Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 20

{academy for billionaires but she’s poor}

Episode 20

By mhiz Vivian


Skyle took his bag ,,,he opened his door ,,,still with a sad and swollen face

He had cried throughout the night
Like always he would listen to his father’s decision

Coming downstairs,he looked left only to see his dad

For the first time ,,his dad would be at home by this time

” Good morning father””skyle greeted without getting any reply from his dad

He looked at him and walked away ,,,he was about opening the door when he heard his father’s voice

” After your upcoming birthday,,get prepared,,, we’ll be going to France for your engagement ” his father said

This word felt like his heart was being squeeze from his chest

” Do you understand??

” Yes father I understand”” skyle replied his father
He dares not disobeys him

His nanny looked at him with pity

” Here’s your coffee sir “” she said placing the coffee on the table

” Divine,,,,,,he still has so much to learn ,,,,,,teach him everything he needs to know ,,,,he must’ nt make any silly mistake “”

“” You’ll be introduced to the boards as my next heir ,,,,,am counting on you “” Mr Brandon said to his son

” I won’t disappoint you father”” skyle ,,, finally he left for school

” Divine,,,,watch over him “”. Mr Brandon said and took a sip from his coffee


Daniel walked stylishly ,,,,while ladies looked at him
Some whispering to each other

” You’re back ,,,,I missed you so much “” that was Cindy

She tried entangling her hands with his ,,,, but he glared at her with a deadly look

Luna watched from a distance,,,,,,,she felt really happy he was in school,,,,,but deep down she couldn’t go meet him

She took another look at him again,,,and turned to leave when Daniel sighted her

Luna gave him a warm smile from afar ,,,,,,,,,then she turned around and left for class

” Is she okay ?? Daniel asked himself as he tucked one hand in his pants

He left heading towards class


Luna kept on looking at the direction of his seat

Somehow,to her class felt empty
” Where is he ?? He was perfectly fine yesterday!!

Skyle sat down in an empty classroom,,,,,,still in serious pain

” Again will I really avoid her ,,,,how long will I keep on avoiding her “” he asked himself

” Why won’t dad understand me ?? Doesn’t he care about my feelings??

While Daniel couldn’t stop stealing glances at Luna ,,,,,,,,,,,

Just then ,,,,he remembered the necklace

Looking around,,,,he couldn’t see any student wearing the same necklace,,,,

” Maybe I was wrong !!

Skyle took off his necklace,,,,,,,he touched it with tears

He opened it ,,,,,, reveiling a little picture of his mom
He touched it ,,,,,,,

” Aren’t you gonna come back ??

His mom also had the same ,,and in hers it was skyle’s picture

” Mother ,,,, only two of this ?? How come mom ?? Did you make them by yourself?? Skyle remembered himself asking his mom the day she had given it to him

” Yes skyle ,,,only two of it in the world specially made for you and I,,this would keep on binding us together for life ,,,,,make sure you always wear it wherever you go ,,,,,,””

” Yes mother ,,,,,what about dad ,, shouldn’t we give him one too ?? Skyle asked

” This should be our little secret honey ,,just you and I ,,,,,you’re gonna keep it right ?? His mother asked

” Yes mother I will “” skyle said smiling

Instantly he hugged his mother tightly,,,,,,,

Till now ,,,he has this feeling his mom knew she was gonna leave him

Like she planned to leave him ,,,,,,

He hit his chest feeling way too much pain

Skyle sat still all by himself for hours without going to class


Getting more and more worried,,Luna felt restless

” I definitely saw him in school today “”
.just then it occurred to her ,,,,,,,

She recalled his face this early morning

” I don’t think he was feeling okay ???


while some students,,,,stood up heading towards the cafeteria,,,some stayed in class

Daniel looked at Luna ,,,,,,,

Luna stood up still feeling uneasy ,,,,,she just had the feeling skyle wasn’t okay

She left the class ,,,,,

“” Maybe I don’t need this anymore”” skyle said to himself

” Father was right ,,,,,you really did not for once care about me ??

He stood up heading towards the trash can

He stretched his hands towards it hoping he would be able to dispose his necklace

But he couldn’t let go of it ********

Tears rolled down ,,,just the thought of him giving it up made it worst

He looked at the necklace again,,,,and held it close to him

Soon after searching endlessly,,,Luna was able to find him

She sighed in relieve about opening the door when she heard something

” Is he crying??? Luna asked herself placing her ears closer towards the door to listen more

” Do you ever think your mother loved you ,,,,,,,,she gave up on you so easily and left you with me ,,,,,,,,,,”” skyle remembered his dad words

He tightened his fist so hard ,,, hitting the wall countless times

His fist bled badly,,,,as he didn’t even feel the pain

“” Get ready ,, you’ll be getting engaged soon enough”” his head hurt more as he kept on remembering

Again,,worse than before,,,he kept on hitting the wall with his bare fist ,,, withstanding the pain ,,,,,

” Skyle ,,,,what ,,,,!! Luna shouted running instead the room

Blood gushed down from his hands ,,as his breathe became really heavy

” Oh my God ,,,”” Luna said covering her mouth to prevent herself from screaming

” Skyle “” she called softly almost close to tears

She walked towards him ,,,,,,,,,,

” Skyle “” she called again

His eyes were so red ,,,

Without uttering a word ,,,he took out the necklace dropping it into the trash can

” Am gonna let go of you mother”” he whispered to himself

” Skyle ,,are you okay ?? You’re bleeding”” Luna said trying to touch him but instead he moved away from her

Ignoring her presence,,,he walked away without even looking back at her ……….

To be continued******



MUCH LOVE ❀️❀️❀️


  1. This is getting clear to me now
    But such a pity that both of the three have to go through this, lack of mother attention

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