Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate Episode 10

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?Time To Make My Move??

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“Let me get this straight, there is a bounty out on my head?” I asked looking from my father to Henry.

“Yes. The hunters want to wipe out our pack and they’re using rogues to try and do it.

Plus other werewolves are trying to take over this land and that means putting you down” my dad said.

“This is crazy. I have people trying to murder me from all sides” I groaned.

“We need to keep you safe and that means you can’t leave the pack grounds. We have to crank up security too” Henry spoke.

“I can’t stay here” I told them.

“Anita this is no joke. Twice they’ve tried to kill you in one day.

Who’s to say next time they actually succeed? Then what?” my dad argued.

“I can’t stay here because my mate is out there.

He lives in town and how am I supposed to build up our mate bond when I’m on lockdown” I explained.

“Your mate, is he human?” Henry asked.

“Yes and we have a date tonight which I cannot cancel on.

There’s already someone who likes him and that can’t happen.

I understand that I must stay safe but, you guys know how long I’ve been waiting and I can’t just give up. Not when I already found him” I sighed.

“We know princess. Go on your date but, I’m sending a couple warriors along so they can keep an eye on you” my father hummed before giving me a hug.

“Just like when I was sixteen” I laughed.

“This is different. You need to understand your not only putting yourself in harms way but, also your mate.

Don’t think they won’t hesitate to use him as bait to get to you.

He’s human, it won’t be that hard for them to break him.

The sooner you build the bond and bring him into our world, the safer he’ll be” my dad explained.

“I know but, I can’t tell him now” I muttered.

“Pretty soon you may not have a choice. They seem persistent on the fact they want you dead.

Which is why your mother and I are moving back to the pack house. We need to keep a better eye on you” he sighed.

“You don’t have to do that. I can handle this” I protested but, he wasn’t having it.

“It’s done Anita. Best thing about a pack is they’re there when your in need.

Just because your an alpha doesn’t mean you have to deal with everything on your own.

Now I have to go help your mother. Love you princess” he spoke before leaving with Henry behind him.

When the door shut I pulled the blankets off me and threw my legs to the side of the bed.

Dropping my feet onto the cold tiles I walked over to the pile of clothes on one the chairs.

After I got dressed, I left the pack hospital and headed to the house.

I was still healing due to the wolfs bane but, the cuts have been replaced with a ugly bruise.

As I going through the grounds many of the pack members waved and welcomed me back.

It was nice to know they cared so much about me.

It reminded me of when my father was in charge.

Not only was he strong, but kind. He ruled with a firm hand but, his people respected and loved him for it. That’s how I wanted to be.

When I entered the house I walked straight into my office.

I was behind in paperwork due to my recover and the fact my parents were tyrants.

They banned me from doing anything. I know it’s a little absurd since I’m a grown woman but,

you never argue with a black mom, especially one that is a werewolf.

Quickly I started going over the the money reports and the requests for transfers.

I wanted to make it through at least half before my date.

Kelly had something planned which was kinda surprising because he didn’t give off as the take charge type.

I was signing off on a lease for a new building when my cell started to ring.

“Hey I was just thinking about you” I hummed after I noticed it was Kelly.

“Oh, I didn’t know I made that much of an impression on you” a girls voice replied.

It took me a while to place it but, then I remembered.

“Rose. Why are you calling me on Kelly’s phone?” I asked setting down my pen.

“Well Kelly wanted me to call and let you know he won’t be able to make that date tonight. He actually has a family dinner to go to.

His mother set him up with this girl a week ago and they seemed to hit it off” she hummed.

“Is that right?” I questioned.

“Yep. Though it won’t last. There is something you and this her have in common though, you’ll never mean as much to him as I do.

My advice is to get out now before you become heartbroken.

Find someone your own age because he’s mine.

It was was nice talking to you Anita. Bye” she spoke before hanging up.

Smirking I place my phone back on my desk. When I glanced down I noticed my nails were embedded into my desk so, I slowly pulled them out.

“Game on bitch” I mumbled before grabbing my pen and continuing my work.

There was no way I was going to be played by a human.

She made her move and now it was time for mine.


I know I’m really late with the updates.

Yeah so, blame them. Anyway I know you were all looking forward to a date but, I didn’t have and idea for one so, I decided to twist it up.

What do you think of Rose calling Anita? What should Anita do?


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