Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 17-18

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 17 ****

By mhiz Vivian

******Next morning*******

Daniel opened his eyes slowly
” Where am I ?? This was the first question he asked

He was surrounded by so many maid

His grandpa sat beside him

” You’re awake ,,,get me the doctor right away ” he shouted at one of the maid

**Dont you have pride ,,,I don’t care about your feelings*****
He remembered his words

He groaned a bit ,,,,, making a little movement

” Grandpa I need some rest ,,am feeling tired ,,I won’t be going to school today ” Daniel said

He closed his eyes as drifted off to sleep

” I’ll be on my way nanny ” skyle said excited

He couldn’t wait to see Luna
” Aren’t you forgetting something” his nanny called him

* Sorry I forgot “” he walked towards her hugging her tight

” Is dad at home ?? Skyle asked

” He went very early ,,for a trip ,,it must be really important”” his nanny said trying to cover up for his dad

* It’s just like always,,,,,he’s always busy to even notice me ,,,,,,let alone remember my birthday”

” No no dear ,,am here for you ,,,,this year he will surely be present,,,,I promise you okay “”

” You always say that ,,, but at the end ,am always disappointed”

” This year ,,,it won’t be the same ,,,he’s planning to throw you a big party ,,,,he wants to show you to the world and his colleagues as his heir “”” Mrs divine said

” Hearing this ,,a perfect idea popped into his head
Luna ,,,,I just hope she’ll make it “” skyle said

” Bye ” skyle finally said leaving

IN CLASS *****

” you keep on looking around,,, are you okay ?? Skyle asked Luna

” I can’t seem to find Daniel,he isn’t in class ,I checked earlier but I couldn’t find him “” Luna said

Skyle heaved sadly
” Yet again”

” He must have a good reason not being in school today “”

” We’ll figure that out later ,,,,”” skyle said

” Alright” Luna replied sadly though she wasn’t feeling satisfied with it

Skyle dropped his book ,, stealing glances at Luna
” She’s still not at ease “”

” Hey ,,,,pls do any of you know where I can find Daniel,,his house ,,or maybe his phone number or the reason he’s absent from school ?? Luna kept on asking

Finally she was able to get his number

Feeling upset ,skyle forcefully walked up to her

” Come with me “” he said holding her hands

” What is it again skyle “” Luna asked as he dragged her

” Let go of me “” this time ,she forcefully release her hand from his

” What is your problem,,,,what are you so obsessed with each time I talk about Daniel” Luna asked angrily

They were both alone at the roof of the building

” You still like him after what he did to you ?? Skyle asked raising his voice a little

” That shouldn’t be any of your concern ,,,,why don’t you learn how to mind your business,,,,,” Luna replied as it made her angry skyle reminded her of that moment

Skyle felt hurt ,,,,
He tightened his fist ,,,,,,,,

” I can’t ,,,,,,,,,”

” You can’t what ?? Luna asked

” I just can’t ,,,,,,,” he repeated walking closer towards Luna

Luna kept on moving backwards
* Skyle ,,,what do you think you’re doing ,,,,stop ,,,,” still he didn’t stop

” I really can’t ,even if I try “” skyle said

Finally she stopped,,,,,,no where to move

Luna rested on the wall ,,,,with skyle so close to her

” You can’t what “” she asked again feeling a bit uncomfortable

He placed one hand on the wall ,,,,,

The cold breeze blew ,,,,,,,, the clouds became brighter even the sun

He brought his lips closer to hers ,,,,,,
Luna stood still with her heart beating really fast

Gently,he placed his lips on her soft lips ,,,,,he didn’t move his lips for about 30 second

Skyle closed his eyes ,as he began moving his lips
While Luna stood still ,,,she didn’t reciprocate the kiss

Her eyes widened at first ,,, without knowing her phone fell from her hand

Daniel unlocked from the kiss

Though it wasn’t much of a kiss , taking her. by surprise

” I can’t get you out of my head ,,,,I really like you a lot ” skyle finally confessed,, making Luna so shocked

She couldn’t utter any word,,Luna stood still Looking at skyle

” What did he just say ?? She said within herself

” I like you Luna “” skyle said again

To be continued****


{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 18***

By mhiz Vivian,,,,,,,

” I like you so much “”
“” I keep on trying to ignore you but still I can’t ,,,I just can’t “” skyle said looking at Luna straight in the eyes

Luna looked at skyle speechless
” What do I even say “”

She bent down a bit moving away from him

” Something like this never happened,,,,, let’s just forget it happened,,,, what ever happened here won’t happen again””Luna said

* Am sorry ,,,,,,but I like someone else “” about taking her leave she heard skyle’s voice

