Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 19

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 19**

By mhiz Vivian

” You both will be getting engaged soon ,,,,,so get ready “”” Mr Brandon said to skyle

” What ,,,,dad ,,,,” skyle called in shock
He dares not questions his father’s decisions

” My decision should be final ,,,,,now leave ” he said waving his hands at skyle to leave

Skyle stood still looking at his dad ,,,,his eyes were red and teary

” Yes father,,,,,” skyle said almost in a whisper

He lived in wealth ,yes ,,,,lexury,, yes ,,,,he got everything,,yes ,,,but never happiness,,,never did he for once feel his father loved him

Since he little,,,,,,,his mom was always the best ,,,,she was far way different from his dad ,,,,,,

Just one night,,his mom disappeared,,,,he never heard anything about her anymore,,,,,,,he really thought she ran away

He looked at his father again,,,,,,,and then he remembered something that happened a day after his mother’s disappearance

Flash back
Years ago ,,,,,,,,,

Mr Brandon sat down with a cigarette,,,,his cigarette filled the air

Just then a man in his late 30’s came into the room

” Here’s the money ,,,,,do a clean job ,,,,this will be enough to last you and your family for years ,,,,,, immediately you get the job done ,make sure you leave the country with your family”” skyle who was only about 9 years old heard his father say

He stood beside the door eavesdropping

” Yes sir “” he heard the strange man reply his dad

Just then he ran ,,, hearing his footsteps coming closer

He ran into his room crying,,,,he really needed his mom


” Am i clear ?? He heard his dad voice bringing him back

” Yes father” he said ,,,,,,,,,,,
He was about opening the door when he heard his dad’s voice

” She’s a nice lady,,,,and most importantly from a very rich family,,,,,,I hope you know no son of mine will get married to a lowlife,,,,,you mustn’t shame this family dignity”” his father yes

” I understand father” he replied his dad and then walked out in tears

He ran into his room ,,,,,,

“” Open the door skyle ,,,you need to eat ,,,” his nanny called

” I wish to be alone nanny ,,,,” he replied
” Oh skyle dear “” nanny said ,,,,she stood beside his door ,,,,as a memory of what happened 10 years ago refresh into her head

” She had so many secrets to tell skyle

” If you listen to your dad ,,,you really won’t be Happy just like your mom “” nanny whispered to herself in tears

” Take care of my son ,,divine ,,,,protect him ,,,and most importantly keep all this a secret from him “” nanny remembered the last words of his mother

” Skyle dear ,,,”” nanny called again

“” Seeing him hurt ,,,,made her feel pain “”
” How long will all these continue”” nanny said to herself

* Am only trying to protect you skyle “”” she said again

Skyle went towards his closet ,,,,he brought out a love shaped necklace

” Mom ,,,,I miss you so much ,,,,,”” he looked at it hugging it tight

” There’s only two of these in the world skyle ,,,,one for you ,,and one for me ,,,,, wherever you miss me ,,this will remind you of me ,,, whenever you’re lost I’ll always find you with this ,,,,,you’re my precious son skyle “” skyle remembered his mother’s word the day she had given him the necklace

It was something he cherished with his life since he was a kid

” Mom I miss you ,,,,”” his eyes were red and his heart ached so much

Nanny couldn’t leave him ,,,,she stood at his door sharing his pain as she kept on calling his name tenderly

” Skyle ,,,,,,”””


As Daniel got home ,,he kept on thinking about the necklace,,,,

” It’s looks so familiar,,,,like ,,,he tried so hard to remember but still couldn’t””

Tired ,,he went straight to bed *************


Luna walked towards her bed ,,,,,,,,,she stood up heading towards her books

” Where did I keep it ?? She asked almost destroying her room

Still searching and searching she almost became insane

Soon ,,,after searching for hours ,she found it

” Arrrggh “” Luna groaned weakly

” I really thought I lost it ,,,,,she said to herself”

It was a picture her mom ,,,,,
” She placed her hands on it ,,,,,,, Mom ,,,,,Luna called slowly in a low time

” Hope you’re doing well up there “” she asked herself,,,,,,,

All these years her dad had refused to tell her what happened

She remembered the date clearly,,,,,,,that would she something she would never forget

“”” October 22,,,2007 ,,”” that particular day held so much secrets

I really wish someone would tell me everything mom “” Luna said

She sat on her bed with the picture and soon enough,,she drifted off to sleep

Mr Richard stood beside his daughters room ,,,,
He had heard her ,,,,,,,,

Back then ,,she would always ask him of her mom ,,and what really happened to her ,,,,,but he had warned her never to talk about it ever again

Since then Luna kept quiet ,,,but deep down ,he knew she still had it in her heart

” He only wanted to protect his daughter ,,,from their hands ,,,,,,,””

” He doesn’t want her ending up like her mom did ,,,,,,so he tried making her forget about her mom “”

His eyes were teary ,,,,,, slowly he opened the door ,,,, walking inside her room

Mr Richard sat down beside his daughter touching her hair softly

” I really want to protect you Luna ,,,you’re all I have ,,,, your mom would have wanted this too “” he said in tears as he watched Luna sleep

” My baby “” he called softly,,, covering her properly

” I love you so much ,,,and I’ll do anything for you “”

” I have to protect you ,,they must never know you’re alive Luna ,,,,I don’t want you in danger “”” he said ,,,,, pecked her forehead then walked out of the room while Luna slept soundly holding her mom’s picture by her side ******

To be continued*****

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