Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 3



{πŸ–€The return of Michelle πŸ’˜}

✍️ Mha Rhy ✍️

πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Chapter Three πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

It was lunch period already as every students went out for their lunch including the Vikers group,

As The Vikers enter the cafeteria everywhere went uproar,

Students started screaming their names

Michelle and her friends collected their lunch before looking for a place to sit,

Their eyes search round for a seat but they couldn’t find none except for the Vikers table,

Let’s sit over there, Phoebe pointed to where the Vikers group were sitting,

Ok, Zoey replied as they all walked there,

Mind if we sit here? Phoebe asked and the Vikers raised their heads hearing someone voice,

Kyle smile as he saw Phoebe with her friends,

Yes you can, Kyle replied smiling widely looking at Manuel and Henry if They were okay with it but they shrugged their shoulder which means they were okay with them sitting down,

Thanks, but there is no need for you to show us your teeth,we are not modelling toothpaste here,Phoebe said smugly and Kyle smile turns into frown while everyone chuckled

Manuel’s and Michelle’s eyes met again and they both stared at each other for a long time trying to find out where they’ve seen before before Michelle finally move her eyes away before the students will start noticing them

“Pheb’s I must say you are really beautiful, Kyle said trying to flirt with her

Yes I am, but you are not my type, Phoebe replied and everyone burst out laughing including Manuel except for Kyle who kept on glaring at her

“Look it’s the new students with Vikers”


“They are even laughing”

“Are they friends already”

Michelle sighed out as the students kept on commenting,

Jobless people, Zoey said

What do you expect when you are sitting with the most popular pop artist group in San Francisco, Henry said proudly and Zoey snorted

Then how do you feel when you are sitting with the craziest girls group in the whole world, Zoey replied

Enough of the talking let’s eat in peace,the lunch period will soon be over. Michelle said and everyone nodded eating their food…

Minutes Later they were done and they left for class..

The lunch period was over and every students returned to their class,

Seems like today is lecture free day cos I haven’t seen any teacher entering the class today, Zoey complained

And everywhere is boring, Phoebe added

But we can make it interesting, Michelle replied smirking

How? Phoebe asked smiling

There, Michelle replied pointing her fingers at the SSG girls who were just coming with Sasha at the front

Looks like the blind lady has changed her clothes, Zoey said smiling

Do you still have the commanding perfume with you? Michelle asked

Yes it’s inside my bag pack, Zoey replied

Wonderful, you two know what to do right? Michelle asked and they nodded

So let’s go, Zoey said

Are you guys ready for a show but please don’t make noise? Phoebe said

Yes we are ready,the students chanted
The Vikers kept on looking at the three wondering what they are up to

What are these Crazy girls planning to do? Henry said silently and Chuckled

They are here, Phoebe said holding her perfumes

The SSG girls entered the class and immediately they spray the perfumes on their faces

What the hell!!! SSG screamed out as they started feeling somehow

Feeling the urge to do something,

Gina, tell me the worst day you won’t ever forget for the rest of your life, Phoebe commanded

“The day I ate my dog poop”Gina replied and everyone burst out laughing

Sonia, tell me the craziest thing you have ever done, Phoebe asked

“Getting drunk and try to jump off the Terrence with my mom friends new born baby in my hands” she replied

Hahaha,all the students laughed holding their stomach

Sasha, you and your friends will go to the principal office and slap him thrice on face, Michelle said smiling mischievously as the SSG walked out,

Let’s go everyone”Phoebe said and everyone followed the SSG to the principal office but didn’t follow them inside,

SSG girls entered the principal office without closing the door behind them and the principal stood up in suprise

Sasha, Sonia, Gina, What are you doing….. Before he could complete his words,a hot slap landed on his face

What the hell! He screamed in shock holding his cheek

Slap! Another one landed on his face,

What!! He shouted with his mouth agape,the students laughed silently as they watch how SSG were slapping their principal,

Slap!!! The last slap sent the wig he was using to cover his balded head away,

WTF!!! The students screamed out in shock

Our principal is a bald man,the naughty students screamed out and burst into laughter…

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