” I still won’t give up ,,,can’t you at least give me a chance?? Skyle asked

” Am really sorry ” Luna said walking away

She was really unaware of how she really felt for skyle

Walking away ,,,,,,Luna got into the restroom
She poured so much water on her face ,,,,,,

” What am I doing??? Why do I feel this way ??
Maybe I was a bit too harsh on him “” Luna said washing her face more

Just then Kira ,Cindy and Betty walked in
” Look what we have here ,,,,,,our little Cinderella””

” Isn’t she pretty?? Kira asked her two friends who giggled

Luna stood looking at them ,,,
” What do you want from me ?? She asked

” Am soon gonna find out that secret ya keeping,,,,and when I do,,,I’ll make sure I end you with it ” Kira said in anger

” Try it if you can !!! Luna said bodly

This time ,she wasn’t gonna let herself get bullied by her fellow girls

* What!!! You wen*h “” Kira cursed ,,,she raised her hands to slap Luna but instead Luna caught hold of it

” Don’t you dare “”
Luna said leaving the restroom

Getting to the entrance,,,she heaved deeply
” Oh goodness,,,that was some boldness I showed there ,,,,,,thanks Nicole ,,,,you’re so the best “”

She left and headed towards class


getting home ,Luna walked into her room
” She had really forgotten that she wanted to call Daniel””

” Luna sat down as all her thoughts were filled with skyle “”

She touched her lips remembering the kiss

” That was my first kiss “” Luna said
” What was he thinking?? Luna asked herself

” Arrrggh ” she groaned falling heavily on her bed

” What wrong with you Luna ,,,,,,you really are becoming something else “” Luna said hitting her head so hard


Skyle slowly walked home ,,,, again he was in pain

” Did he really get rejected or what ???

Getting home ,he walked straight towards his room

” Skyle dear ,,,,,are you okay ?? His nanny asked him

He stopped looking at his nanny
” Nanny is it a sin to fall in love ?? Skyle asked

” No ,,no ,,it’s actually beautiful””

Hearing this made him hurt more

“” I’ll be in my room nanny “” skyle said and finally headed towards his room

” Your dad will be home today !!! He actually wants to see you !!! Nanny said to skyle who didn’t reply her but headed towards his room


Daniel stood up from his bed ,,,

” He had missed her so much ,,,,he really wanted to see her badly””

He got dressed,,,,his grandpa wasn’t home ,,,,

” Young sir ,,,,you’re not feeling well ,,,,,” a maid said

” Dont let grandpa know am out ,,,,I’ll be back before evening”” he replied putting on his Snickers

” Yes young sir “” the maid replied bowing

He left the house heading towards the hospital

Mr Brandon sat down in his office,,,,,,,

He stood up and walked towards the company roof

He needed to think **********

Just then his phone beep ,,,,,,,,he took it unlocking it

It was a message

” Get ready ,,,,,,she would be getting married to your son ,,,, inform him tonight,,,,,and send me feed back immediately””

” Yes chairman”” Mr Brandon replied texting back

He heaved deeply ,,,,, inhaling and feeling the cold breeze

Daniel sat down beside her ,,,,,only her made him smile

” How are you doing mom “” Daniel said holding her hands

” I miss you dear son “”

Just then his eyes caught hold of something on her neck

A necklace,,,,,,,a love shaped necklace

He stared at it closely
” Where have I seen it before”” Daniel asked himself trying so hard to remember where he had seen exactly the same necklace

But still he couldn’t

” What is it son ??

” Nothing,,,am fine ,,,”” “” are you okay ?? Daniel asked while she nodded

He stayed with her for a while before deciding to head back home

” He looked at the necklace again,,,,,,
” I definitely have seen this before”” he said again

And finally he left ,,,not without putting her to sleep

Skyle stayed in his room ,,still feeling hurt ,,,,,

Just then ,, he heard a knock on his door

” Am not hungry nanny ,,,”” he replied

But instead a maid replied him

” Master skyle ,,,,your father has requested your presence immediately””

He stood up immediately

” What !!! Dad ?? He asked

” Yes sir “” the maid replied

In a hurry ,,,,he wore his coat heading towards his dad’s room

” Am here father”” skyle said

He stood straight,,,,,, his voice cracked a little
His father rarely demands his presence,,,so why now “” he asked himself

” Sit down “” Mr Brandon replied his son

Skyle sat down in a hurry

Mr Brandon took a remote beside him ,,, putting on the super expensive large tv

He switched it on ,,,,,as a picture of a lady about skyle’s age appeared on it

Pretty,,,fair ,,,, yellow hair

Skyle looked in suprise

” You both will be getting engaged soon enough,,,,so get prepared””” he heard his father say

” Whatttt!!!!! Skyle replied in shock as he looked at his father then the TV again

To be continued******


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