Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 4

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

episode 04*****
By mhiz Vivian ??

” Leave me alone plssss” Luna screamed as she freed herself from the grip of Cindy after biting her hands

She was about running away when Betty grabbed her by the hair pulling it

Luna yelled in pain as she was being drawn

” Pls stop it ..pls ”

” Shut up you b* tch ….am so gonna teach you a lesson” Cindy shouted still feeling so much pain where Luna had bitten her

She pushed her so hard while Luna screamed again in pain

” Am sorry pls ……don’t hurt me ….pls ” Luna begged while the 3 girls laughed

Her pains made them so happy

Daniel walked with hiss hands in his pocket…his hair stylishly parked ….. everything was so perfect….

Just then he heard screams
He sighed knowing fully well that the Kbc girls were at work again

Like always, he was gonna ignore them and keep on walking……
Most times they won’t always torment female newbies and they would end up leaving the school after some days

” Guess she gonna leave like others ” Daniel said to himself as he kept on walking not wanting to mind what was going on

” Pls it’s hurts ” he heard her voice as he got closer
Suddenly he stopped….like something made him stop

” I don’t have any business with all this ” he said trying to convince himself but he couldn’t

” Walk Daniel,walk ,it’s none of you business” he said to himself but instead he couldn’t move

He definitely didn’t know what kept on stopping him from moving…..he felt like he was being held by something

” Arrrgh ” Daniel groaned as he opened the door forcefully making the girls look at him in shock

Immediately they left Luna facing Daniel
Cindy was about cutting her hair …. seeing the scissors Daniel looked in suprise

” Isn’t this way more than wickedness” he said within himself

” Stop it and let her go now ” he yelled at them while they looked in a bit of fear

Cindy was more ashamed……her crush had seen her bullying hhee fellow students….it made her so embarrassed

Surely Daniel would always pass by and mind his business when they were bullying other newbies,but why didn’t he do the same for her ” Cindy asked herself

She couldn’t even look at him

While Luna stayed on the floor crying, Daniel looked at her

In the ranking of billionaires,
Skyle dad was first , followed by Daniel’s grandfather then Kira’s dad ,then Cindy ,then Betty

The billionaires ranking meant a lot in the school……..
And their contribution to the school made their children more popular

Among all female students,Kira’s dad was known as the highest billionaire…….also rude and arrogant just like her ………

“Leave ” Daniel said a bit gentle but angry deep inside him

They all left not without cursing Luna …… silently

Daniel moved closer to Luna ,he bent down to her level
” Are you alright?? He asked stretching his hands towards her to help her up

” Thank you so much ,,,” Luna said taking his hands as she also burst out in tears again

” Daniel took off his jacket , seeing that they had torn hers

” Here ,you need it ,” he said as he gave it to her

For a while ,she looked at it and him without saying a word

” Here ” Daniel said again

” Thanks” Luna said collecting it and putting it on
It had a perfect fitting on her while made Daniel impress

” Thank you so much , thanks a lot … if it weren’t for you ……” She couldn’t complete her statement again as she cried again

” I’ll get going now okay ?? Daniel said leaving

” I don’t know why ,but something keeps on attracting me to you ……….am gonna find out what it is “” Daniel said to himself while he walked out heading towards his classroom

Luna looked at him as he walked
” Thank you for your help ,I’ll never forget your kindness” she said within herself and smile still feeling so much pain ……

To be continued………..
Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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