Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 14

{academy for billionaires, but she’s poor}

Episode 14****

By mhiz Vivian

” I like you ” Luna blurted out without even thinking twice

Daniel’s heart beat became faster for a while

” Did I just hear right ?? He asked himself not really sure the feeling he had towards her
He wasn’t sure he actually likes her

” So ?? Daniel blurted out
His left hand found its way into one of his pocket

He stood still without even looking at Luna

” Soo?? Is that all you can say ?? I just confessed my feelings for you
Something other ladies wouldn’t think twice before doing but instead I said it once without even thinking

Isn’t that enough to show you how much I like you

” I don’t fu**ing care about your feelings whatsoever”
Don’t you have pride ?? Why stoops so low ?? Daniel said with a bit of pain ,,,,,,he had no idea why he kept on uttering such harsh words to her

He wanted more than anything to stop , grab her,kiss her and tell her that maybe he also likes her ,,,but he couldn’t

” What ?? Pride ?? Are you referring to me ?? Luna asked with her eyes becoming watery

” Is it such a sin for me to like you ,,,do I irritate you that much ??

” Why ,,why ?? Why on Earth do you keep on saving me ?? Why one Earth do you keep on appearing into my head ?? Why ?? Luna asked in tears

Daniel almost broke down ,but still he stayed strong

” Kill it ?? Just kill that damn feelings

” What ?? Kill it ?? It’s mine to keep ,you can’t tell me when to stop it or not
It’s my feelings and I have every right to keep it ,,I have every right to continue liking you ?? Luna said trying to act strong,,,,but instead she broke into more tears

Her heart ached

” Maybe you’re right ,,,,I have no pride ,,,cause I like you way too much
I don’t blame you but myself,,,,,,first love hurts a lot ,,,,it’s hurts so much ,,,,,it’s sucks ,,,,,it’s hurts so damn much ” Luna kept on saying as she fell on her knees crying

Daniel felt so much pain ,,,,,her tears made him weaker

He couldn’t take it anymore as he walked away without even looking at Luna

Luna didn’t even bother looked at him ,,,,, using her palms to cover her face ,,she cried

While skyle watched from afar ,he felt like he could rip Daniel apart that moment

10 minutes later ******

Using the door to support himself,,,,,, Daniel let out a drop of tear

” Why would I ever love again,,,,,the two people I loved the most in the world died right before my own eyes ” Daniel said as that memory came back to him

He held his head in pain

Before he could stand still ,a very hard blow landed on his face

” You bas**rd ,,you’re so horrible,, heartless,,,,a devil ,,,”” skyle said in serious anger

Daniel fell hard on the floor with blood in his mouth

Spitting it out ,he stood up facing skyle

” What the hell was that for ” Daniel asked ,,,he tried punching skyle back but instead Skyle held his hands giving him another hard blow which made him spew out blood again falling on the floor

” What the hell man ,,,, what’s your stress ?? Daniel asked with anger

” How could you do that do her ?? Don’t you have a heart ,,,?? She’s in pain all because of your stupidity” skyle asked

“” Ohhhh that ?? Daniel said as he let out a dry laugh

” You can still laugh ?? Does this look funny to you?? Skyle asked getting more angry

” What’s your problem with her man ,,,,,why are you so furious over her ?? She ain’t your sister anyways!! Daniel said while skyle became more angry ,,,,he punched Daniel again this time harder which made Daniel spit out blood

Still Daniel laughed
” You like her ?? I know it !! I can definitely see it in your eyes !!

” I,,I ,I …I don’t !! Skyle lied which was so obvious

Again Daniel laughed …………….

” This is how weak you become all because of a girl ” Daniel said as he landed a hard punch ok skyle’s face which made skyle fall hard on the floor

” You want her ?? Then you can fuc**ng have her ,,,,!! I don’t give a damn about her ” Daniel lied with anger ,he walked away heading straight home ******

To be continued******”””

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