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(πŸ–€ Behind The Mask πŸ–€…..The return of Michelle πŸ’˜)

✍️ Mha Rhy ✍️


πŸ’„Synopsis πŸ’„

He kept on looking at the girl playing around with her friends as he sat quietly on the bench at the children’s playground,

“I wish I have friends to play with just like her” He thought sadly as he continue staring at her,

The girl eyes caught him staring at her and she wondered why he was staring at her,

She left her friends and ran to where the boy was sitting

The boy face down immediately he saw her coming

Hi” she said sitting down close to him

He shifted away from her with his head still down and she laughed

Are you shy or probably scared of me? She asked with a cute voice

No am not,he replied with his head down

Then why is your head down? She asked pouting

Nothing,he replied

Then raise your head if you want me to be your friend, she said and he quickly raise his head

Really? You will be my friend? He asked with smile all over his face

Yes I will, are you happy to be my friend? She replied

I am it’s my first time having a friend, dad never allow me to play with anyone talkless of having friends,He replied

That’s bad, but don’t worry I will be your friend,so what’s your name? She asked smiling

Manuel,he replied

Manuel, you have a beautiful name, she said

Thanks,where do you live? He asked

My house is down there besides the Catholic Church but we are leaving the country tommorow, she replied

Ok, he said sadly

so what’s your name? The boy asked

Mi…… Before She could replied someone called her from behind

JoJo, someone called behind her and they both look back

Grandma, she said as she saw who it was

Have been looking for you for a while, The elderly woman said looking at her

Am sorry for troubling you Grandma,I was just talking to my new friend, she replied

New friend? Who? Her grandma asked

This is Manuel,my new friend, She introduce him to her grandma and grandma eyes widened in shock and suprise,

It’s him, grandma thought aloud as she continue looking at him,

Nice to meet you Grandma,am Manuel JoJo friend,He said bowing respectfully

Hmmm, grandma hummed in response showing her indifference to Manuel which JoJo and Manuel noticed

JoJo let’s go home it’s late already, She said and JoJo nodded

Ok, JoJo replied and grandma dragged her

Manuel watch grandma taking JoJo away and he felt sad

Grandma wait, JoJo said and jerked her hand away from her grandma and ran to where Manuel is

Grandma was suprise as JoJo ran to where Manuel is

Hey Manuel, JoJo called and Manuel stand up immediately he heard her voice

Are you not leaving again? He asked

I am but I want to give you something to seal our friendship, She replied and remove one of the hairpins on her hair

Here,This is my promise of friendship to you, she said handing the hairpin to him which he collected looking at it

Bye, She said

Wait, Manuel said stopping her

Here is my own promise of friendship to you when we meet again,he said giving her the wristwatch on his hand and JoJo collected it with smile

I hope we meet again and when we meet let’s visit this place together, she said

We will, He replied

Bye, she said waving and turn back leaving for where grandma is waiting

Let’s go grandma, she said and grandma nodded as they both left the playground with Manuel watching them from behind..

Bye,He replied silently as they finally left

I Will Miss You JoJo…

T. B. C

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