Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 1


(?The return of Michelle ?)

? Chapter one ?

How can the principal punish us like this? Zoey complained as they pick the litters which were on the ground dropping it inside the waste nylon,

What did you expect from someone who his wife left because of his small d**k, Phoebe replied and they laughed

You are right about that,I can still remember that day,it was a funny scene to watch, Zoey said laughing

Phoebe noticed that Michelle wasn’t talking but was staring at something,

Michelle, she called Michelle ignored her,

Hey what are you looking at? Phoebe asked

Shut up,am looking for a way to deal with that stupid balded old man who call himself our principal and I finally find a way, Michelle replied

Really? Phoebe and Zoey asked at once,

Yes, remember the time I told you I saw our class teacher coming out from the principal sweating with her buttons opened,

Yes we do, you think they were having affairs, Zoey replied

I don’t think so I know so, and now we will confirmed it today cos I just saw our class teacher going to his office, Michelle said

What are we waiting for? Let’s go, Phoebe said and they all walked to the principal office,

Getting to the principal they could hear some moans coming out from his office,

Now it is confirmed, Phoebe said

Zoey you know what to do, Michelle said and Zoey nodded and dial a number going somewhere else to receive the call,

Minutes later she came smiling,

All done, she said and they smiled together

A woman in her late forty walked to where they were,

Hi are you the students that called me about my husband? The woman asked

Yes ma’am,I just saw your husband and our class teacher having intimate inside the office, Zoey lied flatly

What? This useless man is in trouble today, the woman said and barged into the office,

Their eyes grew wide with what they saw, their class teacher was riding the principal nakedly same goes to the principal and Michelle class teacher as their eyes almost popped out of it’s socket in shock..

You bitch,the woman screamed running to where the principal were and drag Michelle class teacher up

Slap! The teacher was slapped

Oops that hurts a lot,the Three said together mocking their teacher

I will teach you a lesson you will never forget in your miserable life,the woman said and drag both the teacher and the principal out taking them to the school premises,

The students rushed out seeing what was happening,

You Moron,The woman said and slapped the teacher again

Ouch!! The students screamed mockingly

This will teach you not to fuck other woman husband again,the woman said and brought out pepper spray from her bag before spraying it on the teacher face and middle part

Ahhhhhh!!! The teacher screamed running around

Hahaha,the students laughed at their teacher, some were videoing it,

And you, you will regret ever cheating on me,,the woman said and brought out rope from her bag

She tied the principal hands together before dragging to where she parked her car,

She tied his hand to the booth and enter the driver seat before driving away with the principal behind the booth nakedly

Help!! Help!! The principal screamed out as his body was scratching the ground

The students laughed as their principal was dragged out

Hahaha, Michelle, Zoey and Phoebe laughed mockingly

Payback is really nice,they said together and hugged themselves

Mom, Michelle shouted as she got home,

Am in the kitchen, pearl replied from the kitchen

Michelle walk to the kitchen and hugged pearl from behind who was busy preparing meals,

Good afternoon Mom, Michelle greeted hugging her more tightly

Welcome princess, pearl said

How was school today? She asked

It was fun and lively, she said laughing as she remembered what she did in school with her crazy partners today

Nice to hear, Michelle mom has something to tell you, pearl said looking at her,

Ok mom,am all ears

You are leaving for San Francisco tommorow, Pearl blurted out and Michelle look at her as if she is bluffing

Stop joking Mom, she said smiling not believing her pearl words

Am not joking JoJo, you are leaving for San Francisco tommorow, pearl said seriously

Don’t tell me that Mom!!! She screamed out and walked out on pearl..

???? VILLARREAL HIGH SCHOOL ??????????????

The school of riches and the best school at San Francisco, in the school were the most popular boys group called Vikers group,

Which has

Henry Griffo the cutest among the three, very nice but a Playboy,he is very handsome with his red lips,

Kyle Dante,the second in the group, very handsome with his side dimples and his pierced pink lips

And lastly Manuel Rodriguez, the leader and the most handsome in the group, very Arrogant and rude,he doesn’t care about girls, but there’s only one who never accept the fact that he is not interested in dating and she is Sasha,

Sasha leader of the SSG girls group,the most popular girls in the school which has Sonia,Gina and finally Sasha,

She has been crushing on Manuel since she has started attending Villarreal school but she never get his attention but has determination to make him hers..

Students were seen awaiting for the arrival of Vikers since they will be resuming school today after their absence at school for one week because of their concert at South Korea..

They are here!!!! The students screamed out as the Vikers group arrived with their cars,

The first to come down was Henry,
Wow it’s Henry, everyone screamed out admiring his handsomeness

“He looks hot in his outfit”
“His side dimples is cute”
“Let me be your girlfriend Henry”

Kyle came down next with smile on his handsome face, The students screamed out as he came out

“He is handsome”
“His smile is addictive”
“Just one night together”

And Finally Manuel came out with his normal non smiling face but the students doesn’t care as they started shouting his name,


“He is looking more handsome,”
“His earrings cost a fortune”
“Am ready to give you my body”
“He looks hot and cute”

“I just wished he looks at me”. A girl shouted

He can never look at you because goat is more beautiful than you, Sasha said at the back and everyone laughed

“Look it’s the SSG girls” someone said aloud

Look Manuel it’s your” Henry said silently and Kyle laugh

With her advocate, Kyle completed and the two laughed while Manuel kept quiet pressing his phone as he rest on the car door ignoring what was happening

Sasha walked to the girl who was already crying from the humiliation,

Girls look at the girl who wants my Manuel to look at her,Sasha said mockingly

Looks like a fish,Gina replied

A goblin, Sonia added and the students laughed hard humiliating the girl more,

The girl cried more seeing how the students were mocking her and laughing at her,

Sasha walked closer to the girl and try to grab her collar but decided against it instead she dusted the jacket and adjusted it very well,

“You know my Manuel does not have interest in ugly globin like you so it’s better to snap out of your dream globin, Sasha said sternly

Don’t you ever admire my Manuel again? Do you understand? Sasha shouted and the girl nodded repeatedly in fear,

Words!! Sasha ordered.

Yes senior,The girl replied crying

Now fuck off, Sasha said folding her arms and the girl ran away imediately…

She turns back and noticed that the students were still there,

What are you all still doing here? She shouted and they all scraped off not read to get on her bad note excluding the Vikers group,

Sasha smile as she walked towards to where the Vikers are,
Hi Manuel, Sasha greeted with smile waving her hand,

Let’s go guys, Manuel said ignoring Sasha presence and they left

What! did he just ignored me? Sasha screamed out in anger balling her fist..

You shouldn’t be bothered about him ignoring you, it’s not like it is the first time he is ignoring you, you should rather find a way to make him yours,Sonia suggested

Yes I think you are right about that and I surely know a way to make him mine, Sasha replied smiling


Manuel walked into his private room which is in the school,

Wherever he needs sometime alone,he will come there,

He unlocked the door with his password and enter,

He walked to his closet which was filled with expensive clothes,

He watched the closet looking for something and finally he saw it,
The small box,a smile crept up on his face as he picked the box,
He sat on the couch and open the box picking out something from it,

It was a hairpin,he stared at the hairpin for sometime,

I miss you JoJo, when are we meeting again,he muttered sadly and kissed the hairpin before keeping it back in the box,

He returned the box to the closet and make sure the closet and door was locked properly before leaving for his private class…

T. B. C
How is it guys should I continue?

Michelle is just as Crazy as pearl…


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