Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 15

{Academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 15
By mhiz Vivian

Skyle clenched his fist so hard,,,,, fuming with anger

He stood still ,as the thoughts of Luna filled his head

Daniel walked home ,,,,, without even calling his driver ,he walked home ,,,,,,

He wasn’t feeling too well ,,and he was sure he would fall sick any moment……

Feeling so much pain ,,,,,he stopped walking

” You want her ,,,,,you can damn have her ,,,I don’t care “””

Those memories came back into his head ,,,as he winced in pain

This time the tears were falling freely from his eyes ,,,,he couldn’t help it anymore

He burst out into more tears

He felt weak ,,,sick ,,, tired ,,, but still he walked home

All his thoughts were filled with Luna


Cleaning up her tears ,,,,in the washroom ,,,Luna stared at herself in the mirror

” Maybe I truly deserve it ,,,”

” Am gonna hate you so much ,,,am gonna hate you with everything in me ,,,,,I’ll kill it ,,,the feelings I have for you ,I’ll kill it all ,,,,,I won’t leave any behind,,,,,,am gonna forget,,,am …..am” she couldn’t complete as she burst out into more tears

Skyle stood outside,,,as he rested beside the door
His heart ached the more ,,,, hearing her cry made him weak

More than anything,he wanted to just go in and tell her everything,,,so many things,,,he wouldn’t leave anything untold

” Maybe she needs some space “”” skyle said

He couldn’t hear her cry anymore,,but instead her footsteps

In a hurry he ran ,,, hiding

Luna walked still with a sour heart ,,,to class

Waiting for a while ,skyle came out ,,,heaved deeply and also headed to class

His face wasn’t too swollen

every students were seated all expect Daniel

Luna looked around again,but still she didn’t see him

” Where’s he ?? Is he okay ?? She asked herself as she couldn’t stop looking around

Worried,she stood up leaving the class ******

” Is he hurt ?? Did he go home ?? Luna kept on asking herself different questions

After searching for so long ,,,she stood still feeling tired

” He’s fine,,,he actually went home “”” skyle replied luna who looked back shocked to see skyle

” Oh my goodness,,,you scared me a bit. “” Luna said

* Home ?? Why would he go home ? Luna asked unaware skyle had seen what happened before

” You fool ,,,you still care so much about him ?? After what he did to you ?? Skyle said silently to himself looking at Luna with affection in his eyes

” Hey skyle ,,,I jus asked you a question,, didn’t you hear me ?? Luna said while skyle kept on looking at her without uttering a word

Without thinking,he grabbed her hands taking her outside

“Skyle,,,,, what wrong,?? Where are we going,,,,” Luna questioned him but still he didn’t reply,,,he just kept on walking holding her hand tight

” Skyle ,,let go of me,,,,, what the hell is wrong with you ,,, skyle,,,,,” Luna said trying to free her hand from his grip but still he didn’t let go ……

To be continued……
Sorry it’s late ,,,,been busy

Thanks to those of you who gave me long and reasonable comments

Much love ❤️❤️

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