Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 15-16

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?Don’t Let Me Go, Let Me In??

??: Worthy stories

???????: 15?

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I’m a werewolf.

I come from a long bloodline of werewolves.

Those two lines ran on repeat in my head like a record.

The more I thought about them, the crazier I sounded.

For some reason what Anita had told me yesterday was still registering in my mind.

If I hadn’t saw what she did to her hand, I was going to think she was high on weed or even crack.

Werewolves. I mean seriously they were something you read about in a trashy romance novel or in fairytales.

They weren’t supposed to exist in real life but, apparently they did.

This was reality and in reality my girlfriend and her whole family were fairytale creatures.

Getting up out the bed I walked over to the window.

I could see people walking around. Some even entering the woods that seemed to be all over the place.

They all looked normal, just like regular people.

“You shouldn’t be standing” someone said from behind me.

I turned around and saw a blonde woman. She had her arms crossed and by look on her face she didn’t seem to be a fan of mine.

When can I leave this place?” I asked.+

“I’m not a doctor but, I assume when our Alpha says you can. We need to make sure your not going to spill our secret to any of you human friends” she scoffed.

“Alpha?” I questioned.

“Yes. The leader of our pack. Anita told you what we were already” she said rolling her eyes.

“Yes. You all werewolves. She’s a werewolf” I mumbled.

“Correct. Though there are some humans around that ended up being mated to one of us” she breathed.

“What do you mean mated?” I asked.

“You want to know more, you should of asked Anita instead of rejecting her.

Your lucky because if you weren’t important to her, I would end you.

She’s my bestfriend and you hurt her” the woman growled and it sounded like an actual animal noise.

“I’m sorry but, it was all shocking. I don’t know what to think” I breathed.

“Well luckily I came down here to take you to my Alpha.

You’ll have to see them before your realeased. So get dressed and come on.

By the way, my name is Caroline” Caroline muttered.

She left out the room and allowed me to get dressed.

I had to be mindful of the stitches across my chest.

Afterwards I was led out of the hospital and across a field towards a large log mansion.

It was one of the biggest houses I’ve ever seen.

A couple people stared as we came pass, some even whispered.

“Don’t pay them any mind. They all just want to know who you are” she sighed bringing me inside.

There were more people in there than outside and they all seemed really busy.

We went up two flights of stairs until I was lead to two giant oak doors.

Caroline knocked before entering and we were greeted with a man and Anita.

“Alpha I brought him” Caroline spoke.

“Thanks Care. You may go” the mam said and she nodded before leaving.

So, are you the Alpha?” I asked looking at him. He gave off a really dominant vibe that made me want to back into a corner.

“I used to be. I stepped down and my beautiful princess stepped up.

Now she is the leader of the pack and a great one” he answered looking at Anita with a proud look on his face.

“Dad could you give us a minute” Anita murmured.

“Okay” he said kissing her forehead and then walking out. It was now just the two of us.

“I know you want to get as far as you can from here so, I’m going to need you to fill this out” she told me going over to her desk.

I watched as she pick up a piece of paper. I looked down and saw it was a NDA.

“You want me to sign this” I sighed.

“Yes and then you can leave and stay away. We won’t have to see each other ever again.

I just need to make sure you won’t tell anyone and put my pack in danger” she said.

The way she was talking to me was nothing like how she did before.

Her voice was cold and empty of any feelings. Way different compared to the warmth I was used to.

“Anita I’m sorry” I whispered placing the paper down. I could tell yesterday I had hurt her.

“It’s fine. Just sign it and leave” she hummed looking down.

“First what’s a mate? Your friend said there were other humans here and it was because their mates were like you” I explained.

“After yesterday, it doesn’t matter” Anita spoke.

“Am I your mate?” I asked.

“Please just sign the paper” she groaned in what seemed like pain.

Grabbing the pen I put my signature on the dotted line.

When I looked up and saw her crying I quickly dropped it and walk over to wrap her in my arms.

“Don’t, you’ll just make it worst” she gasped pushing me away.

“Sorry” I murmured stepping back.

“We need to sever this bond. Reject me as your mate” she sniffled wiping her face.

“What?” I questioned.

“Reject me” she repeated.

“No” I replied.

“Yes. It’s the only way you’ll be able to truly move on” she explained.

“If a mate is what I think it is. I’m not doing it. I have a feeling this is going to be painful and I don’t want to hurt you” I sighed walking toward her and placing my hand softly on her cheek.

“This is hurting me. You may think you know what a mate is but, you don’t.

