Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 7-8


(🖤 The Return Of Michelle 💘)

✍️ Mha Rhy ✍️

❣️❣️❣️ CHAPTER SEVEN ❣️❣️❣️

Can someone tell me what is going on? Ma’am Sara shouted

They all freeze in shock due to the tone she used

My bad grandma, forgive me for being rude,am Manuel JoJo boyfriend, Manuel said laughing nervously

JoJo boyfriend?! Ma’am Sara said in shock

Yes grandma, Manuel replied

Is this handsome young guy telling the truth? Ma’am Sara asked looking at JoJo

No don’t answer him grandma,he is just my friend, JoJo replied laughing fakely

Darling are you denying me in front of your grandma, you just broke my heart, Manuel said and sighed sadly

JoJo why are you denying him? To me I can see that you love each other, Ma’am Sara said
. .
Yes we do love each other in fact we are still in love with each other grandma, she was my childhood friend before I moved here and now we met again, Manuel replied not giving Michelle chance to talk

Do you all know that we are late already, Zoey said behind them

Really? Kyle said checking his wristwatch

What!! It almost lesson hour, Kyle said and everyone eyes widened

We will take our leave now grandma but we promise to come back in the afternoon for the proper introduction, Manuel said and kissed Ma’am Sara cheek

Ok son,I will be expecting you, drive safely, grandma said
Yes we will, Manuel said dragging Michelle outside with others following behind going to where they parked their cars..

Michelle drove with Manuel, Phoebe with Kyle and Zoey with Henry…

💎💎💎💎AT SCHOOL 💎💎💎💎

They all came out from the car,the school was quiet which means the lesson had started

We are late already, and it’s all because of you three, Phoebe said glaring at the Vikers

What did we do? We just want to know our girlfriends grandma, Kyle replied teasing her

Fool, she said

Let’s just go, Michelle said and was about to move when someone grab Michelle’s hair

Ouch!! Michelle screamed in pain

You bîtch!! How dare you kiss my Manuel!!! Sasha shouted dragging her hair

Sasha are you crazy? Manuel said pushing her away from Michelle

How dare you slut? Sasha said and slap Michelle on her face, everyone gasped in shock

How dare you raise your hand on her? Manuel shouted and raise his hand to slap her but Michelle holds his hand to stop him,

Everyone watched Manuel in shock seeing how he wants to slap Sasha

Manuel you want to slap me because of this thing? Sasha asked unbelievably

Don’t you dare call her a thing, she is my girlfriend and the only girl I love, Manuel shouted and everyone looked at him in shock..

T. B. C




(🖤 The Return Of Michelle 💘)

. ✍️Mha Rhy ✍️


Everyone watched Manuel in total shock as he confessed his feelings for Michelle,

Kyle, Phoebe, Henry and Zoey mouth were hanged up looking at Michelle and Manuel

Michelle blinked her eyes repeatedly trying to assimilate the words she heard,

. “He loves me?” Michelle thought looking at Manuel

“I don’t think so am sure he said that because Sasha has provoke him to exceeded limit,yes that must be it, Michelle said assuring herself in thought..

Sasha look at Manuel in shock but immediately burst into laughter,

Hahahaha, you? Love her? I am much better than her,I am more beautiful and popular than she is, Sasha said and everyone snorted

“She is nothing compared to Michelle” a student commented silently but Sasha heard it

It is better you stop deceiving yourself, you are nothing compare to my sweetheart, Manuel said and pecked Michelle’s lip

Awwwn” Everyone gushed staring at them while Michelle blushed covering her face with her hair

Sasha balled her fist in anger hearing what Manuel said, right now she has more hatred for Michelle

It is better you accept the fact that I love her and look for someone else to love,got that! Manuel said and turn his back to leave

Sasha ran to where he was and drag him back turning him to face her,

I will show you how better I am than this witch, Sasha said and claimed his lips,

Bloody hell!!! The students screamed out

WTF!!! The Vikers, Michelle and her friends shouted angrily

Manuel eyes grew wide in shock has he felt her lips on her

Anger filled him and he pushed Sasha away from his body,

How dare you?? He thundered and slap her hard on her face and everyone gasped in shock including Michelle who was looking at him as he breathe heavily in anger

Manuel? You slap me? She asked in tears but Manuel ignored her and he left for the class

Manuel! Manuel! Manuel!! She called screaming loudly seeing that Manuel ignored she sat on the ground crying her eyes out

” Serve her right”

“She is so shameless kissing another person boyfriend”

“She is not even beautiful”

“I hope she gets suspended from school”

The students commented before going to their different class looking at Sasha disgustingly

The Vikers shake their heads before leaving as well

You should be grateful that I am in good mood or else I would have made you spell Crazy backward, stupid red witch, Phoebe said and snorted before leaving

Am also in good mood if not I will make you know what is meant dancing nakedly in the street, shameless girl, Zoey said leaving for class leaving only Michelle

Michelle moved closer to where she was and throw a face towel to her

You know I planned on making you regret ever slapping me but my boyfriend has done everything already, Michelle said mockingly

But if you ever try to raise that your boneless chicken hand to slap me again I promise you will know the difference between light and darkness,read my lips, she said and turn to leave

Yeah less I forget, Michelle said looking back

Stop forcing yourself on my boyfriend you are not his type, and please he is mine already and if you are not happy about it you can go to hell!! Michelle snapped and left..

Sasha tears could not stop as she remembered how Manuel slapped her,

It’s all because of you Michelle….. Mark my words you will regret this… Sasha said loudly and left there..

T. B. C

Manuel slapped Sasha 🤭🤭🤭

Our little JoJo has finally accepted Manuel as her boyfriend 😃😃



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