Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 9-10

{academy for billionaires,but she’s poor}

Episode 09*****

Written by mhiz Vivian

3 hours later********

Daniel stayed beside her still watching over her ,,,,,,he rubbed her hair as she slept soundly

” I promise I’ll get you treated,,,,,,I never knew my mom ,and you became like one to me ,I love you way more than you can ever imagine…..and I won’t ever let you remain this way ”

He took her hands and kissed it …then dropped it , covered her up properly with the blanket and left the room

” I’ll get going now ,,,,,take good care of her okay ……most importantly don’t make her worry to much about me …feed her properly too and make sure she takes her medication properly” saying this to the nurse he left a tip then walked out of the hospital

Suddenly Daniel stopped !!!!

” Should I still go back to school?? He asked himself
Still he was worried about Luna ….but also he needed rest ……..

Feeling a bit dizzy,he phoned his driver to come pick him up

In class*********

Luna kept on looking outside thee window ,the door entrance, Daniel’s seat ……..

” Where is he ?? She asked herself repeatedly

Most times ,she felt like crying…..

While skyle looked at her ,he had the feeling she was worried about something

” Are you okay ??? Skyle write in a paper passing it to Luna who took it and read

” Yeah am fine …thanks ,,,,,” she replied writing and giving it to him

Skyle heaved deeply……..
He looked towards the direction of Daniel’s seat but couldn’t find him there

” Where that punk ??? He asked himself……. looking at Luna again he noticed she kept on staring at his seat

” Am home grandpa!!! Daniel said taking off his shoes and clothes…….

” Ohhhhh my grandson……” Grandpa magno said hugging Daniel

” It’s early ,why aren’t you in school??? Did something happen??? Are you feeling unwell ?? Tell me did anyone bully you ??? Grandpa kept asking different questions

Daniel smiled looking at at him
” You’re always this overprotective grandpa…….just feeling a bit unwell grandpa…but I’ll be fine after a little rest !!! Daniel said

” Unwell ?? Are you feeling pain ….is anywhere hurting??? Go rest I’ll call a doctor right away ok ” grandpa said holding Daniel

” It isn’t that serious grandpa I’ll be fine after a little nap ” Daniel said and finally,he headed towards his room

HOURS LATER*********

” The bell rang ………

” Luna stood up walking outside still worried about Daniel

” Where would he be ?? I hope he’s not hurt ?? Luna said

She walked without even looking at where she was heading too

” Huhh it’s the newbie……let’s teach her a little lesson ” Cindy said remembering how Daniel had looked at her in class

A student walked past her holding a banana
” Gimmme that !!! Cindy said forcefully taking it away while the students ran away feeling scared

She peeled the banana throwing it into a wastebin

Cindy dropped the peel on the floor hoping Luna would step on it and fall

Luna walked without even noticing a thing
Her thoughts were occupied with Daniel

” Arrrrrrrrrgggggg” Luna screamed out so loud as she was about falling

” Gotcha !!!! Skyle said but instead,he fell with her as she was a bit heavy for him

She stayed still with her eyes closed…..she didn’t even open the to realize that she had fallen on Skyle instead……

To be continued………



{Academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 10
By mhiz Vivian
” Why aren’t I hurt?? Luna asked herself with her eyes still closed

” Oucccch “” skyle winced in pain with Luna still on him

Kira ran towards him
” Skyle ,are you okay ?? Are you hurt ??

” Oh my God am so sorry ” Luna said as she quickly stood up not wanting him to feel more pain

” Am sorry,I didn’t know ,I wasn’t thinking straight…….I swear I didn’t see it coming pls ”

Skyle still sat on the floor in pain ,he couldn’t even move properly
But he tried to hide it

” You bas**rd !!!!!! Look what you did ,,,,,,,,,,,you really are one big bad omen you know what ???? What the hell where you thinking” Kira cursed at Luna who couldn’t say a word

Skyle tried standing on his feet ,but then he fell down
” Arrrggh” he screamed in serious pain

” Are you okay ??? Are you hurt ??? Am so sorry ,,,,,,I swear ,I didn’t plan any of this …… believe me !!!! It was an accident!!! ” Luna said almost in tears

” You fool ,what then would have happen to you if I didn’t come on time ??? Skyle said to himself

” Stop apologizing,am fine “” skyle said looking at Luna ….he has this cute smile on his face

Again he tried standing up ,
Again and again and finally he did but still feeling so much pain

” See,,,,am fine ,,,,” skyle said looking at Luna while kira stared at him in shock

” He’s not even angry ,,,,,what on Earth are you thinking skyle ?? Kira said within herself silently

She clenched her fist so hard so so tight
” Am gonna kill you ,,,,,I wanna kill you ,,,,,i wanna end you ,,,,,,who the hell are you “”””

Kira walked away with so much anger ,,,,,

” Com’mon I’ll help you ” Luna said holding skyle’s hand

Her hand felt warm in his ,,,they were tiny
He stood still for a moment feeling like he would never want to let go

” Can you walk ?? Luna asked him

” Yeah thanks” skyle said

” No ,I should be the one thanking you ,,,,if it weren’t for you ,,,,,I would have been in this condition,,,,, honestly I feel bad ” Luna said

” Skyle right ?? Luna asked

” Yeah “”

” It’s a second time now ,,,,you’re helping me out ,,,,,,I’ll surely repay you back someday okay “”

” Promise!!! Luna said bringing out her pinky finger

” I don’t wanna ever forget ,,,,,,so it’s gonna be a pinky promise”

Skyle looked at her for a while
” Pinky promise???
” Where did you learn such from !!! Isn’t it weird ??

” Nope it’s isn’t ……my best friend Nicole taught me ….. she’s the best …….
Since I don’t wanna forget ever repaying you back ,it’s gonna be a pinky promise okay ??

She brought out her pinky finger again

Skyle smiled a bit ……then he brought his pinky finger too

Together they placed it on each other
” Pinky promise!!! Luna said

” Aren’t you gonna say yours ??

Skyle smiled again
” Pinky ,,,,,,,,,,,he didn’t complete it but instead he looked at her

” You’re beautiful!! Skyle said silently to himself

” Pinky promise””” he finally completed his word

30 minutes later *******
” He’s here already,,,,thanks for your help okay !! Skyle said

” Woah is that your car ,,,,it’s looks way more than magnificent”” Luna blurted out

Skyle chuckled a bit
” Isn’t your driver coming to pick you up …..?? Skyle asked

While Luna looked

He wasn’t even aware of her background….no one knows

” Nah ,,,it’s fine ,I’ll just walk ,,” Luna said

” Bye” she waved then walked away

” Skyle looked at her again,,,,” as the car drove off ,he still kept on looking at her while she walked

” I wonder how Daniel is doing??? Luna asked herself

Again her head became occupied with thoughts of Daniel

” I guess I do really like him !!!!! Luna said to herself… sadly she stopped a cab and headed home

To be continued………..


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