Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 6


(? The Return Of Michelle ?)

Written by ❣️;✍️Mha Rhy ✍️☑️


????ITALY ????

We are in trouble, Ellen said and sat on the ground,

Why did he have to come to work now? Can’t believe I would be fired today, Sally lamented

I can’t believe that my wide mouth will destroy my plans for coming here” Ellen mumbled to her hearing,

Let’s go,he must be waiting, Ellen said standing up and Sally nodded coming out of her cubicle

They were about to leave for his office when Ellen phone ring out,

Ellen brought out the phone from her bag,her heart skipped a beat when she saw the name of the person calling

“Why is he calling me” Ellen thought holding her phone tightly

Is everything ok? Sally asked noticing how tensed Ellen is

Hmmm?? Ellen asked not catching the question

I ask if you are okay? You look tensed, Sally asked

Yes am okay, let’s go the boss must waiting, Ellen said

Ok, Sally replied and they left for his office..

???? INSIDE THE OFFICE ?????????????????

Sally and Ellen shake nervously as they watch the boss who kept on looking at them with cold eyes,

Why is he staring at us like this” Ellen wondered

Miss Sally I hope you know the penalty of gossiping during the working hours? Their boss asked and she nodded

So you are relieved from your work for today and it will be deducted from your salary,he said and Sally in relieve

At Least she wasn’t fired” Sally thought smiling inside

Ok sir, she replied

You can leave,he ordered and Sally bowed before leaving…

Ellen played with her fingers knowing she is the only left with the handsome devil,

So Miss Ellen,he said standing up from his sit moving close to where Ellen standing,

Did you the know the penalty of calling your boss an ugly Arrogant man, He asked and Ellen shake her head,

I suppose to relieve you from your job but I have another punishment for you,he said and grabbed her waist before slamming his lips on her,

Ellen gasped in suprise because of the sudden move

He kissed her hungrily while Ellen was returning it in the same pace

He thrust his tongue into her mouth deeply and she moaned out

Kingsley,she moaned out as he bit her lower lips

They kissed for a very long time before they finally break the kiss

He rested his head on hers and pecked her lips before withdrawing,

Is that my punishment? Ellen asked smiling

Don’t you like the punishment my darling girlfriend?, Kingsley asked holding her waist

Of course I love it but remember we are at work, Ellen replied smiling

Did you remember that you are at work when you called your handsome boyfriend an ugly Arrogant boss, Kingsley replied pecking her lips

Of course am saying the truth,my boss is an arrogant man not only that he is ugly as well, Ellen said

But you love him the way he is, Kingsley replied

Yes I love him a lot that I can die for him, Ellen replied emotionally

None of us is dying, don’t say bad words again, Kingsley replied hugging her

I love you, Ellen said on his shoulder

Love you too darling, Kingsley replied hugging him tightly

“I hope you won’t leave me after finding out my real identity” I can’t bear losing you and I can’t leave without you” Ellen thought hugging him more tightly…

???? Villarreal High School ????????????????

Someone should hold me cos am about to faint, Kyle said and fell on Phoebe’s body closing his eyes faking

You fool, Phoebe screamed out attracting the students attention as she noticed where Kyle’s head is,his head was on her b**bs,

She grabbed his hair tightly and imediately Kyle’s eye snapped open

Ahhhhhh!! Ouch!!! Kyle screamed in pain trying to free his hair from Phoebe’s hold

Everyone laughed at their silliness, recording them as well

“It seems that Phoebe and Kyle are performing theirs too”

“I can’t wait to see SSG girls reaction after seeing this video especially Sonia who is crushing on Kyle”

Crazy phoeb’s leave my hair, Kyle shouted and everyone laughed

You called me Crazy and I will show you what Craziness means, Phoebe said and in a blink of eyes she kicked Kyle’s d**k hard

Ouch!! The students said in shock while Kyle mouth couldn’t make a sound but kept on widening his mouth

Ahhhhhh!! He screamed as the sound came out and he burst into tears before running out of the class holding his d**k in pains,

Everyone laughed seeing how he was crying,

Michelle laughed out and Manuel look at her face admiring her beauty, Michelle eyes caught him looking at her and she composed herself

Why are you staring? Michelle asked facing down unable to look at him because of the lip side kiss..

You are beautiful, Manuel blurted out and Michelle could see her cheek getting red

Thanks, she replied shyly

Come,I will drive you home, Manuel said holding her hands

What about Phoebe and Zoey? Michelle asked looking at them

Don’t worry, they are coming with us, Manuel replied

Ok let me call Grandma not to send a car to pick us again, Michelle said and Manuel nodded

Ok you inform grandma said I will go and call Phoebe and Zoey so we can leave…, Manuel replied and left.


Michelle kept smiling as she ate her breakfast,

Ma’am Sara wondered why she had been smiling since she has woken up,

Can someone tell me why my JoJo has been smiling all day? Ma’am Sara asked bringing Michelle out of her thoughts

Why won’t she be smiling? She just found her long lost crush, Phoebe replied teasing Michelle

Stop it, Michelle said blushing

Really? My granddaughter is finally growing up, grandma said smiling

Grandma don’t answer Phoebe’s,he is just my friend, Michelle replied
Ma’am,a maid called grandma bowing her head

Any problem Veronica? Ma’am Sara asked looking at the maid

Three boys are waiting at the door looking for the young Misses,the maid replied

Three boys? Michelle wondered

Did they say their names? Ma’am Sara asked

No they said young Misses boyfriends,the maid replied

Boyfriend!!! They screamed in shock

Let them in, Ma’am Sara said

Ok Ma’am, she replied

Who could they be? Michelle asked and Phoebe shake her head

I don’t know, Zoey replied

Good morning everyone,the Kyle greeted coming to where Michelle and her friends with Grandma were sitting,

Michelle and her friends eyes widened in shock as they saw them

You!!! Phoebe said pointing her finger at Kyle

Yes me darling, Kyle replied and winked

My little JoJo, Manuel said coming in

Manuel, Michelle called in suprise

Honeydrop, Manuel said and pecked Michelle’s lip,

Michelle eyes popped out of it’s socket as Manuel’s lips was on her lips

Can someone tell me what is going on??? Ma’am Sara shouted..

T. B. C

Manuel ooo,

Kyle and Phoebe am sighting you from here,
Why is Ellen hiding her identity from Kingsley…


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