DO YOU AGREE? Only Jungle Justice Can Put An End To Criminalities In Nigeria

Jungle justice or mob justice is a form of public extrajudicial killings in Nigeria, where an alleged criminal is publicly humiliated, beaten and summarily executed by vigilantes or an angry mob.

I’m one of those against JUNGLE JUSTICE, but not anymore. Thieves should be killed instantly without wasting much time or taken to the police.

Could you believe that i was robbed in my own house last night? All my devices, everything gone just like that. I slept off last night, leaving my window open. Only to wake up to an empty house this morning. The person took everything on my phone, laptop and ATM card.

The funny part of it is that, the security light outside my house was still ON while all these were happening.

I hate this country from this day. And I wont spend more than this year in this  jungle called Nigeria. My heart is broken.

Meanwhile, I’m of the opinion that

Only Jungle Justice Can Put An End To Criminalities In Nigeria -DO YOU AGREE?

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