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Fated To Love Episode 4



{πŸ–€The Return of Michelle πŸ’˜}

✍️ Mha Rhy ✍️

(I made a mistake about the Triplets,I said they were still in college but after calculating their age I realized that they are now a full grown up adult so don’t be confused if there’s any changes)

πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž Chapter Four πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

The students laughed hard seeing how balded their principal is,

Yuck!! He looks ugly”

“Half hair”

The principal balled his fist angrily ready to deal with the SSG girls for humiliating him at the front of the entire schools,

Thankfully the teachers were not around because it’s their free day today or else he might not know what he will do to himself,..

How disrespectful of you? The principal said angrily

Slap! Slap! Slap deafening slap was heard on the SSG faces by the principal and immediately their senses returned back

Who untie us? Gina asked

What the hell!! The students shouted in shock and burst into laughter

Everyone to your class and you Three, bring your parents to school tomorrow morning failure to do so I will expell you from the school but first am taking the title of the school queens from the three of you, another three female students will be given the title,The principal said angrily and walk to his office closing the door behind him

Ok What the heck just happened now? Sasha asked in shock not understanding what was happening

Do you want me to tell you, your tittles as the school queens has been collected from you, Michelle replied mockingly and left

Don’t cry too much, Phoebe said Patting Sasha back and left as well

You might need this, Zoey said and threw three handkerchief to them before leaving as well

The Vikers chuckled as Michelle and friends left,

They are very funny” Kyle said before they left for class

The students disperse leaving only the SSG girls who were still in mystery of what had happened,

Can anyone tell me what happened cos I can’t remember anything? Sasha said angrily

Neither me, Sonia replied

Nor me, Gina added

Arrghh!! Sasha tightened her fist and went to where she parked before driving out of the school compound

Sonia and Gina sighed as Sasha drive away,

Let’s go home as well, Gina said and Sonia nodded and they left…


The students couldn’t stop laughing as they couldn’t stop praising Michelle and her friends,

Some were admiring their courage, not only because of their Craziness but their beauty is out of the world..

Minutes the Bell was rang signifying that the school had closed for the day,

Michelle took her bag holding it in her hand, she was about to zip her bag when someone bumped into her and everything inside her bag flew out falling into different directions

Manuel heard something dropping on his table and he looked up only to be wristwatch,he was about to take his eyes away when something caught his eyes,

Why does this wristwatch looks like the wristwatch I gave JoJo? Manuel thought as he stared at it
There’s only one way to find out if it is mine, Manuel thought and turn the watch to back,

His eyes grew wide as he saw what was there,

His name was boldly inscribed on the steel of the watch,

It is confirmed that this is the watch I gave to JoJo,

If the wristwatch is here that means JoJo is in the class, he thought happily

JoJo,he shouted and everyone looked at him wondering who he was calling

Why are you calling my name? Michelle asked and Manuel look at her in shock and suprise

You are JoJo? He asked

Yes I am and how did you know my name? Michelle ask in suprise

Are you probably the owner of this watch? Manuel asked showing her the wristwatch

How did you get hold of this? Michelle asked angrily snatching the wristwatch from him

Answer my question are you the owner of the wristwatch? Manuel asked seething his teeth as everyone kept on looking at them including Zoey, Phoebe and the Vikers

Yes I am the owner,it was my friend Manuel that gave it to me and so what, Michelle answered shouting

It is really you, you are really the JoJo I know Manuel said smiling before pulling her into hug and she gasped in shock

OMG!!! The students shouted


A lady could be seen standing at the front of a big company,

It was Ellen, It has been a week she had started working at the company and it has been a whole lot of trouble for her especially her boss

she breathe out before entering the building

Good morning Sally,she greeted the secretary of her boss and also her best friend at work

Good morning Ellen, Sally replied with smile

How was your night? Sally asked

It was not fine, could you believe that ugly Arrogant boss of yours didn’t release me until 10:30pm, Ellen replied pouting and Sally laugh

Ugly boss? Are you sure he is ugly? Because the boss I know is the most handsome man you will ever see, Sally said and Ellen snorted

Handsome? He is not close to handsome, he is just an ugly heartless Arrogant Man, she replied

Really Miss Ellen? Someone asked behind,

Sally why are you sounding like the boss? Ellen asked and look at Sally it was then she notice how Sally was shaking,

Am not sounding like the boss and you are hearing his voice because he is right behind you, someone replied at the back which made Ellen and Sally to look back, they gasped in total shock as they saw that it was their boss,

Go….. Goo…. Good morning boss, Ellen and Sally greeted stuttering

The two of you should meet me in my office now, Their boss ordered sternly before walking to the elevator which will take him to his office..

Ellen and Sally look at themselves after their boss left
We are dead today” Ellen mumbled and sat on the ground..

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