Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 19

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“Well isn’t this a nice surprise” she spoke leaning back to look at me.

“I’d say.You’re a hunter?” I asked.

“Does Kelly know what you are? That he’s dating a filthy, unnatural creature” Rose snickered watching me with a face of disgust.

“That isn’t any of your business. I’m the one asking the questions.

Your job is to answer them or else you’ll suffer the consequences” I growled as my eyes flashed yellow.

“Careful. You’ll get nothing from me if I’m harmed.

Besides how will you explain to Kelly that you’ve locked up his bestfriend.

He won’t be to happy about that” she spoke.
“What makes you think he’ll actually care especially, after the shit you’ve pulled.

Honestly, it was pretty pathetic watching you throw yourself at a man that doesn’t want you.

I mean talk about being friend zoned” I chuckled trying to rile her up.

I was hoping she was one of those people that would slip up when angry.

“Shut the hell up! You know nothing about Kelly. You’ve been in his life for what,…five minutes.

I bet he hasn’t told you anything about his past and what he’s gone through.

You think you’ve won because your his mate but,

you don’t even know who your lying down next to at night.

Unlike you Anita, Kelly trusts me enough to tell me things, really important things” Rose said stunning me into silence.

Anita’s POV?

I kept my face cold though as not to show how much her words affected me because they did.

I know that Kelly and I haven’t been together that long but,

the fact that this bitch knew details about him that I didn’t, wasn’t sitting well with me at all.

“Well this was a nice chat but, it seems like your not going to give me what I need.

So you can rot in this cell til I figure out a way to deal with you.

Have fun Rose” I hummed before turning around and walking out the dungeon.

I could hear Henry following behind me as I walked across the grass.

For a moment I just stopped and looked into space as her words ran through my head on a loop.

“Anita, don’t let that hunter get to you” Henry mumbled.

“That’s kind of hard to do when she’s right. I don’t know my mate” I sighed.

“Maybe so, but you can get to know him” he breathed.

“Okay and what if what he tells me changes everything.

We’ve come so far and I’m scared that it’s going to get destroyed…again.

I wish Luna would of warned me when I was praying every night for my mate that it was going to be this difficult” I groaned running a hand through my hair.

“Alpha just take a deep breath. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

You just have to believe that. I know it may all seem bleak at the moment but, it’ll get better” Henry hummed.

“Thank you. I really needed to hear that” I mumbled giving him a hug.

This was why he was my Beta. No matter how a mess I seemed he was always there to help me clean myself up and see the bright side of things.

When Luna chose him for Caroline’s mate I was over thrilled.

They were the perfect mates.
I hoped that Kelly and I were a perfect match but, I don’t know.

It seemed like every step forward we took just sent us 10 backwards.

I was an Alpha, the leader of my pack. I wasn’t use to all this doubt in my head.

It was taking a toll on my body and mind and I couldn’t allow that.

I had to be at my best 24/7 because my people depended on me. I couldn’t let them down.

For the best interest of them and myself I needed to get this whole mate situation under control.

No matter what the consequences.
“Make sure there are guards posted by her cell. Her family will eventually notice she’s gone” I told Henry.

“Yes Alpha. Though what are you going to do about your mate knowing the hunter. Will you tell him?” he questioned.

“Yes. I don’t want a relationship built on lies. Kelly needs to know and hopefully he can understand” I hummed.

“Hopefully. Like I said, these things tend to have a way of working themselves out.

Have a little faith” he mumbled before leaving with a nod of respect.

“Please Luna, I need your guidance” I whispered.

I knew that when I told Kelly about Rose he wasn’t going to take it easily so, I needed all the help I could get.



How will Kelly react to the whole Rose situation?

Next he stands up to his mom.

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