Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 8

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 08*******

Written by mhiz Vivian

” Daniel,,,,,, Daniel,,,,,” Luna kept on calling worriedly as she ran after him

Without looking back ,Daniel kept on running

” Wait up pls ” Luna shouted ,,,,,,just then ,she fell down

” Arrggh” Luna winced in pain holding her legs

Daniel paused looking back at her
She couldn’t move as she was in pain from the fall

Daniel stood still as he kept on looking at her
He had so much in his mind

” He rubbed his hair with his hands as he looked at Luna

Soon he walked towards her ,,,,,,,,,,,
” Are you okay ???? Daniel asked slowly looking at her

” I think am fine ,,,,,,I should be asking you Daniel ,,,,,,” Luna said

” Here let me help you up ” Daniel said without answering her questions

” Pls for once ,can you talk to me ??? Luna said refusing to take his hands

He bent down ,held her hands and lifted her up ,Luna winced in pain a but while he helped her

” Blood ,,,,,,,,,” Daniel said looking at where she had gotten injured

” Beep !! Beep !! Beep !! That was his phone
He looked at the caller

” Mom !! He said as he dropped Luna without knowing

The nurse had called him again,,,,,,

” Arrgghh” Luna screamed in pain as Daniel dropped her

Without saying a word ,he ran off so fast

” Are you okay ” skyle asked Luna as he helped her up
Again he had seen everything

” Yes ,I think,,,,,,thank you ” Luna said without looking at him ,she had her eyes on her legs where she was bleeding

” Com’mon I’ll help you treat your wounds ” skyle said while he helped Luna walk

Luna looked back repeatedly, checking if she would see Daniel

She was feeling more than worried about him
” She still felt like running after him but couldn’t”

Skyle carefully dropped Luna while she sat still ……
” Stay still ,I’ll be right back ” he said and ran off

” Where was he rushing to ?? Is he alright?? Luna kept on asking herself repeatedly without even listening to what skyle said

Soon ,skyle came back with a first aid box
He dropped it beside her opening it

” Stay still ok ,it might stink a little”” skyle said while Luna thoughts were still on Daniel

” Ouchhh ,that hurts” Luna winced moving her legs

” Pls be careful,huhh it hurts”” Luna said

Skyle took another wool cleaning up the wound
Suddenly he stopped a bit looking at her legs

His hands couldn’t even move anymore

Again,his eyes went towards her shoes

” Huh are you done ?? Luna said when she felt he had stopped

” Stay here okay ,I’ll be right back ,don’t move an inch ” skyle said leaving

Luna looked at him in confusion again and again

” Why does everyone keep running off ”

Soon he was back ……

Luna looked at him………
” What’s that for ???she asked

Without replying, skyle bent towards her …..he lifted her leg taking off her shoes carefully,

” Have this ,,,,,,,I think you need it ” skyle said

Luna looked at him in suprise
” Meee??? She asked still surprised

” Who else is here ??? skyle asked looking at her again

A strand of her hair covered her eyes a bit ……

Both looked at each other for a while …… suddenly,he stood up without taking his gaze off her

” Why is he staring at me that way ?? Luna asked herself silently

Skyle came closer lifting his hands towards her ………..
His eyes fell on her lips

He brought his hands closer to her face

” Huhhh what is he about………” She couldn’t say to herself completely when his hands touched her hair

Ohhhhh thanks “” Luna said realizing she was mistaken with her thoughts

” Try it on ,,,,,,,,I’ll get going now ” Skyle said as he turned to leave

” Wait ” Luna said while skyle turned around to look at her

” Thank you , I’ll repay you someday okay ?? Promise,,,,” Luna said

Skyle chuckled a bit ,Then finally,he turned and left

” Are you okay ??? Daniel asked holding her hands

” Son ,,,son ,,,where have you been ?? I searched for you everywhere……,,,I was so afraid I lost you again,,,,,,” she said crying

” It’s okay mom ,,,,,am here now “” Daniel replied
He hugged her also rubbing her hair

” I hope she’s okay ?? Daniel said to himself worrying about Luna too

” You can leave now ,I’ll stay with her okay ???? Daniel said to the nurses as they all left

” Don’t cry ,,,,,,am here ,,,,,””
Gently he placed her on the bed and stayed beside her ……….

To be continued…………
Team Daniel and team skyle ,I wanna see your long comments ooooo,💃💃💃

Much love ,,,,,,muah💋💋💋💋

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