Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 5-6

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 05
By mhiz Vivian

Luna walked into the classroom feeling a bit weak
” Shouldn’t I just leave this school?? I don’t think I can cope with all this ”

She tried so much not to show any sign of the pain she was feeling

Skyle looked at her ,her cheek was a bit read ,

He kept on looking at it for a while not untill she looked at him.

While Daniel sat on his seat still with his book ,he pretended like he knew nothing….he just did like someone who doesn’t even know Luna

Luna groaned in pain a little before sitting which skyle noticed

While the Kbc girls shot her a deadly look again
Luna felt like running away for her dear life

” Mom ,what am I gonna do ?? She asked herself silently unable to give herself an answer

Fear was written all over her face ,but she had to stay strong for her mom


taking her bagpack ,Luna left the class not wanting to even look at the Kbc girls

She hurriedly ran outside while Daniel looked at her without saying a word

Outside the school,she stood waiting for a cab

” Ohhhhhh…his suit ….oh gosh I forgot to return his suit ….” Luna said to herself

Turning around to go back to class ,her thoughts again got filled with meeting the Kbc girls on her way

” Those cold hearted piece of junks ” Luna cursed silently

She clenched her fist so hard like someone ready to fight

” I wish Nicole was here !!!!! Luna said remembering Nicole had always been the one protecting her since high school

Nicole was more of a fighter,while she was more of a calm type

” I’ll just wash it and return it tomorrow” Luna concluded moving forward as she walked down to the bus stop


All through,skyle had been in his car watching her ,

” Isn’t she the daughter of a billionaire??? He asked himself countless times

” Hmmmmmm” skyle signed deeply driving away
Before he did ,he looked at her shoe again

Written by mhiz Vivian O.
Skyle sat down in his room, feeling a bit restless…as always,his dad wasn’t home

His books were beside him , feeling tired he stood up to sleep a bit

Just then something fell from his table , ,he picked it up looking at it

He only smiled looking at it . about dropping it back on the table ,he felt something

Looking at the pictures clearly,he had this feeling he had seen the girl in the picture

” The shape ,the hair ,a bit of the face ,he felt he definitely has seen her ”

Unable to find out ,he dropped the picture back ……..

Luna sat down with Daniel’s suit in her hands ,

She just kept on smiling without even knowing she was smiling

Her cheeks were getting red bit by bit thinking about how he helped her

Ironing it ,and packing it well ,she smiled at it again before placing it into her bag

The smile kept on increasing without her notice ………….

Daniel pov
With flowers and a really big teddy bear looking so beautiful….. Daniel walked into the psychiatric hospital

” Here room 204 VIP” he said to one of the nurses on duty

” Hold on a minute sir ” the nurse replied

” Confirmed sir ,pls you can go in ……..

Daniel walked with a bit of joy ……..he never smiled in front of anyone including his grandfather except for the woman he’s going to meet

Slowly,he walked so eager to see her again as he missed her so much…………

To be continued………………




{academy for billionaires 💝but she’s poor}

Episode 06
Written by mhiz Vivian ✍️✍️✍️

” Son , you’re here ?? Have missed you ,

Why don’t you come to visit ???

Daniel sat down beside her ,he took her hands and kisses it
” Am so sorry I didn’t come visit …….don’t be mad ok ???

” Are you okay ?? Daniel asked looking at the woman

This woman here is like a mother to him ,his everything… someone he would do anything for …….

” Here you go I got you something, Happy birthday mom ” Daniel said as he hugged her

Even if she isn’t his mom ,he still calls her mom
She had lost her memory so many years ago and now people thinks she’s mad / insane but to him ,she isn’t

” Awwwn ,you remembered….thanks you
” I never left you alone son …..I was always there for you …never did I ever forget you ” she said while holding Daniel’s face as tears poured from her eyes

Daniel looked
” She always say this to him most times when he comes and definitely he doesn’t understand a thing
But one thing he understands is that …..there would be so much pain to her past … something he would try everything to uncover sooner or later ”

Two hours later,………….
Daniel looked checking his wrist watch
” I got to go ….I’ll be late
I don’t want grandpa getting worried ”

” No son,can’t you stay a little bit ……I don’t want you to ever leave again”

Her sickness was starting to react again

” Remember the sweater I see for you when you were four ……how much you showed it to your friends and how much you kept telling me you love it

Remember how you would always request for a bedtime story before you could sleep

Remember how much you loved the snacks I always made for you ,and you would always ask for more ???

I remember everything,don’t go ……..stay with me a little longer son

Daniel looked at her , almost with tears in his eyes

Everyone really thinks you’re crazy ,but I don’t
I know you aren’t…… everything you say Is real
I don’t want you suffering mom ,never ”

” Yes mom ,I do remember everything” Daniel lied to her in order to keep her calm

Soon , staying with her a little longer,he was able to put her to sleep

Before leaving,he bent down placing a kiss on her forehead

” I really wish my mom was just like you ”

” Dad am off to school!!!!!!! Bye I love you !!!!! Luna shouted standing outside

” Are you gonna eat ”

” It’s fine dad ,am late plsss I’ll do so when I get back or I’ll eat at the restaurant okay ??

” No dear ,you take this okay …..don’t starve too much !!! And don’t make your dad worried okay ”

” Dad ,,,,,,,,,,where did you get this from ??? Luna asked

” It doesn’t matter dear …….I should be doing more than this
So eat okay ?? And don’t make me worry too much”

” I love you Dad ” Luna said as she pulled him in a tight hug

” Byeeeeeee!!!!!!she shouted running out of the house

Written by mhiz Vivian

Skyle packed his books into his bag ready for school

” Bye nanny ,I’ll get going now ” he said to the old woman who nodded

She had been the one taking care of him since he was a child

His dad never had a single time for him …..so nanny divine taught him everything he knows

She worked in the mansion even before skyle was born and she knew his mom too

Skyle was the main reason why she still works there
She treated him more like a son and showed him so much love and care

His nanny also meant so much to him ….as he loved her too a lot

The old woman really took care of him so much

He was about leaving when he halted at the entrance of the door

He ran again into his room

” Skyle what is the matter…. aren’t you going to school ??

” Skyle … skyle” she called again

” Coming nanny ” he said while he rushed downstairs after taking what he wanted

” What’s that for skyle ,,,don’t you like the one you’re putting on ?? Divine asked skyle who held a new shoe

So so beautiful and stylish

” No nanny,I do like it ……..I wanna give this to someone” skyle said while divine liked at him in shock

” Someone?? She asked

” Yes nanny ”

She wanted to ask him who but she stopped
He might change his mind if she tries to know too much

” I really hope it’s a female” nanny said within herself as she smiled

” Ok dear ….now off you go ,you don’t wanna be late okay ??

Skyle putting the shoe into his back left the house

Nanny looked at his as he left
” I hope you finally learn to overcome all the pain you keep in skyle ,you might act strong but I know you’re breaking each day inside”

I don’t have much time left ,but I’ll make sure you are happy before I leave ” nanny said sadly then smiled again looking at skyle …..

To be continued

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