let it be known, sometimes loudly.

“Not really” I mumbled as I continued to type on my computer.

“Kelly we just graduated college and the first thing you do is get a job.

Don’t you want to have some fun?”she asked.

“Fun isn’t me and you know that. Besides I consider myself lucky that my dad offered me a job at his company. It helps me gain experience” I sighed.

“I don’t understand you. You’d think you would want to go crazy before being locked down as an accountant for the rest of your natural born life” she muttered.

“There’s is nothing wrong with being an accountant” I argued.

“Yeah right, I fall asleep just hearing the word” she laughed.

“Whatever. I don’t talk about how you want to be surrounded by smelly animals all day, Mrs.Veterinarian” I grumbled.

“Okay fine, can you at least come out with me tonight for drinks?”Rose questioned sipping her coffee.

“I don’t know” I whispered closing my laptop.

“Please. Pretty please with strawberries on top” she begged.

“Alright, but you can’t ask me for the next two weeks” I said.

“Yesss!! We’re going to have fun and maybe I’ll get you drunk or even better laid!!!” she cheered but,

I blushed and shrunk a little in my seat as people stared at us.

A couple minutes later Rose and I left the coffee shop.

I headed back to my apartment while she went to see her parents.

When I reached home I went in walking straight to my bedroom.

Changing out of my jeans and t-shirt, I pulled on some basketball shorts and a tank top along with my Nike’s.

Going to my kitchen I picked up my water bottle and headphones.

As I was about to leave my apartment my phone rang, it was my mom.

“Hello” I answered locking my door.

“Hi honey I was calling to see if you were going to join us this week for Sunday dinner.

Stefan’s coming and Susan’s going to be there” she said.

My mom was an amazing woman considering she had me for a son but, she was constantly trying to set me up with her friends daughters.

No matter how many times I told her that I wasn’t focused on dating.

I’ve had a couple girlfriends sure but, it never lasted.

They’d all get bored and give me the signature line, ‘I think we should just stay friends’.

The friend zone was were I occasionally vacationed until I decided to give up on relationships for a while.

I was young so, I didn’t see the need to rush but, to my mom I needed a nice woman.

Unlike me, my brother Stefan was a freshman in college and had been dating the same girl for three years.

Hell they were practically married already.

“Mom I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it. I have a lot of work to finish up for the company” I sighed.

“Well, your father can wait. I haven’t seen my oldest son in forever.

Your mother misses you” she spoke. Damn, she really liked to lay the guilt on thick.

“Okay, I’ll be there” I exhaled.

“Great. Your going to love Susan. She’s a really beautiful and a polite woman” my mom hummed happily.

“I’m sure. Mom I’ll see you Sunday, I’m about to go running” I said.

“Alright call you later and don’t forget” she murmured.

We said our goodbyes before hanging up. That was the second time today I’ve been conjured into getting involved.

I was going to have to spend a day locked in my room for all this activity.

Hopefully tonight with Rose was quiet, most likely not but I’ll pray because I don’t need anything else happening to me right now.

I wanted to stay as always, invisible.


This chapter was to give you some insight on Kelly’s personality in this story.

What do you guys think? Is it too different?

Next Anita and Kelly Will meet..


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