Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 7

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 07

” I’ll be fine here ,just pls drop me okay ?? Daniel said to his driver

He came down from the car walking towards the school

” Hii” Luna greeted coming closer to him
Without even smiling or looking at her ,he kept on walking towards class

” Hiii” Luna repeated but still she got no answer
Daniel quiet just kept on walking

” What’s with him ”
” Is he okay ??
” Why won’t he talk to me ??

Taking another direction,she headed towards class without saying a word again

” Woah Kira ,love the nails ….,,,,I wanna get mine done too ?? Cindy said admiring it

Kira walked with pride into the class ……she even had makeup on

” There’s no way he’ll be able to resist me now !!! Kira said to herself

Skyle walked into the class and headed towards his seat immediately

Kira turned hoping he would see her ,but instead he kept on looking at the empty seat beside him which was Luna’s

Feeling a bit sad ,Luna walked in without even saying a word ,she sat down taking some of her books immediately

Daniel walked in ,he kept on hand into his pocket and the other followed him freely while he walked

Soon ,he got into the class ,while most female students looked at him ,some feeling confused

If they were to choose who’s more handsome between Daniel and skyle ,it would be impossible

While Luna looked at Daniel who didn’t even spare her a glance and just took his seat

” Am sure I didn’t do anything…..!! Luna said again
Not wanting to continue feeling angry she opened her book took a pen and started writing

Skyle eyes caught hold of her shoe again,just then he remembered he had brought something for her ??

About opening his bag to bring it out ,Luna stood up heading towards Daniel

” Here !!!!!!!! It’s yours !!!! Have it ”
” And thanks ”

” That’s all ??? Daniel whispered to himself silently
” Why is she returning it back ??

Without still saying a word ,he took it from her

Again she felt disappointed
” Can’t he talk ??? Luna asked herself looking at him with a bit of anger

Cindy looked back at Luna
All she felt that moment were pains
” Who the hell do you think you are ??? She said within herself

While skyle looked ,he wondered how Luna and Daniel got so close

But that didn’t bother him that much

Unable to take the silence anymore, Daniel stood up
” Come with me !!!!!!! He said to Luna

” What ????? That was Cindy who looked confused
The whole class looked in confusion including skyle

Luna looked as all eyes were on her , slowly she stood up following him

” Daniel” Cindy called out ,but like always he walked past her like she never existed

They both kept on walking without saying a word to each other

” Where is he taking me to ?? Luna asked herself

” Daniel,where are we going,I wanna go back to class ”

Still he didn’t say a word and kept on walking

Getting tired of asking,she walked behind him without saying a word again

Soon ,he halted ……
” Thank goodness, finally!!!!!

” What is it you want ??? Oh wait I forget….you aren’t talking or replying me ,,,,,,,guess am just gonna stand still till you speak to me or what ???

” Did I do something””” ?? Oh sorry I forgot
” You aren’t gonna reply””” luna said again and finally kept quiet

Turning around,he looked at Luna
” What do you want from me ??? This was the only word that came out from his mouth

While Luna looked ,
” He’s really unbelievable!!! She scoffed to herself

She turned to leave,but he held her back ,while skyle hidden watched everything

” I dont want anything from you …..so can you let me go ??

” Here have this ,,,,,,,,,,Daniel said as he brought out the new suit he had bought for her knowing her former one was destroyed

Luna paused for a moment
” I don’t need it ,I don’t need anything from you ”

She forced her hands away from his about leaving

” Maybe I’ll just have to throw it ,,,,,,,” Daniel said while she stopped

” What ??? Throw something this valuable??? Luna asked herself
She walked towards him taking it from him and without saying a word she walked away while Daniel looked at her as she did

He smiled a little without even noticing he did

students were all sitted ,with a teacher in their class

Skyle still couldn’t concentrate,he kept thinking about what he had seen

And again he didn’t stop looking at Luna who kept on admiring the suit

” Too bad I can’t thank him for this again,he only end up ignoring me ” Luna said

” Beep beep beep !!! That was Daniel’s phone
Excusing himself,he went outside to pick the call

Looking at it ,he saw that it was from the hospital

” She’s getting worst and unstable right now ,she keeps on demanding to see you ” a nurse shouted on the phone

Dropping the call , Daniel ran taking his bag and books ,and without saying a word to anyone,he dashed out of the class while everyone looked in suprise

To be continued…………
So.sorry it’s coming late

Skyle or Daniel whom do you think would be better for our Luna ?? ,????????


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