Diamond High

Diamond High Episode 12-13

{Academy for billionaires, but she’s poor }

Episode 12&13

By mhiz Vivian 💟💟

Next morning

” Dad am off to school okay ,,,I’ll be back home early ” Luna said leaving the house

As she walked she kept on rehearsing how she would tell Daniel about her feelings for him

” Should I just wait more ” Luna asked herself

” I just hope I don’t regret this”

Taking a cab ,she soon got to her school

Skyle sat down waiting for Luna ,,,he was becoming more impatient to see her

Entering into the class ,she took her seat beside skyle
Daniel remained focused on his books ,,,,he didn’t even notice her presence

While she looked at him ,Luna signed

” Good morning class ”
” Let’s continue from where we stopped in the previous class ” the teacher said as all students replied her

During class , Daniel kept on stealing glances at Luna

” I hope she’s not hurt ?? He said silently to himself

While Luna focused on her books unaware

Kira looked feeling so disgusted,,,,,,,she still kept on looking at Luna

” Where is this girl actually from ,,,we don’t even know anything about her “” Kira whispered to Cindy who was fuming with fury seeing the way Daniel looked at Luna

” I gat a perfect plan “” Cindy said with am evil smirk which made Kira wonder

” Oh God I really am so hungry”” Luna said as her stomach growled

” Hii ” a voice greeted

” Oh it’s you ,,,hey ,,,skyle right ?? Luna said which made skyle smile

” Yeah ,,,,emmm ohh I think I forgot yours ,,,care to remind me again?? Skyle said jokingly

” Ohhhh don’t you dare ,,,, how can you say that ??

” Pinky ?? Don’t you remember?? Luna said bringing out her pinky finger to remind skyle who pretended like he had forgotten her

” Still don’t think I remember,,,” skyle replied

” Rose right ?? Skyle said trying to tease Luna who laughed

“” Rose ?? You gat to be kidding me ,,,you’re so funny,,,”” Luna said laughing so hard

Kira looked with so much anger ,,,,hatred and fury

” Cindy ,,,,tell me that plan of yours ,,,we got to do it real quick ,I can’t bear to see her smile with my skyle “” Kira said almost in tears

” Pearl ?? Beauty?? Skyle kept on guessing jokingly to Luna who still kept on laughing

” It’s so bad ,,I do remember your name ,,,but how could you forget mine so easily?? Luna asked

Daniel couldn’t concentrate on his books ,,, hearing Luna’s smile and laugh all because of skyle made him clenched his fist so hard but he tried as hard as possible not to show it ………..

Countless times ,,he stole glances at both of them ,,,but he pretended not to worry “”

Luna had forgotten all her worries about Daniel as skyle kept on making her laugh

” Stop it ,,ya so funny ,,” Luna said

” It’s Luna ,,,Luna Richards”” Luna replied skyle

” Ohhhh really,,,,thanks for the reminder,,, it’s going right here ,”” skyle said pointing towards his head

” Better!! Cause I won’t be reminding you again””

Daniel couldn’t take it anymore,,,,he closed his book with force ,,stood up and walked out of the class

Skyle was about asking Luna to join him for lunch when she stood up

” Hey ,,later okay ,,got something important to do “” Luna said without looking at skyle she also left the class behind Daniel

” Hey wait up plss ” Luna said trying to catch up with Daniel who refused to stop

After walking for about ten minutes,he finally stopped

The view was so perfect,,, everything looked really beautiful,,,,it was like a perfect place for relaxing,,,,,the clouds displayed itself ,,,the birds kept on flying and making different noises ,,,

Daniel stood still while Luna stood behind him

” Woww ,,,it’s so pretty,,,” I never even knew this place existed ,,, somewhere like this must really give you peace of mind “” Luna said still without getting any reply from Daniel

He just stood still , emotionlessly,,, without uttering any word

” He’s really a hard but to crack “” Luna said to herself

” Are you okay “” Luna asked but still didn’t get any reply

” Like always I guess you wouldn’t reply me too ”
I just wanted to know how you’re faring “” Luna said
Still Daniel didn’t utter any word

” I’ll get going now ,,, maybe you really need to be alone” Luna said about leaving

” Am fine “” Daniel replied

Luna halted
” Did you just talk to me ,,,did I hear right ??

She turned to face him again

” Am fine ,,you heard me correctly”” Daniel said again while Luna looked at him with so much happiness

” Thank goodness!!! Luna said with so much happiness

Daniel stood still with the cold breeze,,,, blowing his hair

He needed peace ,,,,,,,,,,,this had always been his spot
A place where he would relax when the memories of his parents accident hunts him

He still remembered that horrible day

9 years ago********

They had all gone outing ,, Daniel was their only son whom the showered with so much love

His dad drove ,,,with him at the back seat ,,,,he played with his toy

He mom also sat at the front sit

” Daniel make sure you buckle your seat belt okay ,,””

“” Remember son safety comes first”” his mom said to him

He was just about ten years old then

They all stayed in his dad car ,,,,

” Mom ,,,I love you !!
” I love you too Dad “” Daniel said while both his parents looked at him with love

His mom stretched her head to the beach seat placing a kiss on his fore head while Daniel giggled

” That’s my boy ,,,we will always love you “” his dad replied still driving

Before they knew what was happening,,,a really big truck forcefully hit the car which made it turned and turned around countless times till it finally landed heavily on the floor with broken glass

The car had seriously crashed ,,,

And his parents had died that instant before they could be rushed to the hospital

” Mom ,,,,dad ,,,,mom ,,wake up mom ,,he left his mom’s side towards his dad
” Dad ,,,dad ,, please””

He was covered in his own blood ,,,he had sustained seriously injuries but still h survived


Daniel closed his eyes as those memories flashed back into his head

His eyes were becoming watery ,,,,he could remember that incident like it happened just yesterday

He wished he had had them loved them much more

To him he never got to tell them enough of how much he loves them

And if he could turn the hands of time ,,,he would stay put at home with his parents and protect them …….

Daniel opened his eyes slowly

” I like you “” that was the first word he heard as Luna came closer to him

To be continued**********”
This next of a thing most of you are commenting is becoming much


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