Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 16

{Academy for billionaires but she’s poor}

Episode 16

By mhiz Vivian

” What is your problem skyle,,,Where the hell do you think ya taking me too ” Luna said as she kept on struggling with skyle who still didn’t let go

Finally they got there ,,,at that same spot where Daniel had rejected her

” Can’t you see ?? Are you such a fool ,,,don’t you remember everything?? Skyle asked in pain

Yet you still ask of him ,,,yet you still won’t let go of him
Do you like him that much ” skyle asked with a bit of jealousy

” Wha,,,ttt what are you talking about” Luna stammered a bit

” Really”” skyle said as he chuckled a bit

You wanna deny it ,,,,, really you wanna pretend like nothing happened ?? Skyle asked in a bit of anger

He was really hurt seeing her that way ,,,and now she still wouldn’t stop liking him

* Why can’t you see me ?? Skyle said to himself silently as he looked at Luna who stood still looking at him too”

Again Luna remembered Daniel

” Where is he ,,?? Luna asked
” I just wanna know if he’s okay ??

Those words made skyle more angry

He calmed down a bit

” Home ,,,,he’s fine ,,,he left school already” skyle answered

“” Why ,,?? Luna asked in a hurry

” I just told you he’s fine ,,,I don’t know anything further ” skyle said

Alright,thanks ” “” I’ll get going now ” Luna said trying to prevent further discussion

” Don’t tell me you’re not hurt !!! Don’t tell me your heart doesn’t ache ” skyle said

Luna halted ,,,,,
She couldn’t move ,,

” Soo ?? Don’t you have pride ** those harsh and embarrassing words recalled in her head

As much as she wanted to hold back the tears ,,,,she couldn’t

” It hurt ,,,more than anything,,it’s hurts a lot ” Luna blurted out crying real loud

Skyle walked closer to her patting her back
He stood behind her ,,, making her rest her head on his chest

” Cry all you want ,,,,,,pour it out okay ,,,you don’t deserve any of it ,,,,,it’s okay to cry ,,,,I’ll listen to you all the way ,,,,,”” skyle said

As much as he wanted to confess his feelings for her ,,,,he couldn’t anymore

He just kept on patting her back
” Cry okay ,,,,,it’s okay not to be okay sometimes,,so let it all out ,,,,you’ll feel better after this ,,,,” skyle said

Luna still couldn’t stop crying

They both stood that way for close to an hour

” Aren’t your legs sour ?? Luna asked sniffing

Skyle smiled a bit
” Are you done ?? He asked

He brought out a white handkerchief from his pocket giving it to Luna

” Here have this ,,,I really think you’ll need it “” skyle said

” Thanks “””
“” But ,,,,,,,,,hmmm ,,,how did you know “” Luna asked

” Well I guess I was only passing by ,,,I couldn’t help but eavesdrop ” skyle lied while luna smiled

” Bad of you “” Luna said

” I know right ??? I ain’t receiving any punishment,,,,, right?? Skyle asked

” I’ll let it go just this once ,,,,thanks skyle “”

” You’re welcome Luna ” skyk said

” Ohh ,,,my name ,,,,you remembered it ,,,nice job ” Luna said happy

She stretched her hands rubbing his hair

” Hey ,,,am I a little kid ? Skyle said

He wanted to also rub hers ,,,but Luna shifted running away

* Don’t you touch my hair “” she said

” What,,,,, you’re such a betrayal,,,,, wait till I get you “” skyle said chasing after her

While both laughed

Seeing Luna laugh made him happy and satisfied

* I don’t even wanna see you cry Luna “” skyle said within himself as Luna kept on running

” I can’t take it anymore,,,,,Cindy ,,,look he’s smiling,,,,,don’t tell me he likes her already” Kira said complaining like a baby

” Let’s just get it done now Cindy ,,,I don’t think I can wait much longer ” Kira said

” We’ll have to wait ,,,,it’s not enough yet ,,,,,trust me this will ruin her completely”” Cindy said

Com’ mom lets go okay ,,,,skyle will be all yours soon enough” Cindy said


Daniel got home feeling so weak ,,,,he entered inside

Soon his vision became blur ,,,,,he tried walking towards his room but couldn’t

He stopped for a bit ,,,,

” Mom ,,,” he finally said then collapsed

” Sir ,,, sir wake up ,,sir ” that was the last thing he heard before he closed his eyes completely

am home dad “” Luna said
She walked towards her dad giving him a light peck

” How was school today ??

” Well ,,worst at first ,,,but later it became better” Luna said

” Care to tell me “” her dad asked

” You don’t wanna know dad ,,,,am hungry ,, anything?? Luna asked

” Young lady ,,,go freshen up first “””

” Yes dad “”

Heading towards her room ,,,,,,,Luna jumped on her bed facing the ceiling

” I just hope he’s okay ”

She took off her jacket,,and her eyes met with the handkerchief

Luna chuckled a bit ,,,,,,,
He really loves playing” she said

A smile crept on her face *******

Finally she dropped it ,,,,,,,,and headed towards the bathroom

To be continued

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