You don’t know anything about my world” she snapped turning away from me.

“Then let me figure it out. Explain it to me. I don’t want to do something without knowing everything first.

Let me into your world” I told her meaning every word I said.

There was no way I could leave and just forget everything, forget her. I didn’t want to.



Anyways ????? is a little confused about everything going on but, he didnt freak out so, yay.

Should ????? bring ????? into her world even though it may put him in danger?

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??: Worthy stories

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“Then let me figure it out. Explain it to me.

I don’t want to do something without knowing everything first.

Let me into your world” he said.

“No. You need to leave” I sighed walking over to the window behind my desk.

I stared out at some of my pack members as I rubbed my chest trying to ease the pain.

“Bon I’m not leaving until you talk to me ” he said determined,

“I wanted to talk yesterday but, you didn’t seem happy with the idea” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry but, it was all surprising. I didn’t understand what was happening” Kelly told me.

“And you think now you’ll understand. You’re, a human.

My world is totally different from yours so, you couldn’t possibly understand,


The sad part is that before yesterday I had hoped you would.

Then I thought about it and things could never work out” I sighed.

“Anita just give me a second chance, please” he breathed coming over and touching my arms.

The familiar sparks danced across my skin from his touch but, instead of pleasure I felt pain.

The pain of what I couldn’t have, even though I want it so bad.

Looking into his eyes I saw that he was being sincere so, I sighed and went over to the leather couch I had in my office.

Sitting down, I waited for him to join me.

“When a werewolf is small they are taught about mates.

They’re our soulmates, the other halves of ourselves.

The one person in the world your destined to be with.

It isn’t until your 18th birthday that the mate bond is set into place.

Most wolves find there mate pretty quickly and some never find them” I spoke.

“And I’m your mate?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered.

“How do you know?”he questioned.

“When the bond is activated it’s like an attack on our senses.

Your smell becomes familiar, and when we touch it’s almost electric” I murmured.

“Like this” Anita said grabbing my hand.
“Yeah” I breathed feeling goosebumps cover my arm.

Pulling away, I tucked my hands underneath my legs.

“Anyway, when I turned 18 I didn’t feel the bond. I even traveled around to other packs searching for my mate.

Over the years I started losing hope. It wasn’t until we met in the bar that I found you and I realized you were human” I explained.

“Is me being human a bad thing?” Kelly whispered looking down.

Some of his hair fell into his face causing him to look younger.

“For regular wolves no but, for an Alpha it’s a problem.

Which is why we have to sever the bond” I told him.

“What will happen when the bond is broken?” he questioned.

“You’ll be fine and eventually all feelings for me will start to fade.

Everything would return to normal” I hummed looking to the side.

“There’s something your not saying. Is breaking the bond going to hurt you Anita? Tell me” he insisted.

“Once the bond is severed and you reject me as your mate, my wolf will slowly start to fade as well until it’s gone completely.

Without my wolf I’ll fall into depression until I die from a broken heart” I mumbled keeping my eyes anywhere but, on him.

“What the hell?!? I’m not doing it!” he exclaimed standing up.

“You have no choice” I snapped.

“How can you even ask this of me? To willing be the cause of your death Anita” Kelly said.

Cause I would rather it be me than you Kelly!!” I yelled getting up.

“Huh?” he murmured confused.

“I’m an Alpha Kelly. A leader of one of the largest packs in the U.S.

You don’t think that makes me a target or gives me enemies?

There are plenty of people who’d do anything to see us fall.

Once they figure out that I’ve not only found my mate but, that your human they’ll be coming for you.

They’ll try to hurt you just to get to me and I can’t allow that to happen.

I won’t let them, even if that means I have to die” I told him.

“Your not going to die for me Anita. You can’t” he breathed placing his hands on my face.

I allowed him too because it felt nice and his touch calmed me.

“Why?” I asked looking up at him.

“Because I love you and breaking this bond isn’t going to stop that.

I couldn’t walk away if I wanted to and I don’t. You said it yourself, my place is right here by your side.

They can come for me if they want but, I’m not leaving” he said determined.

The look in his eyes showed me that there was no point in arguing with him because his mind was made up.

Even though I wanted to protect him, the fact that he loved me and he wanted to stay wasn’t something I could ignore.

I didn’t want to.

“I love you too” I breathed wrapping my arms around him and burying my face in his chest.


?Anita explained everything to Kelly and he accepted.

??Though next chapter more trouble is coming. Be prepared. What you think?


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