Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 5


(πŸ–€The Return Of Michelle πŸ’˜)


✍️ Mha Rhy ✍️

🎑🎑🎑🎑 Chapter Five 🎑🎑🎑🎑

You are really the JoJo I know, Manuel said hugging her,

It’s me Manuel, Manuel said hugging her more tightly

OMG!!; The students screamed in shock bringing out their phones to record the scene,

“Manuel is hugging a girl for the first time”
“Did he probably know her before”

The students commented as they video everything,

Can someone tell me what is going on here? Henry asked looking at the Phoebe, Zoey and Kyle

We are clueless as well, Phoebe replied,

Wait did Michelle probably know Manuel from somewhere? Kyle asked with suprise and confusion

I don’t think so because I have never seen a guy with her, Phoebe replied

None have I see a girl with Manuel, Henry replied

Wait did you just call your friend Manuel, Zoey asked

Yes his name is Manuel, Henry answered

Manuel!!! The two girls screamed silently and stared at each other

The boys look at them wondering why they were shock about Manuel’s name,

Why did you scream like that? Kyle asked but instead of answering they were smiling happily

I just ask a question, moreso why are you smiling? Kyle asked raising his brow

We are just happy, actually Manuel and Michelle knew each other before, Zoey replied

Really? Where? Henry asked

The knew themselves from childhood, but it’s not that they were their friendship relationship is a long one, it’s just a day friendship but with the promise of meeting each other again, Phoebe replied smiling

You mean they promised themselves to continue their relationship when they meet again, Kyle asked and the two girls nodded

Wow!! That’s a shocking Story, Henry said and Kyle nodded in agreement

But it’s a good thing for me if they know each other, Kyle said and everyone look at him not understanding what he meant by that

Meaning? Henry asked

Don’t be bothered about that, Kyle replied smiling and Phoebe rolled his eyes

Your smile is really irritating, Phoebe said shaking her head

Whatever, Kyle replied and she hissed..

Manuel, Michelle called slowly not believing her ears

You are Manuel? She asked happily in tears and Manuel nodded

Yes it me my JoJo,he said bringing out the hairpin she gave him,

Her smile widened as she saw the hairpin,

It’s really you, she said smiling before pulling him into hug,

Oh my!! This is such a great day, the students shouted as they video everything,

I miss you very much that I thought we would never see again, Michelle said hugging him more tightly

Same here I fuckin miss you, He replied smiling into the hug..

Manuel disengage from the hug and caressed JoJo on her face,

You’ve become more beautiful, Manuel said and Michelle’s cheek turns red,

Thanks, she replied shyly,

Manuel brought his face closer to her and she gulped down nothing with different questions going through her minds,”did he want to kiss me”

What!!! “Don’t tell me they are about to kiss”

“Sasha will be mad if she see this”

What is your friend about to do? Don’t tell me he is about to kiss Michelle? Phoebe asked loudly

I don’t know but I don’t think so because the Manuel I know cannot Peck a lady talkless of kissing, Henry replied looking at Manuel and Michelle

Manuel brought his face closer to her face slowly and Michelle closed her eyes expecting the worse but instead he pecked her lip side for a long time before withdrawing his lips making it look like they were kissing

“What the hell!!! The students shouted

“He kissed her” someone shouted

Someone should hold cos am about to faint, Kyle said and drop on Phoebe’s body..

T. B. C

Manuel is a bad guy ooo

Uncle Kyle has fainted ooo


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